• Five summer holiday garden activities

    The school summer holidays are here and anyone with children or grandchildren will welcome ideas to keep them entertained without spending a small fortune.

    We’ve put together five ideas that will keep youngsters entertained and help them to learn about plants, insects and gardening.

    Build an insect house

    Insect houses can be built out of lots of different materials that are either lying about in the garden or can be easily foraged. Raid the shed or garage for some spare pallet wood and/or a few bricks. You can also collect pine cones, bark and branches from the local park or woodland areas. The RSPB has a great step-by-step guide to follow - here.

    Collect seeds

    August is a great time for collecting seeds from plants around the garden. This activity can be made even more interactive by getting the kids to make seed packs using paper, sticky tape and scissors. Once the packets are ready, send the kids out into the garden to search for seeds, encourage them to draw the plant the seeds came from on the packet.

    Own patch

    Set aside an area of the garden that the kids can call their own. Get them to either work directly in the ground or within a raised bed, and encourage them to weed the area and prepare the soil ready for planting. Veggies including broad beans, spinach, onions and spring onions can be sown in August.

    Build a WoodBlocX raised bed

    This is a WoodBlocX blog after all! Our wooden raised bed kits are ideal for building with kids, there’s no sharp tools or heavy lifting needed, just a little adult supervision. From preparing the ground to laying out the base layer, youngsters love building our timber structures and get a real sense of achievement out of it…and so do the adults!

    Insect spotting

    The garden is full of life at this time of year, with butterflies, grasshoppers, ants, garden spiders, bees, ladybirds and more going about their business. Encourage the kids to search them out and write a list of the different varieties they find and draw pictures of their favourites.


    For inspiration for your summer holiday garden project and to see how simple it is to build with WoodBlocX click below.

  • Garden Fest 2018 - Inverness Botanic Gardens

    On 22nd July the first ever Garden Fest took place just down the road from the WoodBlocX HQ at Inverness Botanic Gardens. We sponsored and attended the event bringing some unique WoodBlocX fun for young gardeners to get involved in!

    We challenged youngsters attending the event to a build-off using Lego to create something totally unique, which is exactly what our kits can do for gardens. Imaginations were running wild and the children came up with some very unique designs.
    When we explain how WoodBlocX works we say that it is similar to Lego, our modular system is made up of light-weight timber blocks that fit together to make strong and long lasting wooden raised beds, planters, retaining walls, ponds, steps, seats and like Lego, the design potential is limitless.

    It was great to be involved in a local initiaitive with loads of attractions for families to enjoy, live music, stalls and activities, we had a great day and its safe to say that the first Garden Fest was a great success.

    To see how WoodBlocX works head over to our information page.

  • Transform your garden in a weekend

    With so many distractions in our lives these days, time is one thing we all wish we had a little more of. At WoodBlocX our aim is to help you save time, so you’ve got more of it to spend doing the things you love. We make ordering, delivering and building our products as quick and simple as possible; but it's not all rushing about. Our customers tell us that building with WoodBlocX is actually enjoyable, with many completing their projects in just one weekend.
    Here’s four simple steps to transforming your garden quickly:

    Let us do the thinking

    We offer all of our customers a free design service. We take away the head-scratching - all we need is a few minutes of your time to tell us your measurements, what kind of structure you’re looking for and a quick overview of what style you’re looking for and our experienced design team will do the rest.


    Simple ordering

    Once we’ve made any changes to your design and you’re ready to order we'll send you a link to purchase it you simply need to select a day for delivery that suits you. You'll be kept up to date via email on the status of your order.


    Your order will be delivered to you on a pallet and will contain a set of simple-to-follow instructions that have been tailored to the design of the structure. If you need to move your kit to a different area in the garden the pieces are light-weight making them quick and easy to move.


    The build

    Many of our structures can be built and planted out in as little as a day or in a weekend. Simply prepare the ground and lay out the base layer of your structure. Whether it’s a raised bed, retaining wall or pond the process is the same. Once the base layer is in place and you’re happy with the positioning, simply build the structure up according to the instructions. Once you’ve reached the top just add the capping and your structure is complete… it is that simple!
    Watch our How To Build video to see for yourself!

