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Easy to build Raised Ponds of any size perfect for Koi Carp


WoodBlocX Pond Designs - With WoodBlocX it is possible to build a pond of any shape and size to suit your garden and we have added some new WoodBlocX design features to ponds that have been a popular choice with customers. These include built in benches and pillars all designed to be constructed easily by you. If you want to build a small pond then a single skinned design is fine, as there are no buttresses needed. Just fix on some lining and away you go!

We do not supply pond liners with our ponds but can help you work out what size you will need to suit your pond.


A WoodBlocX Pond can be a great way to enhance any garden. Whether its a small water feature or a larger, deeper fish pond, WoodBlocX are the ideal product to add that extra sparkle to your garden. Building raised ponds with WoodBlocX is easy as there is no heavy lifting, drilling or screwing and no power tools are needed, which means everyone has the potential to build one themselves. WoodBlocX is also a great alternative to railway sleepers which are heavy, awkward and sometimes downright dirty!

For larger ponds we generally recommend going for a double skinned design. The connection between the outer box and the inner box makes the whole structure extremely strong allowing the pond to be bigger. The gap between the two boxes is great for adding flowers or further garden decorations such as gnomes etc, (if you are that way inclined!). We have sold ponds to many happy customers who have gone on to fill them with fish.

Made in the UK
If you need a design that is unique to your garden (which many pond designs are) then just get in touch with us. The WoodBlocX Team are happy to draw up and price your design for you free of charge. Send a quick sketch via email or just give us a call on (0800 3891 420) and we can help you put your garden thoughts into reality. We have built many WoodBlocX structures in the local area and designed hundreds of ponds to suit individual gardens. Delivery time is generally within 3/4 working days.

WoodBlocX Pond Pricing - The online calculator is a great tool that can be used to get a breakdown of price and components needed. Click on the link to be directed to the double skinned pond calculator. Alternatively click on this link to be taken to the single skinned pond calculator. We also have an online catalogue that can be found on the left hand side of this page or by clicking on this ponds link. We have a printed catalogue and information sheets that will help you with pond designs. We can easily send this if you get in touch or create an online account.

WoodBlocX Pond Details - The WoodBlocX raised pond components are designed and manufactured in the Highlands of Scotland, to last for up to 20 years without rotting or distortion. The WoodBlocX are cut, drilled and pressure treated twice in our sawmill making them perfect for ponds and also in line with current soil association guidelines.

WoodBlocX Ponds Online WoodBlocX Ponds Online - There are many ways online to find out more about WoodBlocX ponds. There are a large number of photographs on Flickr, constantly increasing, to give you ideas. There is a monthly photo competition in which you can win 100 and we are also on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and a monthly gardening Blog. We also send an email newsletter (only if you want it) that has more information about what is going on with WoodBlocX and what raised bed and other designs are on special offer.
What a beautiful Pond! Little girl with a digger (hope she wasnt driving!) What a beauty! Get out quick! boxed pond 'ALMOST' completed - some finalizations surrounding filters to be completed. Small Garden Pond 3.500 litres water filling completed Tinapond Carpeted to a depth of 1.3metres to cover all foreign objects! (2) WoodblocX raised fountain

Raised Beds Raised Beds Raised Beds
Raised Beds Raised Beds Raised Beds Raised Beds
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