Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: What are the sizes of the Standard WoodBlocX?
A: There are 5 different sizes of Standard BlocX
  • WoodBlocX 10 is 750mm Long 75mm wide and 100 mm from top to bottom
  • WoodBlocX 5 is 375mm Long 75mm wide and 100 mm from top to bottom
  • WoodBlocX 4 is 300mm Long 75mm wide and 100 mm from top to bottom
  • WoodBlocX 3 is 225mm Long 75mm wide and 100 mm from top to bottom
  • WoodBlocX 2 is 150mm Long 75mm wide and 100 mm from top to bottom
  • The ground spikes are 400mm galvanised spikes
Q: What Timber is used for WoodBlocX?
A: We use only locally sourced Scots Pine for WoodBlocX. All of our timber is sustainably sourced and rough sawn. We only use slow grown pine and do not use Wood containing the heart of the tree. This gives us the highest quality UK timber on the market for building in your garden.
Q: How long does a WoodBlocX structure last?
A: WoodBlocX is pressure treated with Wolmanit CX, a water-based preservative which fixes in the cells of the timber when it dries. The wood is dried in a vacuum and then pressurised to 300 psi. If you cut a piece of WoodBlocX in half you will find that the preservative has penetrated virtually 100% of the sapwood. This means that WoodBlocX should last for 15 years and possibly longer when our simple installation guidelines are followed, we do always recommend using a liner and a good quality soil. In very rare circumstances BlocX can be affected by Brown rot, which can be present naturally in soil and affects the heartwood of the timber. We cannot always warranty claims against these types of rot.
Q: Do I have to put a protective coating on my WoodBlocX structure once l have built it?
A: No. As explained above, WoodBlocX is pressure treated and surface treatments are not necessary at all
Q: Do I need a liner in my raised beds?
A: We would recommend putting a liner and drainage medium in all our structures. Especially so if you are planning on using manure or organic fertilisers to grow with.
Q: What maintenance do I need to carry out on my WoodBlocX structure?
A: None at all! If after many years you want to freshen it up you can pressure wash the structure to remove any green staining and can replace the capping, but the wall will require nothing.
Q: Why don't you sell WoodBlocX in different colours?
A: There would be too many varieties to stock. It is easier to paint it after it has been built.
Q: Should I varnish WoodBlocX?
A: Don't varnish WoodBlocX. Water will get under the varnish and turn it black within a year. Unless you want to treat it like a boat and varnish it every year! Do paint WoodBlocX with any exterior wood paint if you want it coloured, or just leave it natural. The naturally golden colour will last for several years before fading to a grey. You can always paint it later when this occurs.
Q: What wood is used to make WoodBlocX and where does it come from?
A: WoodBlocX is made from Scottish or Latvian pine. Pine is strong and very durable when pressure treated, and it tends not to warp so much when it dries.
Q: If WoodBlocX structures do not need foundations then why do they not fall over?
A: Masonry walls need rigid foundations because they cannot withstand tension forces. Any ground movement results in cracking and eventual collapse unless the wall is supported on a concrete raft. WoodBlocX structures are joined with many dowels to create a rigid structure that can withstand tension forces (each dowel joint will withstand up to 0.9 tonnes of shear force in our tests). This means that minor ground movements will not affect the structure and massive rigid foundations are not required. However, if you wish your structure to retain its shape in the long term you should not build it on a bog or mud but dig it into reasonable stable ground.
Q: What if I put a dowel in the wrong way?
A: It is easy to lose concentration and put a dowel in a hole that has no corresponding hole in the next row. Don't try to remove it, just cut it off flush with a saw and carry on without it.
Q: When should I use ground spikes?
A: Ground spikes will help hold the structure down, but more importantly on slopes, they help to prevent the structure from slipping sideways down the hill. Ground spikes are placed on the first layer of all WoodBlocX designs and are also located in every buttress.  If you are planning to build WoodBlocX on a hard surface such as tarmac or concrete we would advise you replace our ground spikes with heavy-duty angle brackets. These can be purchased from most DIY stores.  
Q: Why is there a plate with the corner capping set?
A: Because the capping and the BlocX underneath both have a joint at the corner there is the possibility of the corner opening slightly to leave a gap in the corner capping. The plate bridges the corner joint and helps to prevent this.
Q: How long does it take to build a structure using WoodBlocX?
A: Not long! The slowest part is digging the ground to get the first row straight and level. Once this is done it is a simple process to build up the higher rows. Two people could build a wall 10m long by 5 rows high in a day.
Q: Can WoodBlocX be taken apart?
A: Yes! If you want to make a temporary structure assemble the BocX without the wedges in the dowels. The BlocX can then be levered apart and dismantled. The dowels can also be removed by punching them out with a steel punch or pipe and everything can be reused.
Q: How do I take apart a permanently assembled WoodBlocX structure?
A: With difficulty, but it can be done. Use crowbars or big screwdrivers to create a gap between the layers of BlocX and then cut through the dowels with a saw. Once separated the dowels can be removed using a hammer and punch.
Q: If I am making boxes should I put a floor in them?
A: For a patio box, you need something across the bottom to prevent the box from rising around the soil as time goes by. This can be as simple as a WoodBlocX brace from one side to the other. Put a piece of plastic sheet in the bottom of the box and slightly up the walls and the weight of the earth on it will hold the box down. Similarly for raised beds make sure you have some buttresses or cross pieces to hold the box down.
Q: Do you supply a liner with your Ponds?
A: We supply pond liners additionally, they do not come as part of the kits unless added, we can supply a standard liner for any pond under 2m x 2m large (view our liner here). If your pond is larger than 2m x 2m then we can arrange to get a bespoke liner made up for you - just get in touch with us at 0800 389 1420
Q: What are the Delivery Charges?
A: We offer Free Delivery for the majority of UK postocdes Please check postcodes here for any surcharges. You can choose a suitable day for delivery Monday - Friday.


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