    Fill the bed with quality soil and start planning out which plants or veg to grow and once its complete sit back and admire your work and enjoy the compliments from friends and family!

  • RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

    We have not been fortunate to get down to RHS Hampton Court this year but that hasn’t stopped us checking out the gardens. There’s some real crackers and although most of us won’t be able to reach the award-winning standard of these plots, there’s plenty of inspiration to be drawn from them. Here’s our top three gardens…

    The Entertaining Garden

    Designer: Anca Panait

    This was the first garden to catch our eye, especially during this time of year when the garden gets used the most with alfresco dining, World Cup BBQs and just getting home from a long day at work and sitting in the garden.

    The garden has been designed in celebration of gin, one of the UK’s favourite drinks and is filled with juniper communis, gin’s core botanical.

    This garden has built-in shelving and bar – two elements that could easily be replicated in your own garden, add some tasteful WoodBlocX garden furniture or seating and you’ve got the ultimate entertaining space.

    The Family Garden

    Designer: Lilly Gomm

    A space that keeps adults and kids happy gets a thumbs up from us. A mixture of beautiful relaxed planting with fun insect areas.

    Creating bug houses for the garden is a great activity to get children involved in and, once established bugs such as ladybirds, lacewings, mason bees, wild bees and butterflies will use them for nesting and hibernation, making the garden a hive of activity in the spring and summer helping to pollinate plants and veg. Add one or two raised beds for planting wild and edible flower seeds and leave them to do their thing.

    The wicker pod acts as a den for the kids if you can’t get hold of a wicker pod, help them to build their own little den.

    RHS Grow Your Own with the Raymond Blanc Gardening School

    Designers: Allister Dempster and Rossana Porta

    WoodBlocX customers love growing their own produce and so do we so this garden had to be in our top three. Everything in the garden is edible and the flowers selected are ideal for attracting pollinators, plus the garden combines sunny and shady areas which most of our gardens have.

    The garden is fairly big but is divided up into different sections to show what can be achieved in smaller spaces.

    If you want to grow more of your own produce raised beds are a great choice, they help keep pests out, the soil within them warms up quicker, they are accessible and kinder on your back.

    To see all of the show gardens at this year’s RHS Hampton Court Flower Show click below

    All images: RHS

  • Size matters - choosing the right height planter to suit you

    Raised beds not only need to look good in the garden, be durable and long lasting, they also need to be convenient, therefore selecting the right height to suit you is one of the most important considerations. Here’s our recommendations...

    Some people use our raised beds to divide up the growing space in their gardens at ground level to tidy up their plots. This is ideal for growing shallow-rooted plants and vegetables, and a height of 0.25m is ideal for this.


    If you have young children and would like a growing space for them, the raised bed doesn't need to be very high at all. We know from our work with schools that youngsters prefer gardening within a boundary rather than in direct ground, so a low-level raised bed between 0.25 and 0.35m will work extremely well.

    Rabbits can be a problem in a lot of gardens and a short raised bed built at a certain height (anything from 0.45m), will guarantee to keep them out. This will also do the trick if you have an unruly dog who likes to dig up your garden!


    It doesn’t matter how old you are, an hour or so sowing, tending to or weeding at ground level can put a strain on your back. The beauty of a tall raised bed is that you can work your way around it very easily; you can even sit on the edges and reach over to perform most tasks. We recommend heights from 0.55m in height.


    Our handy raised bed calculator tool allows you to input your preferred measurements and will instantly tell you what benefits the different heights offer.

  • Sit back and enjoy the summer with our beautifully crafted benches

    When the summer weather is good we tend to spend a lot of time outside in our gardens. Whatever the size or shape, they act as an extension to our living space and it's important to make the most of it.

    There are lots of options for garden furniture; from metal to plastic, but naturally we prefer wood! It’s long-lasting, renewable and looks beautiful in the garden.

    Why are our seating options better than the rest?

