• Stepper L-shaped raised bed
  • Stepped Raised wooden Bed
  • Stepped Raised wooden Bed
  • Stepped Raised wooden Bed
  • Stepped Raised wooden Bed
  • Stepped Raised wooden Bed
  • Stepped Raised wooden Bed
  • Stepped Raised wooden Bed


Stepped raised beds are the perfect choice for bringing a little extra height to a planted area: so it can be seen more easily from the house perhaps, or to make access for maintaining the plants easier. They are also a great choice where space is limited, as they can be used to divide up a growing area – into productive and ornamental zones for example – and plants can be allowed to cascade over the front of the step(s), utilising the vertical as well as the horizontal space.

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Direct to your door


No heavy lifting


Made in the UK


Made to last 20 years


No screws or nails


To suit your needs

WoodBlocX can be used in the same way as new or old railway sleepers, without the problem of creosotes seeping from the reclaimed sleepers in warmer weather, making them unsuitable for certain projects like fish ponds.

Why choose WoodBlocX for my stepped raised beds?

  • WoodBlocX are easy to construct, and require no heavy lifting or power tools to build.
  • We can help you design the bed, and do all the complicated calculations for you. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions we send you to construct your stepped bed.
  • Made from sustainably-sourced wood, they are certified organic by the Soil Association.
  • WoodBlocX are guaranteed to last at least 20 years and are suitable for siting on any surface, including slopes.
  • They featured on BBC Dragon’s Den, and have since gone on to win numerous awards.
  • Once your order has been finalised, you won’t have long to wait - delivery is generally within 3-4 working days.
  • For more information, see here


Choose from one of our pre-designed below, in a huge range of sizes and shapes, or we can help you design your own. Use our online calculator to work out the price of your own design, send us a sketch with your requirements, or simply give us a call on 0800 389 1420 to talk things through. Click here to order our catalogue and information sheet.

WoodBlocX Photo Competition

It would be great to see some pictures of your finished WoodBlocX designs and, with your permission, we’d love to share them on FlickrTwitter and Facebook. Each month the person who sends in the best picture receives a £100 refund on their WoodBlocX purchase - just email your picture or share it with us on social media. Good luck!




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  • Service Rating ++ a good product and easy to erect.

    Delivery was on time and helpful. I found it really easy to put together. Obviously time taken get it perfectly level is the key - especially as mine is a pond,.. So considering I am female and over 70 - should be a doddle for most people. I have happy fish now.
    A good product.

  • Service Rating ++ Unbeatable

    Excellent all round service. Nothing they can't do