Surround Kerbing with Centerpiece

Surround Kerbing with Centerpiece

This bespoke WoodBlocX garden was designed to butt up against two adjacent walls creating a peaceful garden paradise. The square centrepiece frames a beautiful Himalayan Birch and is surrounded by a variety of tall grasses.

This kit was designed for a customer. If you need a bespoke design that is for example curved or unique to your garden then just get in touch with us. The WoodBlocX team are happy to draw up and price your design for you. Sending a quick sketch via email or by just giving us a call we can help you put your garden thoughts into reality. 

You can get in contact with WoodBlocX by calling 0800 389 1420 or by sending us an email to [email protected]

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Large L-Shaped Bed with Seating

Large L-Shaped Bed with Seating / 3.375 x 3.375 x 0.65m


Retaining Garden Wall / Made to Measure

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Surround Kerbing with Centerpiece
SKU SKU1311170933
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom