Tall raised bed ideas to elevate your garden

It is no secret that raised beds make growing plants and veggies much easier and convenient. Whether you’re raising them slightly off the ground or you decide to opt for tall raised beds to make gardening infinitely easier, WoodBlocX is here to help you level up!

We have picked out some of our customers' best tall raised bed ideas from their own gardens to show you how effective tall planters can look in the garden and the different ways they can be used either to improve a space or to enhance your gardening experience.

Can a raised bed be too high?

The answer all depends on your own height and your gardening needs. We have noticed a trend in the height of our raised beds, with tall raised beds becoming increasingly popular.

WoodBlocX height increases in increments of 10cm with our lowest raised bed size starting at 0.25m tall. The maximum height we offer is 1.05m with most customers opting to build a raised bed between 0.45m and 0.95m in height.

What can I grow in a deep raised bed?

The simple answer is anything! The depth of a tall raised bed means that root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and parsnips have plenty of space to grow deep into the soil, equally shallow-rooted edibles will thrive. Not growing edibles? Tall raised beds are great for any shrubs, plants and trees as the depth allows the roots space to grow.

For ideas on what to grow in a raised bed, this blog is packed with ideas.

What is the best way to fill a deep raised bed?

This all depends on what you want to grow, but first and foremost, we always recommend lining your raised bed, no matter how low or high you decide to build your design. This will provide added protection to the wood and ensure you get the full life span of 15+ years from your WoodBlocX structure. This blog has all of the information you need on how to line a raised bed.

We also recommend adding a drainage layer of hardcore, sand, gravel or even organic materials such as logs and twigs to the bottom of your raised bed. This helps to reduce the amount of topsoil you will need when filling the remaining space in your WoodBlocX structure.

Building with WoodBlocX is super simple too, watch this quick video to see how.

Tall raised bed ideas

See how our customers have used our tall raised beds in their gardens, from utilising them in small spaces to building them on slopes.

Tall raised beds for growing vegetables

Growing vegetables is infinitely easier with tall raised beds! Growing your own food takes a lot of care and attention, but the results are worth it. Watering, feeding, weeding, and general tending of the plants could result in a lot of bending if you're using a ground-level plot.

You can design a raised bed that suits you perfectly using our Raised Bed Calculator. Choose from rectangles and squares, circles, L-shapes and octagons -  any of these shapes can be designed at a height to suit you.

Slim but tall raised bed ideas

Tall and slim raised beds are perfect for tight spaces, small urban gardens and even balconies, plus they can help you to save space in more ways than one.

The slim width is an obvious space-saver, but the height helps you save even more space. Plants in low containers or low raised beds can spill out taking up extra space. With a tall raised bed they can spill out and cascade downwards, giving the illusion of more floor space. Choose from standard rectangular raised beds or opt for L-Shapes for corner spaces.

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Tall garden border ideas

Raising the height of your garden borders will help to improve how the space looks, it will make them much more manageable and they will look amazing.

By using WoodBlocX you can follow the original shape of your borders around your garden whether they're straight, angular or curved. Or you can switch things up and add some extra interest, bringing the borders outwards or adding seating. Use our Free Design Service for bespoke tall border designs.

Tall raised bed ideas for slopes

There are two ways that tall raised beds can be used in sloping gardens. For steeper slopes our tall raised beds can be tiered with several sections to make the most of the landscape - this customer case study is a great example. You can even add steps to run alongside the sloped design, either using our step kit or our Free Design Service.

For gardens with a slight slope, the tall designs can be slightly submerged into the slope at one end to create a flat planting surface.

Tall raised bed ideas for accessibility

Tall raised beds are ideal for wheelchair users or anyone with reduced mobility. The extra height makes them much easier to access for planting, weeding and harvesting.

For wheelchair users we understand that one height of raised bed doesn't fit all - that's why we offer a Free Design Service to create a design that works for your needs! We can even include a potting bench or mobility access space within the raised bed design - for inspiration take a look at our accessible raised bed designs.

For people with reduced mobility or anyone looking to future-proof their garden, tall raised beds will take the hard work out of growing. Read our blog on how to create an accessible garden.

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Our raised bed calculators are the best way to create a structure that is the perfect height for you. You can browse our range of accessible raised bed kits, or use our Free Design Service to get exactly what you need. Whichever option you choose, our team are on hand to answer your questions and provide help and advice along the way.

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