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Retaining Walls Made to Measure

WoodBlocX retaining walls are a beautiful and natural landscaping solution for your garden.

Our award-winning modular system makes it really easy to create retaining walls for any project size. You can build them on both flat and sloping surfaces, at a more affordable price tag than most alternatives.

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Use our handy calculator to input your wall dimensions.

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Retaining Walls / Made to Measure

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    More About WoodBlocX Retaining Walls

    Every single building block that makes up your garden retaining wall consists of sustainably sourced timber from the Scottish Highlands which is created and pressure-treated at our family-owned sawmill.

    Simply choose your preferred dimensions below and create made-to-measure retaining walls to suit your garden project perfectly.

    There are many benefits to using our modular building system when it comes to creating retaining walls:

    A Unique Patented System

    • WoodBlocX retaining walls are joined and held together by dowels. This patented system allows them to be constructed without any need for nails, screws or power tools.


    Superior Quality

    • Our retaining walls are made of the highest quality, outshining all other timber products on the market and outlasting many other materials commonly used to build retaining walls.
    • Our timber retaining walls are far more affordable than structures using alternative materials such as stone, brick or gabion walls.

    • A WoodBlocX retaining wall can be expected to last for at least 15 years


    Ultimate Versatility

    • Single span retaining walls can be built up to a height of 1 meter.
    • Multiple retaining walls can be used as a terracing solution for projects with a greater height difference.


    Bespoke Retaining Walls

    WoodBlocX retaining wall designs can be adapted to suit any size of project:

    • If you know the dimensions you need, simply enter your preferred measurements into the calculator on this page to create made-to-measure retaining walls.

    • If you need a bespoke retaining wall solution for your project, our team of skilled landscape designers can help you, free of charge! Visit our free design service page for more information.



    Real customer reviews verified by feefo

    • I thought the product and service was great.

      • Brilliant product and looks great.

        Bob Butts
      • Thank you very much for the 5-star review! This is very much appreciated by us all here at WoodBlocX

        Steven @ WoodBlocX
    • Easy to build

      • Once we had our foundation level the actual construction was very quick and easy.

      • Thank you very much for the amazing review! We are delighted to hear that you had a pleasant experience with us here at WoodBlocX

        Steven @ WoodBlocX
      • Great design and easy to construct.

    • Easy to use and excellent results!

      • Very strong structure and great design, does its job at retaining the soil perfectly and the added bonus of looking great in the garden tops it all off! I am very pleased!

      • Thank you so much!

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
      • Easy to use and well thought through idea.

      • Thank you for your feedback!

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
    • If only I had all the parts.......

      • The parts list , design and recieved parts were different

      • we appreciate all feedback we are sorry to hear for the error, we would have rectified this by resending the correct parts happy to hear you found a solution our design team is always on hand for any questions.

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
    • Excellent!

      • It was exactly what I wanted

        Steve Hobster
      • Wonderful thank you

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
    • Good, long-lasting and decorative

      • Does the job I wanted and it looks good.

        Richard Waller in South Wales
    • Great service and product

      • Excellent product, easy to assemble.

      • Fantastic thank you for your feedback

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
      • ease of installation with clear instructions

      • Excellent Thank you

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
    • Excellent product, just right for the job

      • Perfect for the job and easy to build

        Andrew Holland
      • Excellent! Thank you

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
      • Good way of making a retaining wall

        David Beavan
      • Fantastic Thank you very much for the taking the time to leave feedback!

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
    • Very proud of WoodBlocx walling

      • Well designed product, easy to follow instructions and professional finish. Behind the product was the helpful design aspect of the service too.

        Stephen Nickolls in Nottingham
      • Looks fantastic !Thank you 

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
      • Excellent product easy to build and very solid

        Jim Newbould
      • Thank you for the feedback! Glad you are happy with our product!

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
    • Excellent product

      • Solid easy to assemble and arrived quickly. Thank you!

        Paul Williams
      • We're so pleased you are happy with your WoodBlocX product and our service no job is too small 

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
    • What an amazing product so easy and transformational

      • Fabulous product so easy to install and transformational

        Sarah Hannay
      • Superb we are so pleased you are happy with your WoodBlocX and customer service too, thank you.

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
      • Very impressed with finished product

      • Superb go you! happy to hear you enjoyed the woodblocx experience  

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
      • great service quick delivery

        JILL SMITH
      • Brilliant! Thank you for your feedback.

