Raised Beds Made to Measure

Raised BedsMade to Measure

With WoodBlocX Raised Beds, Boxes and Planters you’ll rediscover the pleasure in gardening. Our kits can help you build raised beds that are beautiful and practical, giving you extra height and adding shape and structure to your outdoor space.



WoodBlocX award winning raised beds gives you the ability to choose any shape or size raised bed exclusively to suit your garden.

Our raised beds are easy to construct, and require no heavy lifting or power tools to build. Made from sustainably-sourced wood, they adhere to the organic standards proposed by the Soil Association. We guarantee all our BlocX for 15 years minimum against structural failure and are suitable for sitting on any surface, including slopes.

Once your order has been finalised, you won’t have long to wait - delivery is generally within 3-4 working days.

Discover how easy it is to use WoodBlocX to make your own raised garden beds. You can either:

650 Reviews
  • Raised Beds / Made to Measure / Rectangular - Length 2.025m x Width 0.75m x Height 0.45m Review

    • Came a day early, delivery was spot on.All went together as per plan, now dried out looks great.

      Well made went together ok would recommend to antone.

  • Raised Beds / Made to Measure / Rectangular - Length 2.55m x Width 1.05m x Height 0.35m Review

    • Excellent service, only dropped one star because the order arrived a day early! This caused some inconvenience as we had a huge amount of building materials which all arrived at the same moment on a very limited space at the front of our house.

      The construction went well but the brackets caused some problems, the tip to use the green plastic does not always work very well.

  • Raised Beds / Made to Measure / Rectangular - Length 0.75m x Width 0.45m x Height 0.25m Review

    • All good in every respect


  • Top of the Class.

    • This is the second time I’ve bought from woodblock and I can’t praise them enough for an excellent product and service. Thanks Woodblocx.

      Excellent product. Finishes the garden off a treat.

  • Raised Beds / Made to Measure / Rectangular - Length 1.5m x Width 0.525m x Height 0.55m Review

    • The lead in time was quite long, I assume due to the number of orders received. Communications were excellent and the delivery was exemplary. The product is very good but the capping application was fiddly, needing the securing pegs cutting down. I will buy again. Mark in Mansfield

      Comments above. Positive experience

  • Raised Wooden Garden Ponds / Made to Measure / Standard Single Skin Pond - Length 1.5m x Width 0.75m x Height 0.65m Review

    • Great service from start to finish. I had a couple of queries , they were answered in a professional manor

      Great service, great product. Simple and quick to build, great when installed

  • Looks great and does the job.

    • Great service under difficult times. The square raised planter was for my acer which had outgrown its barrel and as usual it was easy to assemble. (I had purchsed four raised vegetable beds back in 2012)

      Looks good now we have managed to get a big and heavy acer into the square planter.

    • Thank you for your wonderful review, we really appreciate your comments.

  • Excellent product, easy to construct and looks lovely. Great service too!

    • Delivered when said, friendly email communication and everything all in order. Easy website to follow and place order. Very pleased and would highly recommend.

      Really attractive product. We are using our woodblocx products as vegetable planters rather than raised beds and they fit the space really well and look lovely!

    • Thank you for your comments, we really appreciate your feedback.

  • Fantastic product and service

    • Even though this order was placed during lock down and the staff were working from home the service was brilliant and delivered on the day I was given. Great product as always as we have purchased from them before and been very pleased with it all.

      Great product and the service was excellent and the item has done just what we wanted it to do. We have built it and not filled it with soil as we have decided to stand pots of grasses and acers in it. This enables us to move things about without having to dig them up. It has made a very nice feature at the lower end of the garden.

    • Thank you for your positive feedback and your repeat custom. We appreciate your comments!

  • Great service and excellent product

    • Good communication from the beginning. Clear instructions for assembly sent well ahead. Fantastic product. Would thoroughly recommend this company and its products.

      Assembly was straightforward and the product is fantastic.Looks great in my front garden!

    • It's great to hear such wonderful feedback, thank you!

  • Raised Beds / Made to Measure / Standard Rectangular - Length 1.5m x Width 1.125m x Height 0.45m Review

    • Excellent Product quality and design. Very explicit instructions.


    • Thank you for your positive feedback, we really appreciate your comments!

  • Lovely, friendly company. Highly recommended.

    • Fantastic service, very approachable and understanding when I contacted them with a few initial questions. Even the delivery person was very nice and friendly!

      Not quite as easy to make as I had hoped, especially the top level, but I got there in the end. Pleased with the result and the fish seem very happy.

    • It's great to hear such lovely feedback, Thank you! We really do appreciate your comments.

  • Delivery efficient and on time.Kit easy to assemble

    • Although there was quite a wait for the kit because of demand during the pandemic, the delivery was made on the day I requested and the delivery driver phoned as arranged. He brought the package - which was not the heaviest - to the garden.

      Easy and quick to install because the instructions were detailed and clear. It is essential to prepare the base - in my case several bags of sand - and allow it to settle before delivery and assembly.

    • Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate your comments!

  • Quick, easy, great.

