How WoodBlocX structures age over time

silver WoodBlocX raised beds

All of the best things get better with age including WoodBlocX! A key characteristic of our raised beds, retaining walls, steps, raised ponds and garden furniture is that the wood fades to a beautiful silver/grey colour over time.

WoodBlocX fades to a silvery/grey over time

The fading doesn’t affect the quality of the wood. Your WoodBlocX structure will last up to 15 years without any annual maintenance (you must install a liner to create a barrier between soil and wood).

We only use slow-grown sustainable Scottish pine (not from the heart of the tree which tends to be weaker). All of our wood is locally sourced and rough-sawn to give it a beautiful natural texture. WoodBlocX is pressure-treated using a water-based preservative which penetrates almost 100% of the wood. This means our products are ideal for organic gardeners or anyone who prefers to steer clear of chemical-based products.

WoodBlocX raised beds at Beechgrove May 2018

The ageing process of WoodBlocX

Here are some photo examples of the ageing process of WoodBlocX over the years.

Completed back in 2013, this customer's garden is still looking just as beautiful today as did when it was built nearly 10 years ago! Overtime, WoodBlocX timber fades from golden brown to a silvery grey.

One of our customers installed their original L-shaped raised bed more than eight years ago and ordered a brand new large raised bed and multi-tiered raised bed to border the garden. You can see from the photos the silver colour of older WoodBlocX versus the golden brown colour of fresh WoodBlocX.

WoodBlocX Gallery

Colour changes

WoodBlocX green tinge to golden brown

WoodBlocX timber will go through several different colour stages during its lifetime.

Upon delivery it may be slightly damp (not so much so during the warmer weather) with a slight green tinge - don't worry, this is completely normal! This is because all of the wood has been treated before leaving our sawmill in the Scottish Highlands. This colour will fade in a couple of weeks after exposure to sunlight, turning your BlocX a lovely golden brown that you see in our marketing photos.

Painting WoodBlocX

WoodBlocX can be painted

There is no annual treatment needed but if you would like to add a splash of colour to the garden, WoodBlocX structures can be painted with any good quality exterior water-based wood paint. We recommend brands such as Cuprinol, Ronseal or Sadolin.

Building a retaining wall with WoodBlocX

Transform your garden

Our timber raised beds and planters make for a long-lasting and attractive alternative to railway sleepers and wooden boards for raised planting in the garden.

Our unique modular timber system can also be used for pondsretaining walls and seating.

For bespoke designs, we offer a Free Design Service where a member of our team will work with you to design a WoodBlocX structure that's made to measure to fit your garden space perfectly.

Awards & Accreditations

  • WoodBlocX Queen's Awards
  • Made in Britain Badge
  • feefo Platinum Service Award