    • Our wood is clean and unlike other new or recycled timber, requires no initial or year-on-year treatment 
    • The wood will age naturally to a soft grey, or they can be painted any colour you like
    • Our seats can be placed on both soft and hard surfaces, so they can be put anywhere in the garden: on grass, bare earth, paving, tarmac or concrete
    • The components are light and easy to build into the seat. No power tools or technical knowledge is needed to assemble. All the components are supplied
    • WoodBlocX are made from pressure-treated, British, wood and are guaranteed to last for at least 20 years without rotting or distorting, so you can be sure your seat is safe, sturdy and durable

    Off the shelf

    We have a popular range of seating options that can be purchased directly from our website, from simple benches to stunning planters with integrated seating.



    Many of our customers require something that fits their garden perfectly, so we offer a free design service to help each customer get the best result for their garden. The beauty of the WoodBlocX is the unique patented system means the design options are virtually limitless.

    Seating can be integrated into raised beds, ponds and retaining walls or can be seamlessly integrated into a complete garden redesign. We can help you achieve the ultimate bespoke design for your garden to enjoy this summer.


    To find out more head to the seats section of our website

  • Redesigning your garden has never been easier....

    Let us do the hard work for you with our FREE GARDEN DESIGN service. We mention our Free Garden Design service a lot. It is something we are really proud of and the designs and feedback we receive from our customers speak volumes

    Sometimes the thought of undertaking a big project in the garden can be a little daunting, especially when working out what you need for a space that might be uneven or tricky.

    To save time and to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your garden we offer all customers free designs to help generate a better picture of the project and to work out exactly what is needed.

    To simplify the process even more we have created a quick feedback form, which takes around five minutes to complete, and which will help us to gain all the information we need about the project you have in mind. All you need are some ideas of what you want from your garden and its measurements.

    We then ask you to tell us about the outcome you would like to achieve, such as style of garden, the soil conditions, who the garden is for and what areas you would like to create within the space you have. These quick questions help us to build a bigger picture of your project and create designs that are completely bespoke to you.


    Our unique modular system offers limitless design potential, so whether it’s raised beds for growing plants, veg or cut flowers, ponds for keeping fish and attracting wildlife, practical steps, garden seating, or different combinations of each, then WoodBlocX is an ideal and long-lasting option. WoodBlocX is simple to build with and will not rot and seep chemicals like railways sleepers do, nor will it warp like plain wooden boards.


    If you have a project in mind or you’re just not sure of exactly what you need for your garden, fill in the form and we will do the rest for you, for free.

  • Plan your dream garden this spring bank holiday

    The weather has been spot-on recently and for most of the UK the upcoming Spring Bank Holiday weekend is looking sunny and warm.


    If the coverage of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show has got your creative-garden-juices flowing and if you, like many others, prefer to dodge the crowds during the bank holiday and stay at home to get vital jobs around the house and garden underway then we have some ideas to get your creative-garden-juices flowing.

    Below you will find ideas and inspiration for all different garden sizes based on our customer designs. Most have used our FREE DESIGN SERVICE to ensure they make the most of their space and get exactly what they need, others either pick a pre-determined size to suit them from the kits available on our website or used our handy calculator tool.


    Ideas for small gardens

    A small garden, patio area or even a front garden can be transformed in less than a day thanks to our simple and versatile system. Incorporate raised beds, retaining walls and steps to transform a small space into an easy-to-maintain and functional space. Or upgrade plastic planters to WoodBlocX for longevity and style.

    Fill your new raised bed with simple planting, sticking to a colour scheme and mixing it up with ornamentals and herbs.

    Ideas for medium sized gardens

    A slightly bigger space gives you more options; you can create a separate area for growing your own vegetables, fruits and cut flowers in easy access raised beds built to a height to suit you.

    Or you can create something totally bespoke that fits your garden and your needs perfectly, whether it’s a combination of planters, retaining walls, steps and curbing. Use our free design service and we’ll help you get the best from your space.

    Ideas for large gardens

    Whether your garden is fully established and you’re looking to update a tired area or if you have enough space to create different areas of interest, consider creating different areas for entertaining, growing and relaxing. This will make updating the space much simpler and you can tackle it in smaller and more manageable sections.

