• Free Design Service Prize Draw - Terms & Conditions

    From Friday 27th August 2021 - Friday 19th November 2021 every order received via our Free Design Service will be entered into a draw to win a Fire Pit worth £350. Our Free Design Service aims to help customers to get the best possible result for their gardens using our raised beds, retaining walls, ponds, furniture, steps or a combination of any of those structures.

    The Prize

    Made from innovative Corten Steel, the Fire Pit Bowl will develop a protective, rust-like surface after a few days which protects it from further erosion. Thanks to this natural weathering, no two fire bowls are the same, making this a unique feature for your garden. Whether it's a party with friends or a dinner with family, having a warm, stylish and entertaining focal point.

    Free Design Service/Fire Pit Prize Draw Terms and Conditions
    There will be one Winner in total.
    The Winner will be picked at random.
    The Winner will be announced across the WoodBlocX social media channels and notified by email.
    The prize is a Fire Pit up to the value of £350 inc delivery, we will endeavour to supply the style shown in the image directly above these Ts & Cs, however this may be subject to change depending on availability, any change to the prize will be discussed with the winner.
    Once the winner has been in contact, the prize will be organised and sent directly to their delivery address.
    The competition is open to residents aged 18 and over, in the UK only.
    No cash alternatives available.

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  • Spring competition 2019

    What is the best material for making a raised bed?

    Summer is nearly here which means garden updates are well under way ready for a summer full fun, relaxation and BBQs…if the weather is kind to us! We’re giving two lucky winners the opportunity to receive a £500 e-voucher to spend on our website. Choose from raised beds, planters, ponds, seating, walls or use our free design service and put it towards something totally bespoke to your garden.

    All of our products are made from natural wood, are easy to build and maintenance free.

    Enter below for your chance to win

    Inspiration for your garden

    Raised beds



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  • RHS Hampton Court Flower Show – The Therapeutic Garden

    Southend on Sea Borough Council have returned to the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show this year with a garden that is not only beautifully designed but has also serves an important purpose.

    The council’s early help family support & youth offending service - along with support from the Dementia community support team – have entered the prestigious flower show.

    The Therapeutic Garden aims to highlight the beneficial role that plants and gardening have in supporting people living with dementia, anxiety and other mental illnesses.

    The design depicts a ‘priory garden’ but instead of the usual box hedging it features four accessible WoodBlocX corner raised beds. With bright, colourful planting featuring eucalyptus, thyme and eryngium, plants specially selected for their health-enhancing properties, to lift the visitor’s mood and attract wildlife.

    The garden has been designed by Tony Wagstaff from the council’s early help, family support & youth offending service, he has worked on the garden with young people as part of their community reparation, this activity has enabled them to work towards a City and Guild Level 1 in Practical Horticulture Skills.

    This garden is a fantastic example of using gardening as a form of rehabilitation and we hope that Tony and his team receive excellent recognition for the garden at the show.

    Once the show has finished the garden will be relocated to Cluniac Gardens in Southend-on-Sea. In recognition of the Cluniac monks who founded Prittlewell Priory in the town in the 12th century.

    If Tony's use of WoodBlocX in his RHS Hampton Garden has inspired you, take a look at our different raised bed kits, we have everything from square and rectangular raised beds to circular and L-shaped raised beds and many more designs. If you can't find what you're looking for use our free bespoke design service.

  • Paving options to pair with WoodBlocX by Primethorpe Paving

    You’ve chosen to use Woodblocx for a retaining wall, a raised bed or any of the other options available to you, but how about the rest of your space? A popular option is to pair your WoodBlocX retaining wall or raised bed with a patio area. A well-suited patio can bring your whole project together and by making every attempt to match your choice of slab with your WoodBlocX feature, you can create a cohesive, seamless space that feels even more professional than it already is!

    Picking any old patio slab will do a job, but if you want to make sure the design is as good as it can be, take a bit of time to ensure you select the perfect slab and install it in a pre-planned design. Ensure you’ve considered the material your slab is made from, the colour of the slab and the pattern you have chosen to lay the slabs in. Each one of these options will alter the appearance and finish of your space, so it’s important you opt for something that’s going to tie in with the rest of the space.