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
    • Perfect

      • So easy to use! Will definitely be buying again for stage 2 of the garden project

        Kevin Shirley in Stroud
      • Brilliant! Thank you so much for your kind feedback. We are proud of our product and it's ease of use.

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
    • Excellent service by WoodBlocX

      • As I've already said - all excellent!

      • Superb, glad we could help!

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
    • Fantastic product - love it.

      • I got great advice and help to make sure I bought the perfect product for my garden.

      • Thank you for your kind feedback! We're really glad to hear how much you liked your WoodBlocX!

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
    • A very satisfactory purchase.

      • The blocks are well made, and the personalized instruction manual extremely good, although it does need a warning to read CAREFULLY before starting! I had to make several corrections to my work during the build process through assuming incorrectly that I understood the system, which has some very clever aspects. The first trick is to get a level and horizontal base layer. The next, as an 80-year old, is to try not to do too much at once with the necessary 4 lb lump hammer in the excitement of finishing the job. It looks very well now complete.

        Robert in Norfolk
    • excellent product, simple to build.

      • Made a huge difference from the tired stone wall we previously had

        Colin in East Sussex
    • Very swift

      • Fantastically easy, light weight and looks good. As a single mum I could do this myself in a day.

        Janine in Hampshire
      • Once an order is finalised (i.e. after designs are drawn up if you require a bespoke structure), delivery takes just 4 working days. If you are in a hurry for your BlocX please call us and, if we can, we will try and speed up delivery for you.

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
    • maybe I just had a bad set of circumstances, but was not hassle free - although product itself is good.

      • product is good - although the picture didn't really match the materials I could work it out easily enough, not as many ground spikes included as per delivery sheet.

        Gareth in North Wales
      • We are very sorry for the problems you experienced during your order and delivery. We will always try to rectify any issues immediately so if there is ever a problem at any stage please don't hesitate to get in touch.

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
    • Easy to use website and very helpful company to deal with if you need to speak to them directly.

      • This is an excellent product and easy to construct, just as the videos on the website suggest. It comes with instructions including plans of your individual order showing exactly which part goes where. The finished wall looks terrific, we are very pleased with it and would certainly use again.

        Phil in Chatham
      • Instruction pack excellent and drawings of my individual installation very helpful.

      • We are so glad you like our product and found installation easy.

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
    • Easy from start to finish.

      • Just follow the easy to read instructions and you can't go wrong.

      • WoodBlocX are extremely easy to build with and require no building expertise. 

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
    • Very good service.

      • A superb (and extremely clever) product, absolutely delighted with the ease of use and the final appearance is excellent. I can highly recommend the product and only wish I had another project to use the blocks again!

      • If you ever experience any problems please get in touch on 0800 389 1420 or email [email protected]

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
      • Looks great now it is finished and planted, but it is quite hard work knocking all the dowels in. It does make for a very strong wall.

        Martin in Stockbridge
      • We will always inform you as soon as possible if there is any delay in your delivery as we realise how disruptive and inconvenient a missed delivery can be.  

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
    • Superb products that are easy to install.

      • The wall is perfect. We were able to knock down an old brick wall and install the Woodblocx wall within 3 hours!

        Helen in Marden
      • We're glad you have enjoyed using our product so much.  WoodBlocX at first can seem expensive compared to other products but all our components are of the highest quality and will last for 15 years if not more.  The ease of installation is also a huge benefit as you don't need to hire anyone to build a very professional looking product.  

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
    • Excellent product

      • Excellent product and service. Highly reccomend.

      • Thank you!

        Henry Blake @ WoodBlocX
    • Excellent service and a pleasure to deal with.

      • My wall was 11.625m total girth x 10 courses high and required a fair amount of digging and general muck shifting before construction could commence. As stated on the WoodBlocx website the most difficult part of the whole job was levelling the first course but WoodBlocx's recommendation to use sharp sand to provide a bed proved very useful. Once the first course was in position I was surprised how quickly the work progressed. The instructions were easy to follow and the work was completed by myself in 4 days but with many interruptions for rain. The wall is now finished the the exception of the capping and placing of soil behind the wall and I am looking forward to building another wall with WoodBlocx.

