Marko's sunken fire pit seating

A beautiful bespoke fire pit planter seat created using our pre-designed kits

Marko’s large garden is made up mainly of grass and was sloped in places, his vision was to utilise the sloped area and create a seating area which would also make an interesting feature in the garden.

The garden before ---->

Planning the garden

Using his own creative vision and by browsing our wide range of kits, Marko created his own design using the kits available to create a bespoke sunken fire pit seating area made up of pre-designed raised beds and benches, leaving the central space open to add a fire pit.

He chose an L-shaped raised bed, two Contemporary Urban Planter Benches,  a Standard Bench and a Square Planter, which he would join together to create a seating area.

Preparation and building

Enlisting the help of some friends, Marko prepared the ground by digging out the area where the seating area would go and set to work building the five separate structures using our step-by-step instructions, taking care to line both the inside and outside of the structures that would be totally submerged in the soil.

The finished design

The final design featured a tall L-shaped raised bed which serves as a back rest for the bench that sits in front of it. Two additional planter benches join the end of the planter, mirroring each other to create an additional long seat. A single square planter has been placed in the inner corner of the L-shaped planter next to the bench matching the length of planter to create a beautiful bespoke design.

Key features

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Marko used our pre-designed kits to create a bespoke design for his garden. To create something similar in your garden you can browse our wide range of raised bed, pond, retaining wall and seating kits or use our Free Bespoke Design Service and our team will work with you to create the perfect WoodBlocX solution for your garden.

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