    A large corner area can be utilised for planting and seating and the introduction of angles and curves can completely change the dynamics of the garden, create beautiful large planters, or make smaller changes here and there to upgrade and update certain areas.

    For more ideas and inspiration browse the different product sections on our website: raised beds, walls and steps, ponds, seats

  • Let the RHS Chelsea Flower Show inspire your next garden update

    Let the RHS Chelsea Flower Show inspire your next garden update

    With the RHS Chelsea Flower show opening its doors to the public next week, we wanted to give our blog readers some Chelsea-inspired garden ideas.


    Over the years we have created our own exhibitions and contributed to many others. We’ve had the pleasure of working with RHS award-winning garden designers, including RHS Young Designer of the Year, Caitlin McLaughlin. Her design for Hillier won them a Gold Medal.

    Young Designer of the Year Caitlin McLaughlin

    Here are some of Caitlin’s top tips for designing your dream garden:

    • First off, create a realistic checklist – what elements do you want to include in your garden –planting, lawns, seating, storage, pathways etc?
    • Work with the space you’ve gotwhether it’s sloping or flat, you can create a garden that works in harmony with the terrain.
    • Don’t over complicate it – if you do, you risk the project getting out of hand and spiralling budgets – make it simple and usable. 
    • Research about the plants that work with the light you have available– is the space shady or does it get full sun for most of the day? Choose your planting to make the most of the conditions. Using a guide like this from the RHS can help you get up to speed quickly - https://www.rhs.org.uk/plants 
    • Use raised areas to improve the quality of your soil, create eye-catching height levels and make for easy access gardening.

    To see more from Caitlin watch this short video.

    Inspiration for small gardens: 40 Sunbury Road, Chelsea 2017

    Last year we supplied our raised beds for an award-winning garden called 40 Sunbury Road. The garden showcased a typical sized UK plot with the aim of demonstrating that even a small garden can be filled with lots of interesting features whilst maintaining functionality.

    We installed a stepped planter, positioned at the end of the small lawn in front of the shed and filled it with easy to grow vegetables.

    The garden also featured a greenhouse, living roof and wall, pergola (ideal for growing creepers) plus loads of simple, manageable and beautiful planting.

    Our RHS Chelsea’s of the past

    Check out some of our Chelsea exhibits from years gone by with plantings by a garden designer with more than 60 RHS Gold Medals to her name, Jekka McVicar. We kept the designs simple to showcase to visitors how WoodBlocX can be used to transform spaces large and small. We’ve even thrown in a WoodBlocX elephant for good measure!

  • Raise funds for your school gardening project without asking parents for a penny

    Does your school garden need a makeover or are you keen to introduce pupils to gardening and growing plants and vegetables? Need a boost to get your project moving? We have just the thing…

    We are working with fundraising platform Ralloo to give five primary schools the opportunity to receive a WoodBlocX raised bed worth £500 without asking parents for a penny.

    The Ralloo concept asks teachers, parents, friends, family and members of the wider community to share the opportunity via Facebook and Twitter, helping you to earn points to fund your project. There's only six simple steps to get your project moving:

    1. Set up your project over at Ralloo
    2. Wait to be ‘paired’ with us
    3. Once paired your project will go live
    4. You have 10 days to encourage parents, friends and the local community to share via Facebook and Twitter
    5. Each share earns funds for your project
    6. Once you reach your target your WoodBlocX raised bed can be ordered

    Why choose WoodBlocX for your school garden?


    Update your school grounds, garden or nature/wildlife areas with beautiful and long lasting WoodBlocX raised beds. The beauty of WoodBlocX is that they are just like kids building bricks. They’re so simple and versatile to use, you can even get the kids to help build them.

    The kits are really easy to build and the parts included in the kits are small and require little technical expertise, so everyone can get involved! We have found that if the children help build the raised beds then generally they become more interested in planting and gardening.

    Planted out with ornamentals and flowers to encourage bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects or vegetables and herbs to tend and harvest, your WoodBlocX raised bed can become part of a fun and engaging learning experience outside the classroom.

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