    • Excellent service, fast delivery

      • Good quality

      • We're so pleased you like our service and product. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • Material and service good

      • Wash easy to build good instructions

      • Our instructions show layer by layer how to build your kit so construction should be very easy. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • Great web site easy to use calculator and straight forward ordering process

      • Follow the instructions you will not go wrong, looks terrific.

      • Our simple and straight forward calculators let you easily choose the perfect size woodblocx design for your garden. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • Goods received on time but with wrong instructions. Phoned Woodblocx, who sent correct instructions by…

      • Having done three projects with this product I am looking forward to installing the latest. Easy to do, pleasing to see and a brilliant improvement to what was a wreck of a garden.

      • Sorry about the mix up with the instructions. I'm glad everything was sorted quickly and that your are happy with our product. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • I have used woodblocX for a number of projects. Service each time has been excellent and…

      • Excellent as alway. Nothing else to say.... Just simply excellent!!

      • Excellence is what we strive for. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • MY size ordering was a bit off -- so I had to "tweak it" a…

      • All the parts are well made and most importantly they fit well. Manufacturing is pretty accurate and all is good quality. The whole trick is to take your time at the start and get everything lined up nice on a flat and level base. The building is then fast and you see results quickly. - Just like it says in the excellent instructions and tips supplied. I cant really comment on longevity except that all the timber looks good quality and is well pressure treated so I don't anticipate any problems in this respect. This is my first Wood BlocX project - it will not be my last. I have already started talking and recommending to family and friends.

      • A+10 is the best mark I think we've ever got! Thanks so much and when it comes time for your next project we'll be right here to help. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • No trouble in placing an order. Calculator was very easy to use

      • Not had chance to build yet but instructions seem very clear.

      • Our online calculator makes ordering different size planters exceptionally easy. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • Great service, wood use again

      • Fantastic product, would buy again!

      • I'm glad you like our product as much as we do. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • Lovely person on the end of the phone with very helpful attitude. Instant pick up…

      • Lots of people stop and stare at our new raised bed and wall. We love it! Much better than the alternatives we looked such as brick walls. I didn't want more concrete etc in my garden.

      • Superb Emmi, thanks for the great feedback! WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • A great product with superb instructions and back up.

      • Spending a bit of time on the ground preparation was essential in helping to make the construction really easy and straightforward. The end result is even better than first envisaged. Thank you for the clear instructions.

      • The ground preparation is certainly a very important step and should not be overlooked. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • Arrived on the due date, well packed.

      • Very easy to assemble once the initial groundwork is done. Nice to look at.

      • Always take your time on the ground preparation as it will make a huge difference when it comes to the final build. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • I was very impressed with the quick response to my order and following up when the…

      • The quality of product (retaining wall) was excellent and easy to work with. I had a small issue with the buttress position as it wasn't absolutely clear on diagram and for someone like myself building the wall alone it caused a little problem. A picture reminding exactly how this should be positioned to allow the metal plate to be placed would be more helpful. Otherwise I can confirm that I will be back for a raised bed in the near future.

      • If you are ever unsure of what to do when it comes to the build please just get in touch and we can talk things through with you or send you further plans. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • Very good service and quick delivery.

      • Great idea and easy to follow instructions but the top capping was a poor fit but on the whole it looks nice.

      • Thank you very much for your email. Please don't hesitate to get in touch and we will do what we can to get you some capping that fits 100% WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • Arrived on time with nice delivery man.

      • Excellent product. Very happy with result. Got blisters from hammering in dowels. I am nearly 70 and a woman so ...

      • WoodBlocX needs no building experience to construct and very few tools are needed. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • 10 out of 10 for service, very helpful and efficient.

      • So pleased with the result we will be embarking on another project in the not too distant future.

      • We are so happy you liked our service and product. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • Easy to use attractive website, I really liked the Bespoke planning guide. Very good communications…

      • A doodle to put together & it looks very nice. I,m thinking of a raised bed next.

      • The WoodBlocX website contains 100's of kits and also handy calculators if you need something to fit to your exact sizes. www.woodblocx.co.uk WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • when contacted gave good advice and provided relevant information in the use of fitting instructions

      • easy to erect, looks good, my only small concern is that a bracket is needed to secure the ends against a wall preventing it moving, apart from that I would recommend to anyone

      • We will always try and answer any questions our customers have to the best of our knowledge. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • Superb and easy to assemble once again ..Thankyou!

      • Superb done!

