garden design ideas

This is your spring dose of garden ideas courtesy of our wonderful customers and their gorgeous gardens. So if shows like Your Garden Made Perfect has given you inspiration to tackle your garden terrace, boost your borders or pep up your plot then you have come to the right place. These ideas are sure to provide some helpful inspiration for your next project.

Add curves

The majority of our gardens are linear shapes, adding curves and organic shapes can really transform a space and make it feel bigger, use a curved wall to border a pathway, or curve the edges or a wall or raised bed to soften. We recommend using our Free Design Service for curved structures, our experienced team can use your measurements and ideas to create the perfect solution for your space, and more importantly, do all of the calculations!

Garden design ideas
retaining wall
garden design ideas

Go bold

Adding a touch of extra colour to the garden can make a big difference. All of raised beds, retaining walls, seats and ponds can be painted with a good quality exterior wood paint. Last year many of our customers opted for different shades of grey, will grey be the go to colour for 2021? Lets wait and see!

Octagon raised garden bed
painted raised bed
garden design ideas

Create a focal point

Some of the best garden design ideas feature a central space that draws the eye to., however, most popular place for planting is the edges of the garden. Raised beds make it easy to add a pop of colour and interest to different areas, breaking up open spaces. Our raised beds can be built on any surface which makes adding one to a lawn or patio quick and fuss free. Go for show-stopping shapes like circles or octagons or stand alone square or rectangular raised beds.

circular raised garden bed
garden design ideas
garden design ideas

Zone your plot

Creating different zones in the garden can make a small garden feel bigger and a large garden feel more intimate. Mix up your space with L-shaped raised beds, slim planters, ponds or use our Free Bespoke Design Service to create something totally unique to your garden.

garden design ideas
best garden furniture
L-shaped raised bed
driveway update

Mix up materials

Mixing up your garden with a combination of materials that complement each other will add texture and additional colour. We love use of natural wood, stone and brick in the garden. Our customers have successfully switched up our seating by adding natural stone paving to seating and it looks fantastic! 

retaining wall ideas
Fire pit ideas
Raised garden bed on patio

Building joy

All of our structures are built in the same way, there's no waste, nor mess. You don't need any technical skills to build them, plus every kit comes with step-by-step instructions to guide you through every part of your build. To find out more about how to build a WoodBlocX structure click here or watch our videos over on YouTube.

Design for your garden

Happy customers

From our customer service to our products, we are proud our track record providing customers with high quality, easy to build raised beds, ponds, retaining walls, garden seats and more. Click the link below to read genuine reviews from our brilliant community of customers.