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Every garden needs a cosy corner or a spot to sit so you can surround yourself with the delights of nature.

With a piece of WoodBlocX garden furniture you can relax in style, look at your plants and enjoy the sunshine and birdsong. Why choose a WoodBlocX seat? Unlike other new or recycled timber, our products have no hidden nasty chemicals which means you can install your unique statement piece and enjoy it without the worry of seeping harmful chemicals affecting you or your surrounding natural environment.

WoodBlocX are made from pressure-treated, British, wood and are guaranteed to last for at least 15 years without rotting or distorting. All you need to do is install your design following our customised guidelines and you can be sure your seat is safe, sturdy and durable. Designing with WoodBlocX is virtually limitless – the seats can be incorporated into a planter, raised bed or terrace with ease. WoodBlocX seats can be put onto both soft and hard surfaces, so they can go anywhere in the garden such as on the grass, on bare earth, on paving and even on concrete. The wood will age naturally to a soft grey, or they can be painted any colour you like. Once you’ve finalised your design with us, delivery only takes 3-4 days. Get creative and follow these simple steps to get your new and unique piece of garden furniture today!

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Awards & Accreditations

  • WoodBlocX Queen's Awards 2022
  • Made in Britain Badge
  • Feefo Platinum Reviews 2022