Wooden Tree Edging Kit 2.417 x 2.256 x 0.25m

Wooden Tree Edging Kit2.417 x 2.256 x 0.25m

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This low tree surround, or garden ring, is the first in our tree edging range. It's perfect for any tree, established or new. This is the ideal kit for edging off your tree, neatening up your lawn and creating some wonderful and exciting understorey planting.

If this design doesn't suit your purposes for whatever reason, please contact our Design Team for a free bespoke design. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0800 389 1420 to talk through your ideas with one of our designers.


High Wooden Tree Edging Kit / 2.417 x 2.256 x 0.45m

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Wooden Tree Edging Kit / 2.417 x 2.256 x 0.25m
SKU SKU1108201421
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Great for Easy Weeding, Your Back
Approx. Length 2.4m / 7ft 9in
Approx. Width 2.625m / 8ft 7in
Height 0.25m / 10in
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