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Raised flower beds, planters, retaining walls, ponds—build it with WoodBlocX

WoodBlocX is a unique, patented, product creating almost any structure you would want in a garden: raised beds, planters, retaining walls, ponds, edging, seats and more. It is easy to use, attractive, strong and durable. The individual BlocX, made from sustainably-sourced wood, are light and easy to handle, and fit together using dowels made from recycled plastic. Creating a WoodBlocX structure therefore requires no power tools or specialist skills. The finished structure needs no foundations, yet is solid and strong, and will not distort, bend or collapse for at least 15 years when installed following our guidelines.


Direct to your door


No heavy lifting


Made in the UK


Made to last 15 years


No screws or nails


To suit your needs

There is also a wall calculator to work out what you would need for a retaining wall or terraces, or again, just send us a sketch or call us. The bespoke design service is free, and there is no obligation to buy.

Once you’ve finalised your order, it will be with you 3-4 working days, with full specific instructions on how put it together.

For more information, use the menu above to navigate to specific products. To learn more about the WoodBlocX products, see Why Choose, FAQ or contact us.


  • Helpful and quick

    • Great customer service who quickly dealt with any problems. I do think that a short phone call to follow up bespoke design orders would’ve meant that said problems didn’t happen at all however and would save the company lots of time, money and wasted materials.

      Beatrice Rodger in London
    • Thanks for your kind feedback! We'll definitely take your comments on board to try and avoid any future issues.

  • Fantastic product, easy assembly, looks fab, super customer service

    • Huge variety of options and sizes, something to suit every garden and budget. Good value for money and when I called the service team to ask a couple of questions, they couldn’t have done more to help, thank you so much.

      Salina in Surrey
    • Fantastic we are always happy to help with any questions