    • I chose woodblocx because I wanted a specific size wooden planter that I could assemble myself. It did exactly what it said on the tin - arrived on time, assembly was quick and easy and the finished planter looks great. Will definitely recommend to friends.

      It looks great now it’s filled. Just needs plants!

    • Thank you for such positive comments, we really appreciate your feedback

  • Fantastic flowerbeds

    • Very easy to assemble, and they look really good. Would definitely recommend woodblocx

      Absolutely love the beds. Easy to put together and looks fantastic. I got a pond liner and used the circular bed as a pond. Looks fantastic

    • Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate your comments!

  • A+ service Delivered on the date expected and a brilliant product

    • Delivered on the date expected and a brilliant product

      Easy to put together and does what it says on the tin

    • It's great to have such wonderful feedback, thank you!

  • Good Customer Service and delivery well handled. The product is fantastic.

    • The delivery was well handled. Customer Service answered my queries about levelling out the area of the lawn where the raised bed was to be located. The actual installation was straight forward and the bed looks great.

      The design is exactly as we requested. It will make a fantastic raised bed when planted out.

    • Thank you very much for your excellent feedback, we really appreciate your comments.

  • Ordering, delivery and construction went smoothly.

    • Everything went well. It was easy to make contact and any questions were competently answered. I was very happy with the service from start to finish.

      The raised beds were expensive but in my opinion they were well worth it. They were assembled as described with no hidden or unexpected problems.

    • Thank you very much for your excellent feedback, we really appreciate your comments.

  • Great service

    • Arrived earlier than originally stated which was a bonus for me. Delivered to the exact spot in my front garden i needed it to be dropped. Great service again. This was my second order from them.

      Everything was there. Easy to assemble over two days. First day mainly trying to get base layer as level as possible.

    • Thank you very much for your excellent feedback and repeat custom!

  • Order arrived on date stated and went together easily and would recommend

    • Arrived on the date stated and went together easily all done in one day, I would recommend them and would certainly buy from them again.


    • Thank you very much for your excellent feedback, we really appreciate your comments.


Delivery costs?

  • Delivery on all UK mainland areas is Free!

When can we deliver?

Delivery takes just 4 working days. If you are in a hurry for your BlocX please call us and, if we can, we will try and speed up delivery for you.

Delivery is on a day you select (at checkout) between 9am and 5pm Mon - Fri (except Bank Holidays). Saturday delivery is available at extra cost of £50, select this at the checkout if it’s required. 

Unfortunately on some occasions deliveries can be delayed due to circumstances out of our control. We would advise choosing a suitable delivery date a few days prior to the date you wish to start your build, just in case.

When we despatch your order we will send you full tracking details for your pallet so that you can contact the delivery company and find the location of your BlocX.

The pallet does not have to be signed for and we can arrange for it to be left at a secure location at your property if you are not in at the time of delivery.

Full Delivery Details can be found on our Delivery Page HERE


WoodBlocX is an ideal solution for any scale of commercial project.

Our components are covered by our warranty for 15 years and we can offer design calculations for any retaining wall up to 1m in height.

New housebuilders and Landscape architects can specify WoodBlocX in the knowledge that our system will match the most exacting standards.

If you are looking to use WoodBlocX on a commercial project then please get in touch with our technical team on 0800 389 1420 where we can provide design calculations and bespoke details.

Alternatively visit our Commercial website HERE


Choose your shape:


m / Imperial - 1ft 2.76in


m / Imperial - 1ft 2.76in


Enter the height directly or use the slider to adjust by BlocX size increments of 100mm/0.1m. Different heights have different benefits for your raised bed.

m / Imperial - 1ft 1.78in
  • Suitable for flowersSuitable for flowers
  • Suitable for vegetablesSuitable for vegetables
  • Easy weedingEasy weeding
  • Rabbit proofRabbit proof
  • Good for backGood for back



*Free UK mainland shipping. Delivery is on a day you select (at checkout) between 9am and 5pm Mon - Fri (except Bank Holidays). Saturday delivery is available at extra cost of £50.

