Bruno's Keyhole Raised Bed

The space for Bruno's keyhole raised bed was a lawn area in front of a row of bushes. The surface was slightly sloped therefore some levelling would be needed ahead of building.

WoodBlocX structures can be built on any surface. For soft ground such as grass and soil, ground spikes are provided which hold the structure in place. For hard surfaces, angle floor brackets are fitted internally to bolt the structure to the ground.

The garden before ---->

Planning a Keyhole Raised Bed

Bruno opted for a larger version of our standard Keyhole Raised Bed and used our Free Design Service to create a bespoke size using his own measurements. Our design team created a design pack which included his design, different views of the keyhole raised bed and a quote. As the structure was wider than our standard design, we needed to ensure that it included the correct internal support to carry the weight of the soil.

What is a Keyhole Raised bed?

A keyhole garden is a raised garden bed with a central area cut out to give easy access to a central compost area, the gap also provides access to all areas of the planter.  The reason for adding a central composting area is to naturally fertilise the plants, aid drainage and help the garden retain water to help you to grow strong and healthy plants and edibles.

Bruno's bespoke design

Preparation and building

Bruno created a level and firm surface for the structure to be built on using a combination of paving and crushed stone (type-1).

After receiving his delivery of WoodBlocX, he unloaded the pallet and set out all of the wooden blocks in order, this made the building process super quick and easy. Using the layer-by-layer instructions, he also pre-added the first layer of dowels - doing this ensures that you keep the levelled out ground flat from the start of the build.

The finished design

Thanks to Bruno's excellent ground preparation this keyhole raised bed design has been built perfectly! He has already started growing vegetables and plans to continue using it as a productive edible garden for many years to come.

Create a productive and sustainable kitchen garden using WoodBlocX

Our raised beds are a great option for creating a kitchen garden. Each design is quick and easy to build, strong and durable, and made from high quality sustainable timber.

Use our Raised Bed Calculator to design your own planter, browse our pre-designed kits or for bespoke raised beds, use our Free Design Service.

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