Introducing our NEW final layer dowel design

From November 2023, there's no need to cut dowels down to fit your WoodBlocX capping.

Small things can make a BIG difference and this is certainly the case for the latest update to one of the key WoodBlocX components used to make our raised beds, walls and steps, raised ponds and garden furniture.

We now supply pre-cut final layer dowels to fit perfectly under your WoodBlocX capping layer. This means there is absolutely no cutting needed when building your WoodBlocX design.

Previously we advised customers to use our dowel cutter or a hand saw to cut the final layer of dowels to length to fit under the pre-drilled capping layer but not anymore!

From November 2023, our NEW pre-cut final layer dowels will be included with every WoodBlocX order - you will find them packaged in GREEN BAGS with a sticker. Standard dowels for the rest of your design, will be supplied in CLEAR PLASTIC BAGS.

How to use our final layer dowels

  • Follow the layer-by-layer instructions to build your structure up to the final layer before the capping using our standard WoodBlocX dowels
  • Place the liner inside the structure and over the edges
  • To fix the liner in place, match the new pre-cut final layer dowels up to the liner and place the green dowel protector over the dowels and knock them into the hole with a lump hammer. They should easily pierce the liner. If it doesn’t, make a small incision with a Stanley knife where the dowel needs to go and knock your dowels through.
  • Place the angle plates provided over the dowels on each corner
  • Add the capping and trim any remaining liner
Before adding capping instructions

Our NEW final layer dowels will reduce the amount of time it takes to build with WoodBlocX and further reduce waste. To see how easy it is to build with WoodBlocX watch our how to build video.

Build your ideal garden with WoodBlocX

Not only is building with WoodBlocX easy, finding exactly what you need is too! You can design your own raised bed, retaining garden wall or raised pond using our calculator tools - we also have a huge range of pre-designed kits including garden furniture. For bespoke designs try our Free Design Service.

Awards & Accreditations

  • WoodBlocX Queen's Awards
  • Made in Britain Badge
  • feefo Platinum Service Award