20 Raised planter box ideas using WoodBlocX

raised planter ideas

We’ve compiled out top 20 raised planter box ideas for your garden. Using our unique modular timber system to build raised planter boxes is quick and easy, just choose a size from our pre-designed planter kits or input your own measurements into our handy raised bed calculator to get an instant price.

WoodBlocX planters are a great DIY solution that can be placed on any surface; patios, driveways, lawns or directly onto soil. Small boxes can be built in just a couple of hours and will add an instant stylish update to your garden. The long-lasting structures are guaranteed for 15 years and make a great alternative to plastic, stone/terracotta and metal planter boxes.

Every WoodBlocX kit contains everything you need to build, there’s no waste and no specialist skills needed - just follow the step-by-step instructions and build your raised planter with ease. To see how easy it is to build with WoodBlocX watch our helpful videos.

1. Long box planter

Place under a windowsill close to your backdoor to create an easy access pick-to-eat herb garden. Long box planters are perfect for narrow spaces and balconies, stretching your planting space further.

Long raised bed

2. Planter box with trellis

Grow your favourite climbing plants such as clematis, sweet peas, climbing roses or create a micro veg garden for runner beans, and peas using a planter box with a trellis added. Either attach the trellis to the wall behind the raised bed or secure it to the planter box.

Planter box with trellis

3. Herb planter box

If you’re looking to create a specific space to grow herbs, a herb planter box will keep your fragrant selection in one easy-access growing space. Our designs include a Little Herb Garden, a Narrow Herb Garden and a Tiered Herb Garden planter.

Herb Planter Box

4. Garden planter box

Our wooden planters will help to brighten up any space! Our modern designs are made from natural wood and make a versatile option for housing and growing a selection of plants and shrubs (as well as fruit trees). Our website is packed with raised planter box ideas for gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Small raised bed ideas

5. Rectangular planter box

The classic rectangular planter box is a timeless classic, it will suit any garden style and any plant. You can choose any size or height using our Raised bed calculator tool.

Rectangular planter box

6. Square planter box

Square planter boxes are ideal for small decorative trees and shrubs, display the box as a square or built at an angle to create a diamond shaped planter.

Square planter box

7. Vegetable planter box

WoodBlocX planters are the perfect partner for growing vegetables, the wood used is treated with a water-based preservative that is suitable for organic growing, so you can be assured that there will be no nasty chemicals leaching into your planter.

vegetable planter box

8. Corner planter box

Update a shady corner or add interest to a sunny one, a corner planter box will bring life to an awkward garden spot. The beauty of WoodBlocX is that we can create different angles to achieve different shapes in the garden.

Corner planter

9. Deck planter box

Forget using leftover pieces of wooden decking to make a planter that will not stand the test of time, using WoodBlocX will ensure it's built to last. Use our modular system to create a deck planter box to sit proudly on your wooden or composite decking.

Deck planter

10. Flower planter box

Bring some flower power to a patio, balcony or driveway. A flower planter box will add instant colour. Use a layered planting system which comprises of bulbs planted below and then flowers to ensure your planter box is blooming more often than not.

Flower planter box

11. Tall planter box

Lifting the level of your planting in small spaces can help create an illusion of extra space as any overhanging foliage is up above the ground. Tall planters can also be used to create an interesting feature or an accessible planting area.

Tall planter box

12. Narrow planter box

For small gardens and tight spaces a narrow planter box can work wonders and will make a great alternative to round planters which can take up unnecessary space. Choose a width and length that suits the space you have available.

Narrow planter box

13. Planter box with bench

You can truly maximise space in your garden using a planter bench, our modular system makes it really easy to combine seating and planting, from planter bench designs to raised beds with benches integrated, our Free Design Service makes creating integrated designs that fit your garden perfectly a breeze.

Planter bench

14. L-Shaped planter box

L-shaped planter boxes are a great solution for corners to ‘zone’ a space or to work with an awkward space. The shape will provide an interesting addition to your garden or patio area and provide plenty of space for planting.

l-shaped planter box

15. Tiered planter box

Create a real feature in the garden with a tiered planter box. Adding different levels can be an easy way to add interest to your space. Using multi-level planting also maximises how much you can grow too!

tiered planter

16. Patio planter box

WoodBlocX planters can be built on any surface, grass, tarmac, concrete, soil and even patios, the structures make a great alternative to plastic, metal and terracotta pots, plus they’re maintenance free!

patio planter

17. Tree planter box

Use a tree planter box to plant a new tree or shrub or surround an existing established tree in the garden. A WoodBlocX planter will make a brilliant frame to make the tree really stand out, plus there will be space to add some colourful plants at the tree’s base.

Tree planter box

18. 2 meter planter box

Small enough to not take up too much space in the garden but big enough to create a small vegetable garden or beautiful flower bed, a 2m planter box can be built in less than a day and will make a brilliant addition to the garden.

two meter raised bed

19. Slimline planter box

Spaces big or small can benefit from slimline planters, rectangular planters work well against a wall or fence, adding a curve or even a seat can really help to maximise space, this curved corner border planter with seating is the ultimate compact design.

slimline planter

20. Giant planter boxes

When is a planter box not a planter box? When it’s a raised bed! Whatever you prefer to call them, giant planter boxes give you the space and the ease to grow an abundance of the things you like, whether it’s edibles, flowers, shrubs or trees, ours will provide strength and durability for many years to come.

Giant planter

Try our Free Design Service for bespoke planters and more

We have a huge selection of pre-designed raised planter boxes, and calculator tools where you can add your own measurements. If you need something unique, use our Free Design Service and our team will work with you to create the perfect WoodBlocX solution for your garden.

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