See how we helped our customer Ian to create a solution for his neglected patio area. Plus get retaining wall and raised bed ideas for your own garden.

Ian's garden sloped upwards, his focus for this update was improving a patio area at the top of this plot. He wanted a design that complimented the rest of the garden, became an independent feature and created a multifunctional space.

Using our Free Design Service we worked closely with him to create a series of ideas. Each combined wooden retaining walls with raised beds and steps, designed to fit the space perfectly.

Thanks to the versatile nature of our wooden modular system it provided two key benefits for Ian. Firstly he could achieve exactly what he wanted for for his garden without the hassle of cutting and drilling. Secondly was  that only access he had to his garden was through his house, which meant carrying bulky railway sleepers would be difficult. Because our wooden blocks are lightweight, it makes it easy to carry all parts from the one place to another.

Ian's final design included a wooden retaining wall with a curved step up to his summerhouse to the right, and two curved raised garden beds in front of his shed, to the left. Our BlocX make curved timber raised beds, retaining walls, seats, ponds and easily achievable. Bends made up of railway sleepers are possible but not without difficulties. Our kits are made up of different sized BlocX which can easily create all kinds of shapes, plus they're quick and easy to put together.

More retaining wall ideas

One of the main benefits of WoodBlocX retaining walls is that they can built by you, whether you’re a skilled DIY’er or if you think you have zero DIY skills, the modular nature of the system makes it really straightforward to build, plus you will be armed with step by step instructions and videos to help you with every block.

Garden design ideas - WoodBlocX retaining wall ideas
WoodBlocX retaining wall and step ideas
WoodBlocX retaining wall ideas
WoodBlocX retaining wall ideas

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