Natural gardening - Pest Control

One of the most important garden trends of 2019 is natural gardening, to create a completely natural garden takes a lot of time and a lot of effort, but there are small changes you can make to help you become a little greener in your garden in 2019. We’re looking at pest control and some of the natural ways you keep them under control without reaching for the chemicals and if you do make sure you choose a good alternative that has good environmental credentials.

Ponds and water features

Ponds are magnets for attracting wildlife to the garden, especially the type that will eat some of your unwanted garden pests including birds and frogs. You could also install a birdbath or feeder to encourage more birds or a low-level bowl of water for hedgehogs to drink from. A WoodBlocX timber pond is not only made from natural and sustainable wood that is treated with a water-based preservative, but they can also include an extra inner-layer for planting, flowers or herbs around the edges to make the pond even more of a magnet for wildlife. To view our range or to get an instant price for a pond using your own bespoke sizes click here.

Crop protection

Pests will always find a way to get to your plants but crop protectors are a fantastic preventative measure for lots of different pests. If you’re growing vegetables caterpillars can be a big problem, butterflies tend to lay their eggs between March and April and good mesh will keep them from laying eggs on the leaves of plants in your vegetable patch, it will also stop slugs and snails slithering in, it will stop the birds from pecking at your freshly sprouted seedlings and keep the cats from digging up your nicely weeded, freshly dug soil. WoodBlocX crop protectors are easy to use and look great, simply stake them into the soil and add netting to keep the pests at bay.

Raised beds

If you have a rabbit problem in your garden and want to grow edibles you need a wooden raised bed, the extra height will prevent them from snacking on your produce. Slugs and snails will always manage to get to your plants but if they have further to travel up a raised bed you have more chances to catch them! Our raised bed calculator tools will indicate whether or not the structure is tall enough to keep rabbits out and it will also give you an instant price for a wooden raised bed built to your size requirements. In addition to specifying your own sizes, you can also use our free design service or browse the different shapes and sizes.

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