      • WoodBlocX can be built by anyone and are nice and light so can be moved and arranged easily. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • My service feedback with WoodBlocX

      • Wall perfect and as usual installation was straight forward as per the instructions.

    • very efficient and helpful

      • good quality and easy tofit

      • WoodBlocX are simple to use and require no building expertise. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • The service was without fault. Both people I spoke to were as helpful as one…

      • It was easy to construct and looks good. Even at age eighty five I experienced no difficulty. Well done.

      • One of the main beauties of WoodBlocX is the ease of building. No experience is required and very few tools are needed. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • Service and support was great. Team helped re my very bespoke design but I decided…

      • Some pieces had cracks but was able to build without problem. All looks great.

      • If you ever feel you are missing components please get in touch and we can resolve the matter straight away. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • Great . Excellent instructions

      • Impressed . Thank you

      • Every WoodBlocX design comes with it's own set of unique instructions and helpful hint and tips. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • Always helpful and good

      • This is the third time I have purchased WoodBlock. This time I don't think the cut of the wood and drilled holes were as good a the previous purchases. Some of the longer sections (capping) were split. However , didn't stop me using it with some minor repair and sanding. The plan had a sheet labelled Layer1 and Layer2 but both sheets were the same being Layer2. I had to deduce layer what layer 1 actually was and were the plates and stakes should go.

      • I'm very sorry on this occasion that the quality of wood was not to your standard. We carry out many quality control checks during the manufacture of the BlocX so this should never be the case. If anything is damaged we will be happy to send replacements. I can only apologies for sending incorrect instructions. If this ever happens please get in touch and we can send you the correct instructions straight away. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX
    • My service feedback with WoodBlocX

      • not quite the perfect fit we were expecting

    • My service feedback with WoodBlocX

      • First class product

    • My service feedback with WoodBlocX

      • Perfect size, and went together very well.

    • We rang to place our order. The man that we spoke to was very friendly…

      • The instructions were very clear and the wall was very easy to build.

      • It's easy to place an order with WoodBlocX either by phone or through the website. WoodBlocX

        WoodBlocX @ WoodBlocX

    Delivery to UK mainland is FREE on all orders and generally takes around 3 working days.

    Your WoodBlocX order will be delivered on a pallet and we can only guarantee kerbside delivery. If you are in a hurry for your WoodBlocX order please contact us (if we can, we will try to speed up your delivery).

    You can select your preferred delivery date at checkout. Deliveries can be arranged from Mon to Fri between 9am and 5pm (except Bank Holidays). Saturday delivery slots are currently not available. 

    We advise choosing a suitable delivery date a few days prior to the date you wish to start your WoodBlocX build just in case your delivery is delayed due to circumstances out of our control. Please DO NOT book a tradesperson to begin work on the day your order is planned to arrive. 

    When we dispatch your order from our warehouse we will send you full tracking details for your pallet. You will then be called by our delivery partner a few days before delivery to confirm your delivery slot/date.

    Pallets do not necessarily require a signature. We can arrange for deliveries to be left at a secure location at your property if you are not in at the time of delivery.

    For the latest delivery information please see on our Delivery Page or start a Live Chat with us.

    WoodBlocX is an ideal solution for any scale of commercial landscaping project

    Using our unique, modular system of interlocking timber blocks, WoodblocX can be used to create almost any external landscaping structure. From rooftop gardens and retaining walls (max 1m) to street furniture and planter seating, our professional design team can work closely with you to build a solution that works to your budget and specification.

    WoodblocX structures are fast to build and require no foundations. Our pressure treated timber blocks fit together with interlocking dowels and require no power tools or specialist skills to erect. Guaranteed for 15 years with fire treatment options, we only use FSC certified timber and are proud to manufacture WoodblocX from our base in the Scottish Highlands. 

    Having worked on many successful landscaping projects with Property Developers and Landscape Architects across the UK and Europe, we know you can specify WoodBlocX in the knowledge that our system will match the most exacting standards.

    For technical questions, bespoke pricing and commercial design queries, please freephone 0800 389 1420, email [email protected] or start a live chat. To view our latest commercial case studies or to book a CPD session, please visit WoodblocX Landscaping.

    Awards & Accreditations

    • WoodBlocX Queen's Awards 2022
    • Made in Britain Badge
    • Feefo Platinum Reviews 2022