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WoodBlocX Raised beds made to measure
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WoodBlocX Raised Beds made to measure

Raised beds, planters, retaining walls, ponds - build it with WoodBlocX

WoodBlocX is a product for garden landscaping. Chunky wooden BlocX fit together using large plastic dowels to create strong raised beds , planters, retaining walls, ponds, kerbing or special garden features like seats – almost any structure you want to build in the garden. The BlocX are topped with bevelled capping to give an elegant finish to the whole job.

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What is WoodBlocX

The wood is specially selected pine from sustainable forests. It is quarter-sawn (avoiding the centre of the tree to minimise distortion and cracking) and pressure treated twice during the manufacturing process. The first treatment is before machining and the second is after cutting and drilling. This ensures full penetration of the preservative through the wood and gives a service life of over 20 years in ground contact.

The dowels are made from recycled plastic and have a patented locking action when assembled. This means that your raised bed, pond or retaining wall will form one large rigid structure with many connections to hold it together. Because of this WoodBlocX structures need no foundations and will not crack or break with time. Your retaining wall will not fail; your raised pond will not collapse; your raised beds will stay straight, neat and strong!

WoodBlocX is easy and fun to build. The pieces are light enough to carry and you don' t need special tools to put it together. Don' t use old railway sleepers ! They are no cheaper, much harder to work with and will break your back. WoodBlocX is more attractive and will last longer.

You can buy WoodBlocX in several ways raised beds and planters you can choose from our range of kits. If the size you want is not there you can use the box calculator to find the components and price of any size of raised bed made with standard BlocX sizes. If you want a raised bed of a specific non standard size (to fit in a special space perhaps) email or ring us and we will design it for you.

For retaining walls you can use the wall calculator to find component quantities and prices. Long walls need buttresses on the back to stop them from being pushed over by the retained earth. The buttresses and wall are also held in place by galvanised spikes which go deep into the ground. If you want a special design (with steps for instance) email or ring us and we will design it for you.

For small raised ponds you can use the raised bed kits or the box calculator. For larger raised ponds where the forces are greater a double wall structure is stronger. There are some examples in the kits. The second wall can be either outside the pond creating a surrounding planter or seat, or inside the pond under the surface creating a useful ledge for aquatic plants. If you need help with your raised pond please contact us for design or advice.

Your order for raised beds or retaining wall will be packed on a pallet and delivered to your door. We aim to dispatch orders within three days of purchase. Full instructions are provided, including a layer by layer plan to aid construction.

Here are just a couple reviews that have been sent through to us. We also have a page of reviews and loads of reviews that go through the independent company Feefo.

'How addictive are WoodBlocX!!! - they are almost therapeutic! We loved putting them together and they look great we were fighting over the lump hammer. Just looking round the garden to see where we could put more. We could end up with WoodBlocX City!'

'I just want to say how happy I am with the quality of the product and the service. 
It is not often that I find I get such good service from anyone when purchasing over the internet. 
Brilliant product. Exactly what I was expecting. Delivered on time. Then to also get a really good after sales service. 
I would recommend your product and your service to anyone. I dont think in 20 years of purchasing over the internet and I work in IT I have been able to say that about more than three other companies.'  

WoodBlocX made in britain