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WoodBlocX is proud to use FeeFo a completely independent review service. This helps us monitor our own service levels and quality of our product. Click on the links above to read our most recent reviews, or see some examples of previous happy customers below! 

"Hi guys I have recently finished using woodblocx to build a retaining walls in order to level my lawn. Two years ago my daughter and I bought a new build house together.  We did not get to see the garden until after the lawn was laid. I could have cried. I' m a retired teacher and was looking forward to pottering in the garden. The lawn sloped in two directions and because of drainage there was virtually no lawn left!

We couldn't afford to get someone in and I'd been puzzling as to what I could do myself. To this end I was looking at using sleepers. Whilst looking at this option on the net, I came across 'woodblocx' and couldn't believe my luck. With your guidance I was sure I could build the retaining wall myself.

It took a few weeks and a lot of hard work but it is finally finished. I had a little help with moving the soil but the wall I built myself. I am so pleased with my new garden and am looking forward to the spring when I can start planting and really enjoy  it. I am so grateful to you for inventing these 'blocx' which are so easy to use, your instructions being clear and easy to follow. Your blocx have enabled a 62 year old woman to transform her garden at a low cost.

Thank you once again.

Jenny Ray"


"I just want to say how happy I am with the quality of the product and the service.
It is not often that I find I get such good service from anyone when purchasing over the internet. Brilliant product. Exactly what I was expecting. Delivered on time. Then to also get a really good after sales service.

I would recommend your product and your service to anyone. I dont think in 20 years of purchasing over the internet and I working in IT I have been able to say that about more than three other companies.

How addictive are WoodBlocX!!! - they are almost therapeutic! We loved putting them together and they look great we were fighting over the lump hammer. Just looking round the garden to see where we could put more. We could end up with WoodBlocX City!

The Woodblocx bed fits in very well with the other beds. It needs painting and filling with soil but it was a great exercise, the students enjoyed it and above all it was easy to put together and is very good quality, highly recommended!

John Cavill www.simplygardening.co.uk "

"Thanks Woodblocx.

Great product, great service.

Impressed from the start; from first emailed enquiry which was promptly replied to, the timed delivery, the quality of product and ease of assembly. Your very professional and informative web site makes it look easy - and do you know it was.

Really proud of my new pond, and if I can do it with 5 thumbs on each hand, anybody can.

We costed your product against a build from sleepers and apart from its ease of construction (we didnt have the weight to manoveur, and timbers to cut or stabilise) prices were very favourable and the end-product so superior I cant imagine why we thought of alternatives. You might think of putting some contact slips/business cards in future orders, every scrap of woodblocx literature I once had has been taken by interested colleagues/friends.

Best of luck guys,

Dave Digby"

"I have to admit...once i got going everything fell into place like lego (mind the pun)..and the feedback i am getting is absolutely brill this year...

Bav Patel"