Small garden design ideas

Our Small Garden Design Ideas guide aims to give you heaps of inspiration for your next garden project, whether you have a small garden, a patio, a courtyard or you have a small space within a larger garden, we will show you how you can use our modular system to totally transform your plot into a beautiful and functional space that suits you perfectly.

Raised beds for small gardens

Raised garden beds are perfect for creating low maintenance spaces. Our raised beds are different to others available in many ways, but the most interesting is that they are completely customisable. Build at a height to suit you, choose any shape or size. Being a modular system all pieces are lightweight and pre-cut so there's no heavy lifting, cutting or waste.

We have a free bespoke design service so even if you have an awkward space, we can create something that fits it perfectly.

Advantages of using WoodBlocX raised beds for small gardens

  • Build on any surface
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy access
  • Grow plants, herbs and edibles easily
  • Modular system is easy to get from the front to the back of the property
  • Quick and easy to build
  • Choose a shape to suit your space

Traditional raised beds
Rectangles and squares are the most popular shape for raised beds and we have covered almost every width, height and length variation possible.

Small garden ideas - raised beds

Curves and angles
Add shape to your garden with circular and angular raised beds, whether a show-stopping focal point or you need to add angles to make your raised bed fit an awkward space.

curved and angular raised beds for small gardens

Tall and slim
An extra tall and narrow raised bed will make a great feature if space it at a premium in your garden. These are perfect for bordering patio seating areas or small courtyard gardens.

Tall raised beds - ideas for small gardens

Corners and tight spaces
Our corner and L-shaped raised beds can provide extra planting space in small areas. Different levels of planting can be added to our design easily to add height.

WoodBlovX best selling rectangular raised timber beds

Small garden design ideas - ponds

You may think a pond could take up too much space when considering small garden design ideas. However, adding a water feature to a garden can completely change the dynamic of a space. Creating a calming atmosphere thanks to the sound of running water or creating a habitat for beneficial wildlife, even in small gardens. Our ponds for small gardens are built exactly the same as our other structures and customers have the option to add bespoke features such as areas for planting or water blades.

With all of our products customers can use our free design service to get their perfect pond.

Advantages of using WoodBlocX ponds for small gardens

  • Encourage and support wildlife in your garden
  • Create a relaxing atmosphere
  • Grow an array of different plants
  • Build on any surface
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy access
  • Quick and easy to build
  • Choose a size and shape to suit your space

Standard ponds
Our small ponds are available in either rectangle or square shapes and a variety of sizes to fit your garden perfectly.

Raised timber pond

Bespoke ponds
If you need something a little more than a standard rectangle or square pond, use of free design service.

Bespoke raised ponds

Small garden design ideas - Garden furniture

Our modular system has transformed how our customers approach the space in their gardens, helping them to maximise space in a big way.

If you're in need of small garden design ideas, thinking about where you would like to sit and enjoy your garden is a great place to start. Adding our stand-alone seating or incorporating seating into raised beds, ponds and walls is just one of those ways. From a small additional bench at the end of a raised bed to a sunken seat that fits seamlessly into a retaining walls and tiered planters.

Advantages of using WoodBlocX seating for small gardens

  • Seamlessly integrate into other structures
  • Save space
  • Weatherproof and maintenance free
  • Build on any surface
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy access
  • Quick and easy to build
  • Choose a size and shape to suit your space

Garden furniture
From standard benches to garden seats with added planting, we have created some brilliant designs for small gardens.

garden design ideas

Bespoke garden furniture
With all of our products you can opt to get something totally bespoke for your garden and seating is no exception.

Small garden design ideas - retaining walls

Replacing or adding a retaining wall to a small garden can give it a brand new lease of life. WoodBlocX retaining walls can be used to replace crumbling brick, stone or block walls without the need for foundations. Or, if your garden is sloped or on an incline, our walls can be used to landscape it.

We have pre-designed retaining wall kits and a calculator tool which allows you to add your own measurements. Alternatively use our free design service and we can work with you to create the perfect wall for your space.

Advantages of using WoodBlocX walls for small gardens

  • Build them yourself saving on labour costs
  • No significant groundworks needed
  • Build on any surface
  • No specialist tools needed
  • Walls will not crack, rot or warp when built to our guidelines

Straight retaining walls

retaining wall ideas

Bespoke retaining walls

retaining wall ideas

Curved retaining walls

garden design ideas

Angular retaining walls

retaining wall

To see how easy it is to build with WoodBlocX head to our YouTube channel.

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