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It’s easy to bring your garden to life with WoodBlocX. A little landscaping and the slopes and hills can be turned into terraces, borders and flat lawns, with additional built in features such as steps, benches and pillars. The BlocX are strong and durable, and much safer and easier to use than hauling around heavy railway sleepers.

With WoodBlocX, it couldn’t be easier to create a raised timber pond that’s perfect for your garden. The versatility of our products means they can be used to build koi ponds and water features of any shape or size, creating a fantastic centrepiece for your outdoor space.

WoodBlocX are really simple to put together, but are able to build strong and long lasting structures. First of all make sure your BlocX go with the big hole at the top every time. The Wedges push into the bottom of the dowels. These lock the BlocX into place. The Hollow Punch protects the top of the dowel when you are tapping them into place.

The key thing to make sure you don't damage your WoodBlocX is to use one of the spare BlocX or a spare bit of wood to hammer on the capping. This makes sure you don't dent the capping when your fitting it. All you need to do is start at one end of each piece and work your way along.

The 2lb lump hammer is a real winner when it comes to hammering in those dowels. It's much more effective than a claw hammer and feels great in the hand.

We supply all our kits with a set of clear building instructions, just don't forget to take them off your pallet when it arrives.

Sometimes people can have a little bit of bother getting the Dowels to go in flush with the WoodBlocX. But if you use a little bit of soapy water, it can take away the extra friction stopping the Dowel going all the way in. Don't forget to also make sure you have the WoodBlocX up the right way (with the recess to the top) and also try to use a proper 2lb lump hammer. This can help a lot.

The capping and the BlocX underneath both have a joint at the corner there is the possibility of the corner opening slightly to leave a gap in the corner capping. The L plate bridges the corner joint and helps to prevent this. Sometimes they can be tricky to get on, but you can always use the Dowel protector and give the plate a little tap to drive it home.

WoodBlocX are a quick and easy way to bring your garden to life. Allowing you to create raised beds, ponds or retaining walls as well as a whole host of other creations. The slowest part is digging the ground to get the first row straight and level. Once this is done it is a simple process to build up the higher rows. Two people could build a wall 10m long by 5 rows high in a day. And with the quick tip in this video you could even go a little faster.

If you want to make a temporary structure assemble the BlocX without the wedges in the dowels. The BlocX can then be levered apart and dismantled. The dowels can also be removed by punching them out with a steel punch or pipe and everything can be reused.

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    Service rating : A bit slow and delivered with one piece missing. I think they should have checked it against the parts list that they sent for me to check. Wood quality good but the curved sections not a great fit even on a level surface. Apart from that fairly easy to put together.
    Product : A bit expensive for what it is

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    Service rating : Good quality product... would use again
    Product : Fab... just the job another quality product