Garden retaining wall ideas

Ideas and inspiration to help you transform your garden!

Retaining wall ideas

For more than 10 years we have provided retaining wall solutions for all types of gardens, helping our customers to landscape and create beautiful spaces. With so many inspiring retaining garden wall projects under our belt, we've created this blog post to help you get the ideas and inspiration you need to transform your garden with a retaining wall.

Retaining wall options

WoodBlocX retaining walls are extremely versatile and can be designed in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Being a modular timber system means that we can even include different elements such as seating, steps, planters and ponds in your design!

You can use retaining walls to transform rear gardens into beautiful spaces or give front gardens some much-needed curb appeal. Landscaping gardens and adding high-quality features can not only enhance your outdoor living space for your enjoyment, it can also help to increase the value of your property too!

Small retaining walls

Small retaining walls, edging, and borders can make a big difference to a space. Use a single-skinned wall as a decorative feature to divide or zone a space and create a boundary. Or add a feature to an area that slopes, our walls can be stepped up or down to follow the slope, like the one pictured below.

Small retaining walls

Brick alternative retaining walls

Building with bricks requires foundations and experience, and the chances are you will need a tradesperson to build them for you. WoodBlocX makes a brilliant alternative to brick walls, our wooden BlocX are laid in the same way bricks are but instead of mortar, our strong dowels hold everything together, and this way of constructing garden walls will ensure they do not crack, warp or suffer from frost damage. We can even easily include walls with steps.

Brick alternative retaining walls

Low retaining walls

A low retaining wall can bring many benefits to a garden. If you have a slight slope, they can be used to tier the space, either using one wall or several, depending on how steep the space is. Or, if you want to add height to your garden, you could backfill from another area or use topsoil and some hard standing.

low retaining wall

Retaining walls for sloped gardens

WoodBlocX has been used to landscape gardens of all shapes and sizes. Our walls can be built up to a height of 1m and can be used to retain lawns and earth. For taller walls, we suggest tiering, which means you can create different areas in the garden. Thanks to the flexibility of WoodBlocX we can add seats and planting features to make your retaining wall multifunctional. Use our Free Design Service for these garden retaining walls ideas designs to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Retaining walls for sloped gardens

Timber retaining wall

Wood is often an overlooked material when it comes to retaining walls. WoodBlocX can provide similar retaining properties to other materials. It also has a beautiful natural finish that can be much needed in heavily landscaped gardens.

Timber retaining wall

Curved retaining walls

WoodBlocX walls don't always need to be straight! Thanks to the modular nature of our versatile BlocX, we can create beautiful curves which will add shape to your garden. These are perfect for bordering paths or creating low curves to tier spaces. Use our Free Design Service for curved retaining walls so our experts can ensure it will work with your space.

Curved retaining wall

Front garden retaining walls

Front gardens are often overlooked when it comes to creating a beautiful space, with the focus being on the rear garden. However, quick updates can really change the look and feel and create a beautiful welcome to your home. Use our retaining wall calculator tool for straight, L-shaped and C-shaped retaining walls.

Front garden retaining wall

Sleeper alternative retaining wall

WoodBlocX makes a great alternative to railway sleeper retaining walls. All of our wooden components are pre-drilled and then treated, ensuring that the treatment penetrates all of the wood. With sleepers, drilling them instantly weakens the wood as it effectively opens them up. Plus, by using WoodBlocX there is no need for any drilling or sawing, you build up layer by layer.

Sleeper alternative retaining wall

Straight retaining wall

Getting a straight WoodBlocX wall takes just a few quick clicks using our retaining wall calculator, simply select the length, height and surface that you plan to build on to get an instant price.

Straight retaining wall ideas

Bespoke retaining wall

We turn your ideas into reality thanks to our Free Design Service. If you have something specific in mind for your retaining wall, whether it's a certain shape that fits your garden perfectly, or you may want to include some bespoke features such as pillars, steps, seating, planters or even a pond. Thanks to the modular nature of WoodBlocX we can create almost any design.

Bespoke retaining wall

Reasons to choose a WoodBlocX retaining wall for your garden

Our modular timber garden walls make a great alternative to bricks, stone, block, render and railway sleepers. Made from strong and durable Scot pine each wall can be designed exactly how you want it, plus you can be assured that it will remain in beautiful condition for many years.

  • Our retaining wall kits can be built by you without major groundworks
  • Quick and fun to build (no power tools)
  • All designs are supplied cut to size so there's no waste
  • Layer by layer building guides provided with every design
  • Build on any surface - concrete, grass, paving, soil, tarmac, decking etc
  • Made from pressure-treated Scottish pine
  • Suitable for flat & sloped garden areas
  • 15 year lifespan when you install a liner
  • 5 star customer support

Where to use a retaining wall

Retaining walls are mostly used in gardens with a slope, helping to retaining an area of soil or turf, however there are so many more uses for them and our customers have truly maximised the possibilities, using them in many different ways. You can see some examples of these on our Customer Gardens page.

Building retaining walls from materials such as stone, blocks or bricks can be costly and in most cases, you will need a tradesperson to do the work for you. Plus each of those options requires significant groundworks. All WoodBlocX kits can be built by you and you will be pleased to know that no technical knowledge or building experience is needed to build.

Building a WoodBlocX retaining wall

WoodBlocX retaining walls, like our raised beds, ponds and garden furniture are built using our unique patented system. Our wooden BlocX are held together by strong dowels so there’s no need for screws, nails or power tools when you build them, this makes our structures strong and durable.

Each structure includes a series of buttresses which tie the retaining wall into the earth to ensure it stays put and supports the main structure.

Getting your retaining wall project started

Whether you're building a brand new wall or want to replace an old one, we can help you get the perfect shape and size for your garden.

We have a range of pre-design retaining wall kits, however most customers opt to use our retaining wall calculators for straight, L and C shaped walls, or our Free Design Service for something a little bit different. Whichever option you choose, our team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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