Making quick garden updates using our modular system is really straightforward, from ensuring you get exactly what you need, to placing your order and even building the structure.

As these updates tend to be very specific to you and your garden we suggest using our free design service and let our experienced designers work out exactly what you need and to help you decide on the best solution. All we need is a few measurements and an idea of what you’re trying to achieve.

Take a look at what some of the quick garden updates using WoodBlocX that some of our customers have done.

Garden walls

WoodBlocX not only makes an attractive facia for walls it is also brilliant at retaining. The combination of our durable pressure treated wood and strong dowels means that they will safely retain earth without the worry of the structure cracking or warping. Plus you don’t need to dig any foundations. Add return sections or steps for a truly integrated design.

Click here to find out more about WoodBlocX retaining walls.

garden landscaping ideas


Our edging is particularly popular for driveways and just a couple of layers of BlocX can make a BIG difference. Use them to separate the driveway from the rest of the garden, line a garden path or get really creative and continue your edging to create a planting area, the design possibilities are endless. Our kerbing is also popular for garden borders, keeping the level of planting low and just adding a little bit of structure and neatness to the garden.

To find out more about WoodBlocX edging, borders and kerning click here.

Unused corners

Shady corners can be a problem, especially if the ground is boggy, raise the level of the planting using one of our corner designs and add fresh soil and shade loving plants for a total transformation. For sunny corners use the space to grow bright blooms, a few edibles or herbs. Our corner raised beds can be any size you like and you can switch things up by adding different sections and planting heights.

For corner and L-shaped raised beds click here.

WoodBlovX best selling rectangular raised timber beds
WoodBlocX best selling raised bed shapes

Long lasting planters

Terracotta planters can be damaged by frost if left exposed over winter and the less said about plastic planters the better! Our customers are using our system for permanent wooden planters on patios for a maintenance free, long lasting alternative to your average planter, choose from a range of widths and heights to suit your space. Our structures can be built directly on most surfaces including patios and concrete and we always recommend using a liner.

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To see how easy it is to build with WoodBlocX watch our quick videos.