Do you require ground spikes? Select No if your bed is going onto a hard surface e.g. paving
Do you require crop protectors? Ideal for the construction of fruit cages and netted vegetable patches
WoodBlocX2 0
WoodBlocX3 0
WoodBlocX4 0
WoodBlocX5 0
WoodBlocX10 0
WoodBlocXA7X 0
WoodBlocXA15X 0
WoodBlocX Angle 45º Long 0
WoodBlocX Angle 45º Short 0
Angle Plate 0
Bag of 25 Dowels and Wedges 0
Capping-02-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-02-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-02-L45°-S 0
Capping-02-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-02-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-02-R45°-S 0
Capping-02-S-L45° 0
Capping-02-S-R45° 0
Capping-02-S-S 0
Capping-03-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-03-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-03-L45°-S 0
Capping-03-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-03-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-03-R45°-S 0
Capping-03-S-L45° 0
Capping-03-S-R45° 0
Capping-03-S-S 0
Capping-04-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-04-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-04-L45°-S 0
Capping-04-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-04-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-04-R45°-S 0
Capping-04-S-L45° 0
Capping-04-S-R45° 0
Capping-04-S-S 0
Capping-05-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-05-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-05-L45°-S 0
Capping-05-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-05-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-05-R45°-S 0
Capping-05-S-L45° 0
Capping-05-S-R45° 0
Capping-05-S-S 0
Capping-06-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-06-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-06-L45°-S 0
Capping-06-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-06-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-06-R45°-S 0
Capping-06-S-L45° 0
Capping-06-S-R45° 0
Capping-06-S-S 0
Capping-07-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-07-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-07-L45°-S 0
Capping-07-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-07-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-07-R45°-S 0
Capping-07-S-L45° 0
Capping-07-S-R45° 0
Capping-07-S-S 0
Capping-08-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-08-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-08-L45°-S 0
Capping-08-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-08-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-08-R45°-S 0
Capping-08-S-L45° 0
Capping-08-S-R45° 0
Capping-08-S-S 0
Capping-09-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-09-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-09-L45°-S 0
Capping-09-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-09-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-09-R45°-S 0
Capping-09-S-L45° 0
Capping-09-S-R45° 0
Capping-09-S-S 0
Capping 10L22R22 0
Capping-10-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-10-L45°-S 0
Capping-10-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-10-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-10-R45°-S 0
Capping-10-S-L45° 0
Capping-10-S-R45° 0
Capping-10-S-S 0
Capping-11-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-11-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-11-L45°-S 0
Capping-11-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-11-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-11-R45°-S 0
Capping-11-S-L45° 0
Capping-11-S-R45° 0
Capping-11-S-S 0
Capping-12-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-12-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-12-L45°-S 0
Capping-12-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-12-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-12-R45°-S 0
Capping-12-S-L45° 0
Capping-12-S-R45° 0
Capping-12-S-S 0
Capping-13-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-13-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-13-L45°-S 0
Capping-13-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-13-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-13-R45°-S 0
Capping-13-S-L45° 0
Capping-13-S-R45° 0
Capping-13-S-S 0
Capping-14-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-14-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-14-L45°-S 0
Capping-14-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-14-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-14-R45°-S 0
Capping-14-S-L45° 0
Capping-14-S-R45° 0
Capping-14-S-S 0
Capping-15-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-15-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-15-L45°-S 0
Capping-15-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-15-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-15-R45°-S 0
Capping-15-S-L45° 0
Capping-15-S-R45° 0
Capping-15-S-S 0
Capping-16-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-16-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-16-L45°-S 0
Capping-16-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-16-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-16-R45°-S 0
Capping-16-S-L45° 0
Capping-16-S-R45° 0
Capping-16-S-S 0
Capping-17-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-17-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-17-L45°-S 0
Capping-17-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-17-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-17-R45°-S 0
Capping-17-S-L45° 0
Capping-17-S-R45° 0
Capping-17-S-S 0
Capping-18-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-18-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-18-L45°-S 0
Capping-18-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-18-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-18-R45°-S 0
Capping-18-S-L45° 0
Capping-18-S-R45° 0
Capping-18-S-S 0
Capping-19-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-19-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-19-L45°-S 0
Capping-19-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-19-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-19-R45°-S 0
Capping-19-S-L45° 0
Capping-19-S-R45° 0
Capping-19-S-S 0
Capping-20-S-S 0
Ground Spike 0
Crop Protection 0

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Watch our video and find out more

10 Reasons why raised beds are great for the garden.

  • The added height can bring well-drained soil to a boggy garden, rooting space to a stony soil, or space to grow where there is no soil at all
  • They can be filled (and easily re-filled) with fresh soil that is free from weed seeds and diseases, and rich in nutrients
  • Vegetables and fruit can be planted more intensively, giving bigger harvests from a smaller space
  • The soil warms up faster than open ground in the spring, giving plants a head start on the growing season
  • By working on the beds from the sides, rather than treading on the soil, the plants roots will not be compacted, keeping them healthier and happier
  • The extra height off the ground makes maintaining the plants easier, with less strain on your knees and back
  • Raised beds can keep plants out of reach of rabbits and household pets
  • A raised bed or two is a great way to allow the less able to continue gardening and to introduce children to growing plants
  • Our kits are both beautiful and practical. The wood will age naturally to a soft grey, or they can be painted any colour you like
  • WoodBlocX raised beds, structure and formality to any garden; our kits can be rectangular, square, circular or any shape that you design


Direct to your door


No heavy lifting


Made in the UK


Made to last 15 years


No screws or nails


To suit your needs

Free Garden Design Service

A new garden design – or a new determination to transform the garden – can be a daunting prospect. Before you start, spend some time thinking about exactly what you want the garden for. Do you want purely ornamental planting, or productive areas as well? How much, if any, lawn do you want – do you need to supply a sports pitch or play area for the children? What about seating and entertaining areas and storage (where’s the lawnmower going to live?)? Then assess what you want against how much time you have to look after it, amend your plans as necessary, then it’s time to design your garden.

Find out more and see some of the projects we have helped with here.

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