• How to Build a WoodBlocX Raised Bed Planter

    WoodBlocX timber raised beds, an easy to build solution for your garden. In this video Lee takes us through how he went about building a raised veg planter for his garden.

  • How to fit the capping to your WoodBlocX

    The key thing to make sure you don't damage your WoodBlocX is to use one of the spare BlocX or a spare bit of wood to hammer on the capping. This makes sure you don't dent the capping when your fitting it. All you need to do is start at one end of each piece and work your way along.

  • The WoodBlocX instruction pack

    We supply all our kits with a set of clear building instructions, just don't forget to take them off your pallet when it arrives.

  • The right tool for the job - 2lb lump hammer

    The 2lb lump hammer is a real winner when it comes to hammering in those dowels. It's much more effective than a claw hammer and feels great in the hand.

  • What if I can't get my Dowel to go into the WoodBlocX?

    Sometimes people can have a little bit of bother getting the Dowels to go in flush with the WoodBlocX. But if you use a little bit of soapy water, it can take away the extra friction stopping the Dowel going all the way in. Don't forget to also make sure you have the WoodBlocX up the right way (with the recess to the top) and also try to use a proper 2lb lump hammer. This can help a lot.

  • Quick tip to speed up your WoodBlocX build

    WoodBlocX are a quick and easy way to bring your garden to life. Allowing you to create raised beds, ponds or retaining walls as well as a whole host of other creations. The slowest part is digging the ground to get the first row straight and level. Once this is done it is a simple process to build up the higher rows. Two people could build a wall 10m long by 5 rows high in a day. And with the quick tip in this video you could even go a little faster.

  • The Build Off


    WoodBlocX is a unique product that enables you to create and build almost any structure you could wish for in your garden. It’s just like giant Lego for your outside spaces.

    Woodblocx is easy to use, attractive, strong and durable. The individual BlocX, made from sustainably-sourced wood, are light and easy to handle, and fit together using dowels made from recycled plastic.

    You need no specialist skills or tools to put together a WoodBlocX design, yet is solid and strong, and will not distort, bend or collapse for at least 20 years. They are perfect for creating Raised bedsplantersretaining wallsponds, edging, seats and more; in fact WoodBlocX lets you build almost anything for your garden.

    To see for yourself just how easy it is to build a WoodBlocX raised planter, watch this short video where Lee will show you how he went about transforming his garden with our bespoke raised planters.

    Whatever you want to build in your garden, build it with WoodBlocX.

    We had a lot of fun making this short video and really wanted to get across just how much our WoodBlocX are similar to building things with Lego, but on a ‘grown-up’ scale. One of the best things about WoodBlocX is that they let you get creative and build the garden you have always dreamed of. You don't need any real landscaping experience to do it, in fact it's so easy to build if you can knock together something in Lego you're already half way to building with WoodBlocX!

    It's not every day that you get to play with a giant Empire State building made of Lego as well, and Tyler (our Billy the Buildmaster) really enjoyed the opportunity to get his hands on this monster Lego build; although I think Warren Elsmore and his team were keen to keep it resembling the Empire State than the Leaning Tower of Pisa... We were also lucky to be able to use the new Botanic Cottage at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh as our main location to. If you haven't been to the Gardens in Edinburgh before, it's well worth a trip. They have a wonderful collection of plants from all around the world, and a great spread of Raised Beds too.. even if we do say so ourselves!

  • How to fit your L plates to your WoodBlocX


    In a WoodBlocX construction – from a raised bed to a retaining wall - the capping and the BlocX beneath it both have a joint at the corners, and these corner joins are susceptible to opening slightly over a period of time and leaving a small gap in the corner capping.

    The steel L-plates devised by WoodBlocX solve this problem by bridging the corner joints and helping to prevent this. They are simple to install and also add strength to the construction. Watch the above 50 second tutorial video to see how they work.

  • How to use your Dowel Cutters

    Forget that saw when you have one of these little beauties dowels are no match. Get the perfect cut every time by following these simple steps. Remember to chop off the dowels on the third notch down so you can get the capping to fit.
  • How to fit your WoodBlocX together


    Although WoodBlocX are really simple to put together, they can be used to build strong and long lasting structures for both private gardens and communal areas. Once installed, they are also super-easy to maintain.

    The building instructions cannot be easier. First of all make sure your BlocX are the correct way up with the big hole at the top. The wedges push into the bottom of the recycled plastic dowels, locking the BlocX into position and the hollow punch protects the top of the dowel when they are tapped into place. That’s it..

    For more information, or to explore how your garden could benefit from a WoodBlocX installation, from raised beds to retaining wallsfish ponds to planters, or steps and seats, visit our website at

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