1. How to build a retaining wall

    How to build a retaining wall
    Here in the UK our gardens comes in all shapes and sizes, if you’re lucky enough to have a flat garden you may not need a retaining wall, garden edging or curbing may be better suited to you, but if your garden slopes up or down retaining walls can help to transform the space by allowing you to level the...
  2. Summer competition 2020

    Summer competition 2020
    With sunny holidays to far away places on hold or cancelled this year, many of us will be staying at home and of course spending even more time in our gardens, which, judging by feedback and photos from our customers, is not a bad thing at all. Our summer competition is all about making the most of our gardens...
  3. How to build a raised bed - the complete guide

    How to build a raised bed - the complete guide
    Our raised beds are really easy to build because everything you need is included in your kit, here we explain how to build a raised bed in one complete guide. The wooden components used to build our DIY raised beds are all pre-cut so there’s no need to saw the wood and there’s no waste, making building quick and...
  4. National Gardening Week Q&A

    National Gardening Week Q&A
    We ran a Q&A session over on our social media pages during National Gardening Week 2020 covering anything to do with our products and services. We've compiled them all below. Do your products work on uneven surfaces? We recommend levelling bumps and lumps out before you build. If you have a sloping garden our system is ideal. Use our free design...
  5. Planting a raised bed garden

    Planting a raised bed garden
    Building raised beds and other garden structures using our modular system is easy, planting an edible garden is fairly straight forward too, but ornamental planting can be a little bit trickier, how many plants do you need to fill the space? Where should you position them? Will they grow too big? What will provide colour and when? We gave stylist...
  6. Stay Home Photo Challenge Gallery

    Stay Home Photo Challenge Gallery
    We knew our 2020 Easter weekends were going to be a little bit different this year we decided to celebrate our customer gardens and show everyone the wonderful spaces that have been created using our raised beds, ponds, walls, steps and seating. We received lots of photos and wanted to put them all in one place so everyone can...
  7. Raised bed Q&A spring 2020

    Raised bed Q&A spring 2020
    We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions from the last three months, with everything from pest control to watering. If you have a specific question feel free to get in touch via email - [email protected] or phone 0800 389 1420. How do I create an accessible garden? Raising the height of your garden beds and borders makes...
  8. What raised bed shapes can I make using WoodBlocX?

    What raised bed shapes can I make using WoodBlocX?
    We’re best-known for our rectangular raised beds, they're functional, attractive, durable, long lasting and easy to build - but what other raised bed shapes can you make with WoodBlocX? The modular nature of our timber raised bed system means that switching up to circular, hexagonal or octagonal raised beds is really easy…this is not something that can be done easily...
  9. Planning a raised bed garden

    Planning a raised bed garden
    We asked our designers Lachlan, Calum and Harry to provide some helpful tips to consider when planning a raised bed garden. There are so many benefits to adding raised beds to your garden and our modular system makes it really simple to install them, cutting out labour costs and providing you with a planting solution that is practical, durable and...
  10. Spring competition 2020

    Spring competition 2020
    Spring is when the garden really starts to come alive again and there is no better feeling than being outside in your own little haven with the sun shining and the birds singing.  So whether you’re an avid gardener and you love sowing and growing plants and edibles or if you’re more of a laid-back gardener whose focus is on...

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