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The garden, put together by the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) and The Association of Professional Landscapers (APL), is run in conjunction with Peter Seabrook and The Sun and is a celebration of Seabrook's 40 years working at the newspaper. APL member Bowood Landscapes has helped to build the garden, which features ideas and inspiration from a typical modest suburban back garden, and celebrates and promotes the the garden and landscape industry in the UK.

RHS Chelsea is the world’s most prestigious flower show, and this year didn't disappoint with one of the widest variety of gardens and new plant specimens for many years. We were there, showcasing our WoodBlocX raised beds within the 40 Sunbury Road Garden, but took some time out to get out and explore the best of what the show had to offer.

At WoodBlocX we are pleased to introduce our Raised Bed and Planter online calculator tool: This handy little gadget allows you to order a custom planter in what ever size you require online today.

Make this summer the year you transform your garden. Use our free bespoke design service to make the most of what ever space you have in the Garden -

Building benches, seats, tables and chairs has been part of the WoodBlocX offering since its inception back in 2001. Initially we developed a planter & bench combination, the idea being that those who were less able could use the bench as an aide to their gardening work. From there things have developed dramatically. We have worked on projects nationwide adding seating solutions to a number of Unite Student accommodation builds, new home development sites as well as public gardens and spaces.

Like Lego for your garden, WoodBlocX is a unique product for creating almost any structure you could want in a garden. Raised beds, planters, retaining walls, ponds, edging, seats and more. WoodBlocX lets you build anything, well just about anything for your garden. Whatever you want to build in your garden, build it with WoodBlocX.

Raised beds, planters, retaining walls, ponds - build it with WoodBlocX

A seed in an embryonic plant waiting to get out. It's the pleasurable task of the gardener to turn the seed from dormancy into a living thing by providing warmth, light, air and moisture. Seeds even have their own food supply to start them off, at least until they can put down roots and draw food and water from the soil.

Plants don’t get much more productive than French beans. The beans hang so heavy on the plants you’d think the stems would collapse, giving you a plentiful harvest from minimal space in your beds. They are also very attractive, offering various flower and bean colours, so you could even incorporate them into your ornamental beds. Bees love the flowers too! French beans are more versatile in the kitchen than runner beans – you can eat them raw, and they don’t get as stringy – and also have the added advantage that they can be grown as dwarf plants as well as climbers.

Salad leaves are one of the crops that really benefit from being home grown. No more buying bags that always seem to have a few soggy, smelly leaves in the bottom, you can pick fresh salad as you need it and get it almost instantly onto the plate. With a few careful variety choices, and a bit of protection from the coldest weather, you can be picking greenery all year round.

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  • Service Rating ++

    Service rating : Excellent customer relations and were delivered when requested.
    Product : After a missing instruction sheet which was emailed the next day everything fitted very well.

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    Service rating : A bit slow and delivered with one piece missing. I think they should have checked it against the parts list that they sent for me to check. Wood quality good but the curved sections not a great fit even on a level surface. Apart from that fairly easy to put together.
    Product : A bit expensive for what it is