WoodBlocX - part of a family business based in Dingwall in the Highlands of Scotland

Our great-great-great-grandmother Elsie Smith started a timber supplies business in Scotland in 1890 and today the main family business, Munro Sawmills from Dingwall, is one of the UK's largest producers of wooden fencing panel components.

In 2001 Philip Blake together with Norman Fawcett developed WoodBlocX from an idea Norman had when trying to build some raised beds in his nursery. This led quickly to a few prototypes being made and the product being made ready for market. We managed to get WoodBlocX into B&Q and Wickes across the country. This was fantastic but due to the margins the retailers wanted it made BlocX very expensive, and due the wide variety of designs available it unfortunately never quite took off.

In 2010 we got the crash cart out and gave WoodBlocX a serious jolt to the heart. With a new website and some targeted marketing we started selling WoodBlocX directly from our website and over the phone. This meant we could cut out the retailers and provide an affordable and high quality product. It also meant that we could control our own customer service and provide bespoke designs specifically for our customers.

Since then WoodBlocX has grown and grown. We have over 2000 kits on our website and produced over 1500 bespoke designs for gardens all over the country. We have sent BlocX all over the world from Orkney to South America! We also managed to gain funding on the BBC TV show the Dragons' Den and in the same year appeared at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, which we have now featured in a number of times.

With a strong core to the business, we are continuing to grow and expanded into commercial landscaping helping designers to regreen the urban environment across the UK, and our in house design team have helped hundreds of people to make the most of their own gardens to.

The Balvraid Sawmill 1892

Cutting at the Dingwall Sawmill in 1930's

Dingwall Sawmill site 1965

Bill Matheson & Duncan Munro

The Sawmill in the early 1990's

B&Q Display

Philip & Henry Blake

WoodBlocX on the Dragons Den

WoodBlocX Team 2013

The WoodBlocX Machine

WoodBlocX Landscaping

London Planters 2016