    Matching the Material with your WoodBlocX

    There are now more material options than ever, so it can be difficult to know what to go with. WoodBlocX are a versatile product so can be used in a wide variety of design styles, but most of the time they are used when trying to create a natural/traditional space. Contemporary gardens often use open spaces which focus in singular features such as a sculpture, or a solo standing plant, which isn’t usually suited to a raised bed with lots of plants. Therefore, a project which uses WoodBlocX will often need to pay tribute to a traditional style.

    Patio slabs which best match a traditional space are going to a be naturally occurring stone rather than a cast concrete or porcelain slab. These natural options can include a sandstone, limestone or a slate paving slab. However, a natural sandstone such as these Fossil Mint paving slabs from Primethorpe Paving are an example of something that may work well. The natural colours, patterns and textures of a natural sandstone will complement a traditional style garden with ease. When designing an outdoor space, it’s important no individual elements distract the eye, so you need to ensure the choice of slab is in keeping with the everything else.

    Matching the Colour with your WoodBlocX

    The next design element to concentrate on with your paving slabs is the actual colour of the material. Here you can stamp your mark on the space and add as much or as little colour as you see fit. If you stick with natural stone, you have a huge variety of options and you can’t really go wrong. There are two avenues you can go down:

    Complimentary Colours – You can choose paving slabs that are going to match their surrounding colours as closely as possible. By choosing slabs which match the wooden colours of WoodBlocX, you can create a space that flows from area to area with absolutely no visual distractions. This is nice when you want the space to flow as one cohesive area with no areas that standout as a separate space. This is the most common option and likely the best choice to compliment your WoodBlocX feature. The aforementioned fossil mint sandstone is a great option if you are proceeding down this route.

    Contrasting Colours – An alternative option is to create a patio space with contrasting colours to its surroundings. The goal here is to isolate an area of your garden and highlight it as a separate entity. People use contrasting colours when they want to highlight the patio area as a separate space from the rest of the garden. This is often the case when designers are trying to create a special seating area, or perhaps a BBQ or entertaining space. However, while you may be using contrasting colours, it’s important not to stray too far from the natural and opt for something like a porcelain tile for the sake of contrast. You still need to choose slabs that complement the design style you are trying to create – so if you are trying to create a traditional space, whilst contrasting colours can work, the style still needs to feel natural. A great way to create a contrast to the Woodblocx colours is to opt for a natural grey slab such as these Kandla Grey sandstone paving slabs - the colours will highlight your patio area without detracting from your design goals by seeming unnatural.

    Matching the Pattern with your WoodBlocX

    The final decision is to choose what pattern you are going to lay your slabs in. There are 3 options, all of which are suitable, so this decision is purely down to personal preference:

    Random pattern – by using a mixture of sizes that fit together, you can create an effortless, natural effect with less planning than you may think. This pattern is a great option if you want to create a space that flows naturally with no distractions.


    ‘Stretcher course’ pattern – an alternative pattern is the lay this in straight lines running parallel to the WoodBlocX. When creating a natural look, it is more common to go with random, but because of the straight lines created with your WoodBlocX, this will also work well.

    Herringbone pattern – this is the least common option, but it creates a unique effect for a patio area. This will probably work best if you are attempting to create a contrasting area as it will really standout as a unique space. Thanks to the straight lines created by the WoodBlocX, patterns that are laid in straight lines work just fine.

    In conclusion

    There are so many options to consider when trying to compliment your choice to use Woodblocx. Overall, a natural finish is going to be the ideal partnership with your WoodBlocX raised beds or retaining walls. A long bed of plants is very rarely used in a modern space, so sticking with traditional, natural stones is going to give the best finish.

    However, the beauty of garden design is there are no right or wrong answers. We have given our opinions and recommendations, but you can absolutely ignore it all! IF you think something will work, or will look good, then we implore you to go for it. It’s your garden and your unique space – you should go with what you think will work best.


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