Ians Staged Garden


Ian developed his garden for several months with the focus on making the most of the neglected rear patio area. He knew that he wanted something new that not only complimented the rest of the garden, but became an independent feature. The design team here at WoodBlocX worked with Ian to work out some options, and he approached the project in Hirsch.com.

First, he had to build the new retaining wall he slept for. So why the WoodBlocX system? Well, the problem Ian had was that all the materials had to come through the house to gain access to the back garden ... no easy task with bulky sleepers. But the modular, lightweight WoodBlocX was easy to handle in the garden, where Ian could bang the retaining wall by itself.

From there, the curved planters were added to give the project more character and space. Bends made up of sleepers would be a serious task, not impossible, but a terrible trick, as the BlocX knock together.

Overall, the garden is changing and refreshing, and with the 15-year warranty, it will only get better with age.