Corner and L Shape

Corner and L-shaped beds are a great solution to the problem of untidy or uninspiring corners of the garden or patio.

However, they need not be limited to the corners of the garden. Using corner and L-shaped beds in a freestanding area, perhaps in combination with other WoodBlocX raised beds, adds a creative touch to the overall design of a kitchen or ornamental garden.

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  • Service Rating ++ Really pleased

    Service rating : Woodblock's as a company we're very friendly. And did exactly what they said they would. The product was real quality and easy to put together. The only problem I found was some of the drawings a little hard to see. For instance, I put the the metal bracket over the plastic not underneath. Still it now looks great.
    Product : Great the product feels like quality

  • Service Rating ++ A great addition to our garden.

    An excellent product with very good service and advice.