Raised pond ideas for your garden

woodblocx pond ideas

If you're looking for raised pond ideas you have come to the right place!

We have all the above ground pond inspiration you need to transform your garden. Our raised pond kits create beautiful water features that are built to last. Thanks to the modular nature of WoodBlocX, you can quickly build a square or rectangle garden pond to create a tranquil zen space that has the added benefit of being wildlife-friendly.

Square raised ponds

The perfect shape for smaller gardens, square ponds fit most garden styles and look great on hard surfaces such as decks and patios. As our most popular WoodBlocX shape, you can choose a size and height that works best for you using our Pond Calculator Tool.

raised pond ideas for your garden

Rectangular raised ponds

Rectangle ponds can be placed against a wall or fence to create a beautiful water feature in your garden. This common pond shape fits almost all garden styles and can be built next to a raised bed or patio area. Our easy-to-build kits can be assembled and filled in just a couple of hours, helping you to transform your garden in less than a day!

Rectangle pond

Tall garden ponds

Tall ponds, up to 0.65m in height, will make easy work of maintenance as you won't need to kneel or bend when feeding fish or looking after your aquatic plants. A high pond above ground is also great if you have pets or small children as there is less danger of them accessing the water when enjoying the garden.

Tall pond

Ponds with a water blade

Water blades, such as stainless steel spouts and waterfalls can add an attractive feature to your raised pond, creating that calming running water sound in your garden. These eye-catching additions can also help to keep your pond water from going stagnant as they recycle water through a pump.

Although we don't supply water blades for ponds, we can adapt your WoodBlocX pond design to accommodate one through using our Free Design Service.

raised pond ideas for your garden

Raised fish pond ideas

Whether you're adding elegant koi or some beautiful goldfish, our pond kits make adding fish and looking after them much easier than it would be with a ground-level pond. If you plan to create a raised fish pond, please ensure you have the correct water pump and filtration system for your size of pond.

Corner raised ponds

A raised pond in the corner of your garden can really help to transform the space, however, finding corner pond designs can be tricky due to water pressure restrictions of the shape.

Unfortunately, you can't create curved ponds using our WoodBlocX system but you could always buy a raised bed kit and add a rigid pond liner (which are usually made from fibreglass).

woodblocx corner pond shape

Large raised ponds

The perfect choice for big gardens and patios, our large ponds are super-strong thanks to the 'double-skinned' design. Choose a large pond area with planting around the edge or switch things up and add a small water feature to the centre of a large planting area - the choice is yours! You can even tier your raised pond, raising up the centre to make for an eye-catching feature.

Large pond

Raised koi pond ideas

Our double-skinned pond options are ideal for creating koi fish ponds. The extra layer of BlocX provides extra strength for larger designs like these, plus you can plant decorative shrubs and aggregates to create an attractive border surround.

Koi pond ideas
raised pond ideas for your garden

Solar-powered water features

If it is just the sound of running water rather than a garden pond that you're looking for, a solar-powered water feature might be a better option for you. These wireless features are ideal for smaller spaces and are quick and easy to install. Simply add into one of our raised bed designs, swapping the soil for gravel or stones.

Solar powered water feature

Long & narrow raised ponds

Narrow raised ponds can truly maximise space in small gardens. Using our WoodBlocX system, you can design a narrow pond that's just 0.75m wide! This will make your pond small enough that it won't take up too much space in your garden.

long narrow pond

Low ponds

Low garden ponds are great for creating a wildlife feature in the garden to attract frogs, toads and newts, just add some aquatic plants and wait for the wildlife to arrive!

Bespoke raised ponds

If you're keen to add an extra compartment to your pond to create a planter, use our Free Design Service, send a simple sketch and some measurements and we can create a pond design for you.

raised pond ideas for your garden

Why choose a WoodBlocX raised garden pond?

For more than 10 years we have been supplying our high quality wooden pond kits to customers all over the UK and Europe. There are two types of WoodBlocX pond, a 'single-skin' version for smaller designs and 'double-skin' for larger ponds. We stock a PVC pond liner for small ponds up to 2m, for larger ponds a bespoke liner will need to be sourced.

  • Our raised pond kits are quick and easy to build
  • Made to measure - no waste or cutting
  • Step-by-step instructions provided
  • Build on any surface - concrete, grass, paving, soil, tarmac, decking etc
  • Long lasting - built to last for 15 years
  • Free Design Service available
  • 5 star customer support

Design your raised pond

Creating your dream garden pond couldn't be easier with WoodBlocX!

Shop our selection of pre-designed pond kits or design your own size and shape. If you need something unique, use our Free Design Service and our team will work with you to create the perfect raised pond solution for your garden.

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