How Do I Build With WoodBlocX?

WoodBlocX is simple and easy to use but you do need to plan your project before starting to build.

Use the guidelines below to help your build go as smoothly as possible.

How to build a WoodBlocX raised bed:

How to build a WoodBlocX raised bed timelapse:

How to fit your WoodBlocX together


The WoodBlocX instruction pack


How to use your Dowel Cutters


How to fit L plates


How to make your WoodBlocX reusable


Top tip for a quick build


How to fit the capping


The right tool for the Job


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  • Service Rating ++

    Service rating : Delivered on time. After getting the ground level, which was tricky the build went really well on my large vegetable plot. Will recommend this product to others.
    Product : Does what is says on the box

  • Service Rating ++ Excellent quality, flexible design and easy construction

    Service rating : WoodBlocX provide exactly the sort of garden planting features we like in our medium sized but flat rural garden in North East Scotland. Their planters are well made, very easy to construct and weather quickly and well, so we see no need to paint or treat them. The ability to so easily customise the size, style and height when ordering is a bug plus in thier favour. The delivery and ordering service is rapid and friendly. They can easily be awarded five stars for an all round great product.
    Product : My third large garden planter from WoodBlocX. Easy ordering and very quick delivery. if its as good as my previous ones it will weather beautifully and last for years.