The benefits of raised beds

The benefits of using raised beds
We know a thing or two about the benefits of raised beds. After all, we have been designing, manufacturing and delivering them to gardens across the UK and Europe for the best part of a decade.
Here's just some of the benefits of raised beds
  • Create better soil conditions – ideal for new build homes or those with poor soil
  • Improve drainage
  • Build at a depth to suit you - Easy access for sowing, growing, weeding and watering
  • Build on patios, concrete, tarmac, grass or soil
  • Pest control – keep rabbits out
  • Use them to landscape sloping gardens
  • Extended growing season - raised beds warm up quicker in spring and retain heat for longer in the autumn
  • Add value to your property

We've gone into a little more detail below on some of the key benefits of raised beds.

Use raised beds to create better soil conditions

Raised beds are a great addition for boggy or clay soil too as, providing improved drainage. New beds need to be filled and you have a choice of using surplus soil from your garden or adding brand new soil. If you choose the latter you will generally receive a fresh, weed-free mix which you can add nutrient-boosting soil improvers or compost to, giving you greater control over what your produce is grown in.

Raised beds can be used to grow annuals, perennials, shrubs and even plants that need to be grown in specific soil, including ericaceous varieties such as azaleas, rhododendron and camellia as you can adapt the soil to suit. 

The benefits of raised beds - improved soil conditions

Improved drainage

Raised beds built directly on soil or grass do not require any drainage, those built on patios, tarmac and concrete could benefit from a drainage layer at the bottom if the bed - stones or gravel can be used for this. WoodBlocX raised beds of all sizes allow for drainage through the air gaps between each block. We recommend lining WoodBlocX raised beds with a damp proof membrane.

Raised beds can be accessed without having to walk on them, this prevents soil compaction, helping plant roots to grow more freely and take on more nutrients, which helps them to become more resilient to disease and frost.

The benefits of raised beds - build on any surface

Build raised beds at a depth to suit you

Many people choose wooden raised beds for growing vegetables and fruit because the extra height makes watering, weeding and pest control much easier.

The depth or height of a raised bed is totally dependent on its end use and end user. Low level raised beds (0.25m) are ideal for dividing up growing areas and growing shallow-rooted plants. For controlling pests such as rabbits or for keeping pet dogs away from your planting, a raised bed up to 0.45m will keep them at bay, and for ease of access, a tall raised bed from 0.55m is ideal. Read more over at our Size Matters blog.

Use raised beds to landscape gardens

Raised beds are an easy solution for landscaping sloping gardens. Stepped raised beds can be used for both flat and sloped gardens. Use them to add height and interest to a patio area, or to add different sections for planting or use them to landscape a sloping garden.

Lots of our customers opt to add steps to run alongside the raised beds that are used to landscape the garden to tie everything together. To see exactly how our structures work retaining earth to landscape a garden click here.

We recommend using our Free Bespoke Design Service for sloping  garden designs to ensure you get exactly what you need for your project.

WoodBlocX retaining wall ideas
The benefits of using raised beds
The benefits of using raised beds

We use sustainable and non-toxic materials

Wood is one of the best materials for raised beds and ours are made from the highest quality timber, the wood is pressure-treated and because WoodBlocX are pre-drilled, the non-toxic treatment penetrates to almost 100% of the wood, making our structures durable, long-lasting, and a great alternative to railway sleepers which tend to be chemically-treated. We use rough-sawn wood which will naturally fade to a grey over the years and doesn’t need any maintenance or treatment. 

To find out more about our wide range of wooden raised beds and planters and to find out how simple it is to build beautiful long lasting structures for your garden click the button below