More people are choosing WoodBlocX as an alternative to Railway Sleepers

 Railway sleepers in gardens are an accepted alternative to using bricks or stone when building a retaining wall or raised bed, but because of their incredible versatility, WoodBlocX are an even better alternative to railway sleepers.

WoodBlocX can be used in the same way as new or old railway sleepers, without the problem of creosotes seeping from the reclaimed sleepers in warmer weather, making them unsuitable for certain projects like fish ponds.

If you’re planning a garden landscaping project featuring railway sleeper raised beds, railway sleeper retaining walls, flower beds or vegetable beds why not consider using WoodBlocX instead? They perform the same function as wooden sleepers and unlike them, WoodBlocX are clean and lightweight. There is no heavy lifting required – construction can be performed by a single person and no power tools are needed at all.

The unique design of WoodBlocX makes your structure extra-strong so it won't easily distort, unlike other wooden products, so you can be confident your retaining wall, pond or decking won't give way.

WoodBlocX can be expected to last for up to 20 years without rotting or distortion.WoodBlocX are also manufactured in line with current soil association guidelines, perfect for use in planet-friendly, organic gardens. So anything a railway sleeper can do, WoodBlocX can do too. Their hardwearing nature means they are perfect for retaining walls, raised flower and vegetable beds, garden benches, fish ponds, garden and lawn edging, composting area or even children’s sandpit.

With a multitude of uses, WoodBlocX are a gardener’s new best friend and they’re rapidly becoming a popular choice in most garden or outdoor area designs.


Direct to your door


No heavy lifting


Made in the UK


Made to last 20 years


No screws or nails


To suit your needs

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  • Service Rating ++

    Service rating : Saw your advert on Facebook and decided to try your made my own specific design to perfection. One wrong part sent but a quick phone call sorted this out immediately. Service brilliant, staff very helpful only one problem I can see is that my wife now wants some more things done in the garden. Would recommend to anyone to try this product.
    Product : Brilliant service and staff very helpful

  • Service Rating ++

    Excellent delivery time and easy assemble. The raised bed looks great.