Lockdown garden activities for kids

To all of the parents that are homeschooling and juggling working and as well we know how stressed out you are, many of our team are in the same situation and we too shudder at thought of another Joe Wicks workout (sorry Joe)! So with this in mind we have collated four lockdown garden activities for kids to use up an a few hours during the school week, or even at the weekend because who knows what day it is at the moment anyway?!

Lockdown gardening activities for kids: Build an insect house

Whilst the garden may look a little bit sad at the moment they are in fact full of materials that can be used to make an insect house. Bug houses can be built out of lots of different materials, pine cones, twigs, bamboo canes, bark, moss, branches, any plants that have dried out, straw and whatever else that can be found found. Raid the shed or garage for some spare pallet wood and/or a few bricks and start designing and building a magnificent home for insects.

Building a bug hotel in January will give insects such as wild bees, butterflies, moths, lacewings, spiders, ladybirds time to settle in. Build in a sunny spot that is sheltered from wind and rain and by the time spring and summer arrives your hotel will be a hive of activity.

For those that don't have a garden, collect materials and search for the perfect spot in a local park or woodland. The RSPB has a great step-by-step guide to follow - here.

We've added some inspiration below from our recent Instagram saves.

Lockdown garden activities for kids - Build an insect hotel
Lockdown garden activities for kids - Build an insect hotel
Lockdown garden activities for kids -Build an insect hotel




Sow seeds - what to plant in January and February

As far as lockdown garden activities go planting seeds should be one of them! There's loads of edibles that can be planted now and kept on a warm windowsill where children can keep an eye out for the seeds germinating. Chilli, aubergine, broad beans, lettuces, salad onions, spinach, cauliflower and many more vegetable and salad varieties can be sown in January and February. Sowing plants indoors now will ensure seedlings are ready to transplant into bigger pots or raised beds, vegetable plots of containers in the spring.

For flowers; plant sweet peas indoors or create a wildflower container that can be stored outdoors in a sheltered area or in a greenhouse. For loads of helpful advice on what vegetables and flowers to sow in January and February head to the RHS website.

Lockdown garden activities for kids - Seeds to sow during January and February

Lockdown gardening activities for kids: Build a wooden raised garden bed

Build a raised bed out using a WoodBlocX easy to build do-it-yourself kit, which kids can help to build with a little supervision from an adult, or use any materials that are available, from wooden boards, to railway sleepers or even bricks.

Giving kids ownership of their own growing space also means they are more likely to be invested once the seeds you sow are transplanted in the spring. A raised bed can be a great way to do this, being raised off the ground also makes it easier for youngsters to reach.

Here's three quick-to-build raised beds that children will love.

Wildlife spotting

It may not look like a hive of activity but our gardens are still full of life at this time of year. Go on a bug hunt and lift up rocks, look under bushes, on the underside of leaves and try and find and identify as many different creatures as possible.

The RSPB's Big Bird Watch runs from 29th - 31st January, download a spotters kit to see how many different birds visit your garden over those three days.


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