Front garden ideas using WoodBlocX

Transform the front of your property to create some kerb appeal!

Front garden ideas with WoodBlocX

Thanks to our customers, we have a huge range of examples of front garden ideas using WoodBlocX. Front gardens are often the overlooked part of a property, driveways can make it awkward to create something that is both functional and attractive, and small spaces can be tricky to work with. Our clever modular system makes it easy to update your front garden to create a beautiful entrance to your property.

Why choose WoodBlocX for a front garden update?

Our modular timber kits are easy to build (watch our video here) and can be used to create planters, raised borders, garden walls and even steps! We also offer a Free Design Service for those tricky front garden spaces.

All WoodBlocX structures are made from durable and maintenance-free timber blocks which can be built on any surface making them perfect for tarmac, concrete or paved driveways. For gravelled front gardens all you need to do is remove gravel from the area and make sure the surface is flat before building your design.

Small front garden ideas

Whilst front gardens can come in all shapes and sizes, most tend to be on the small side and it can be tricky to come up with functional yet attractive small front garden ideas. However, here are some great examples of the different uses of WoodBlocX including raised planters and retaining garden walls.

The two examples include a new build front garden which uses low raised beds to create an attractive and welcoming entrance and a small front garden which has been landscaped using a low retaining wall and step with a connecting raised border.

Both of these designs were created using our Free Design Service.

WoodBlocX kit ideas for small front gardens

Simple front garden ideas

Sometimes, it's the most simple designs that work the best! Our bestselling rectangular raised beds can provide a low-maintenance planting option, or a quick-to-build tiered raised bed can make a big difference without being too costly.

Front garden border ideas

Our bestselling raised beds and borders are perfect for adding some much-needed kerb appeal to a dull front garden space. Choose any shape or size to suit the space you have available or try our Free Design Service for something bespoke.

Front garden raised bed
Front garden corner raised bed

WoodBlocX can be built on both soft and hard ground types including soil, grass, patios and tarmac. On our website you can select what ground type fixings you require!

Front garden border ideas

Driveway ideas

Driveways often get overlooked as part of a garden, but there are ways you can soften the design and add a touch of nature to gravel, tarmac or even paved areas.

The easiest way to add some greenery is to use a raised bed to border the space. Our raised beds can be designed to suit your driveway, so if you wanted a curved design, L shape, or something with different heights, use our Free Design Service.

Front garden planter on driveway

For this design, our customer wanted to section off the paved driveway and make the front door entrance feel more private. Laurel hedging, which is fast growing, has helped to make an attractive green border between the house and car parking area.

Painted planter on front driveway

For this design, our customer added some greenery to their paved driveway with rectangle and L-shaped raised beds. Painted grey, they look fantastic against the modern style of the house. Did you know? WoodBlocX can be painted with outdoor water-based wood paint!

Front garden ideas - no grass

Lots of front gardens have no grass, and whilst this makes them super low-maintenance, it can mean that they are lacking that natural element needed to bring them to life. You could use a unique planter design to border a driveway, add statement planters such as circles to frame a tree or to create a feature. Even unused areas such as the side of a house can be brought to life with a slim raised planter.

WoodBlocX kit ideas for grassless front gardens

Create a beautiful front garden using WoodBlocX

We can help you get started today

Our team of designers can help to bring your front garden ideas to life with unique designs that fit your space perfectly. Simply submit your ideas and measurements through our Free Design Service page and a member of our team will be in touch.

Or use our website to design your own size of raised bed, retaining garden wall or raised border.

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