How To Build With WoodBlocX

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The easiest way to build your DREAM GARDEN!

If you have ever thought about adding a new growing area or revamping your garden, then WoodBlocX is an ideal place to start! WoodBlocX structures are quick and easy to build, require no heavy lifting or cutting and are built to last 15+ years.

WoodBlocX designs don’t just have to be standard squares, rectangles or circles. Our unique, easy-to-use modular blocks allow you to incorporate curves, angles and layers into any planter or raised bed design, giving you the opportunity to create something individual and bespoke for your garden.

Our clever dowel system can be disassembled for reconfiguration at a new location if required.

No power tools required

Our unique WoodBlocX system – as seen on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den – is the best choice for creating raised beds, garden ponds, seating and retaining walls in your garden. It is easy to use, light but strong, and will last many years, putting it head and shoulders above other wooden garden structures such as those built with railway sleepers, wooden boards or bricks.

Free Design Service

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Why not just use railway sleepers, stone or boards?

  • Railway sleepers are often impregnated with nasty chemicals that can leach out into the soil. They are also incredibly heavy and difficult to work with, and often expensive to buy. Plus, they are so thick that a lot of potential growing space is lost purely on the sleepers themselves.
  • Stone is expensive and requires mortar and foundations, as well as the skills to build with it successfully. WoodBlocX is also comparably cheaper than bricks.
  • Building with boards requires screws and power tools to install. Boards can also warp and bow over time. With WoodBlocX there’s no need to work out how much timber you need or factoring in offcuts, we do all the calculations for you and send you precisely what is needed to build your structure.

Why choose WoodBlocX?

Everything you need to build your structure will be included in your kit.


All wooden components are made from high-quality timber. We do not use the heart of the tree, which is weaker. The wood is pressure-treated and because WoodBlocX are pre-drilled, the treatment penetrates almost 100% of the wood.

WoodBlocX will last at least 15 years if installed using our guidelines, but they are expected to last even longer.


WoodBlocX has more strength than masonry in some situations because it can withstand tension forces as well as compression. It will not crack with ground movement or frost. WoodBlocX is put together with many joints and each dowel can withstand 0.9 tonnes of sheer force.

The structure forms a single solid unit that will not easily distort like many other flimsy timber products on the market.


No technical skills are needed to build a WoodBlocX structure. We will supply you with specific layer-by-layer instructions for your build, and general assembly instructions.

There’s also lots of videos to help you. The BlocX go together quickly and easily, with no need for power tools or specialist equipment.


WoodBlocX are so light even a child could help with construction - there's also no heavy lifting involved in a WoodBlocX build.

There’s no need for foundations or cement, and they can be built on any surface – soil, grass, tarmac, concrete, paving – even including slopes!


The rough-sawn wood is attractive in itself, and needs no varnishing. It will naturally fade to a silver-grey over the years.

If you want to, you can paint WoodBlocX with any good-quality outdoor wood paint. Any water-based exterior paint will do it, so choose a colour you like which will fit in with the rest of your garden.


We source the timber from sustainably-managed forests, and our treatment process involves no chemicals that might leach from the wood, unlike heavily treated sleepers.

The dowels are all made from recycled plastic too, and we continue to work hard to reduce our carbon footprint in everything that we do.

Transform your garden!

Our unique WoodBlocX system means that designs can be adapted to almost any garden situation - length, height and widths can all be made-to-measure.

On our website, we offer a wide range of pre-designed planters and raised ponds, but we can also help you to design whatever it is that you need, so that it fits perfectly into your space.

UK delivery only takes 3-4 working days, and the WoodBlocX are so simple to construct, your garden could be transformed by the end of the weekend!

If you want to use our Free Design Service, send us a quick sketch with your requirements and a photo of your space, or give us a call on 0800 389 1420 (Mon to Fri 9-5pm) to talk things through with our knowledgeable team.

Raised beds

With WoodBlocX raised beds, boxes and planters you’ll rediscover the pleasure in gardening. Our kits can help you build raised beds that are beautiful and practical, giving you extra height and adding shape and structure to your outdoor space.

Raised ponds

It couldn’t be easier to create a raised timber pond that’s perfect for your garden from WoodBlocX. The versatility of our products means they can be used to build koi ponds and water features of any shape or size, creating a fantastic centrepiece for your garden.

Walls & steps

It’s easy to bring your garden to life with WoodBlocX. A little landscaping and the slopes and hills can be turned into terraces, borders and flat lawns, with additional built in features such as steps, benches and pillars. And it's much easier to build with than sleepers!

Awards & Accreditations

  • WoodBlocX Queen's Awards
  • Made in Britain Badge
  • feefo Platinum Service Award