• Garden landscaping ideas

    garden landscape ideas using woodblocx

    Whilst our website is full of garden landscaping ideas, this blog shows you how you can achieve brilliant garden updates in one day, over a weekend or a little bit longer. Each idea uses our innovative and easy to build modular system and shows you how it can be used to build beautiful raised garden beds, retaining walls, steps, ponds and garden furniture.

    Quick garden update ideas

    Each of these examples can be completed in no more than one day. In some cases you can complete them in as little as few hours. WoodBlocX structures can be built on any surface, all you need to do to prepare in make sure the ground is level wherever you plan to build.

    Our wooden raised bed kits are available in all shapes and sizes or use our calculator tool to get an instant price using your own measurements.

    Raised beds for grow your own

    WoodBlocX raised beds are quick and easy to build durable and long lasting, perfect for growing edibles or beautiful flowers and shrubs.

    Garden design ideas - ponds

    Most of our single-skinned ponds can be built in less than a day. Each is supplied with a liner so you can start to fill them as soon as they're built!

    WoodBlocX best selling raised bed shapes

    Our raised bed kits don't just stop at squares and rectangles...choose from circular and octagonal raised beds, L-shaped and corner planters, stepped and tiered designs.

    Weekend garden project

    Make a big impact on your garden in a just a weekend with a show-stopping garden seat, elevated borders, retaining walls and more. The joy of WoodBlocX is that you can make it fit your garden perfectly - you could raise your current garden borders to create a low maintenance garden, make a new area for planting within a difficult space in the garden or create bespoke garden furniture.

    garden landscaping ideas

    Switching old brick or sleeper walls and steps for a WoodBlocX retaining wall will give your garden is fuss-free. Alternatively adding walls and steps to landscape garden can make all the difference to the layout and look of the space.

    garden landscaping ideas

    Lift beds and borders to create a more manageable, low maintenance and accessible garden. All WoodBlocX structures require zero maintenance and are guaranteed for 15 years.

    best garden furniture

    Create a show-stopping seating area for BBQ's, pizza ovens and fire pits. Style with gorgeous planting and colourful accessories and enjoy all year round.

    Adding seating to a raised bed design or even a retaining wall is easily done using our modular system. We have plenty of options in our pre-designed garden furniture kits, or use our free bespoke design service to get something totally bespoke.

    Raised beds don't alway have to be high, use them to create a decorative and functional space. Keep patios in check by increasing the height of your planting slightly, adding steps and tiers is no problem.

    garden landscaping ideas

    All of our designs are fully customisable. This raised bed is split into four sections with different heights, a long slim planter and even space for a water feature, the opportunities to make you raised bed personal are endless.

    Full garden landscaping ideas

    If you're planning on taking the plunge and updating your entire garden, these customer photos will show you how WoodBlocX can be used to totally transform a space. The modular nature of WoodBlocX means that it is really easy to create integrated designs that include retaining walls, raised planters, steps and garden seats. We recommend using our free design service for these projects and our team of experienced designers will guide you through the process and ensure you get exactly what you need for your garden.

    retaining wall ideas

    Like what you've seen?

    If our garden landscaping ideas have given you some inspiration for your next garden project here's some helpful links to find out..

    How to build with WoodBlocX

    How to use our free bespoke design service in three simple steps

    Why WoodBlocX is a great choice for your garden

  • Small garden design ideas - buyers guide 2021

    Our Small Garden Design Ideas guide aims to give you heaps of inspiration for your next garden project, whether you have a small garden, a patio, a courtyard or you have a small space within a larger garden, we will show you how you can use our modular system to totally transform your plot into a beautiful and functional space that suits you perfectly.

    Raised beds for small gardens

    Raised garden beds are perfect for creating low maintenance spaces. Our raised beds are different to others available in many ways, but the most interesting is that they are completely customisable. Build at a height to suit you, choose any shape or size. Being a modular system all pieces are light weight and pre-cut so there's no heavy lifting, cutting or waste.

    We have a free bespoke design service so even if you have an awkward space, we can create something that fits it perfectly.

    Advantages of using WoodBlocX raised beds for small gardens

    • Build on any surface
    • Low maintenance
    • Easy access
    • Grow plants, herbs and edibles easily
    • Modular system is easy to get from the front to the back of the property
    • Quick and easy to build
    • Choose a shape to suit your space

    Traditional raised beds
    Rectangles and squares are the most popular shape for raised beds and we have covered almost ever width, height and length variation possible.

    Small garden ideas - raised beds

    Curves and angles
    Add shape to your garden with circular and angular raised beds, whether a show-stopping focal point or you need to add angles to make your raised bed fit an awkward space.

    curved and angular raised beds for small gardens

    Tall and slim
    An extra tall and narrow raised bed will make a great feature if space it at a premium in your garden. These are perfect for bordering patio seating areas or small courtyard gardens.

    Tall raised beds - ideas for small gardens

    Corners and tight spaces
    Our corner and L-shaped raised beds can provide extra planting space in small areas. Different levels of planting can be added to our design easily to add height.

    WoodBlovX best selling rectangular raised timber beds

    Small garden design ideas - ponds

    You may think a pond could take up too much space when considering small garden design ideas. However, adding a water feature to a garden can completely change the dynamic of a space. Creating a calming atmosphere thanks to the sound of running water or creating a habitat for beneficial wildlife, even in small gardens. Our ponds for small gardens are built in exactly the same why as our other structures and customers have the option to add bespoke features such as areas for planting or water blades.

    With all of our products customers can use our free design service to get their perfect pond.

    Advantages of using WoodBlocX ponds for small gardens

    • Encourage and support wildlife in your garden
    • Create a relaxing atmosphere
    • Grow an array of different plants
    • Build on any surface
    • Low maintenance
    • Easy access
    • Quick and easy to build
    • Choose a size and shape to suit your space

    Standard ponds
    Our small ponds are available in either rectangle or square shapes and a variety of sizes to fit your garden perfectly.

    Raised timber pond

    Bespoke ponds
    If you need something a little more than a standard rectangle or square pond, use of free design service.

    Bespoke raised ponds

    Small garden design ideas - Garden furniture

    Our modular system has transformed how our customers approach the space in their gardens, helping them to maximise space in a big way.

    If you're in need of small garden design ideas, thinking about where you would like to sit and enjoy your garden is a great place to start. Adding our stand-alone seating or incorporating seating into raised beds, ponds and walls is just one of those ways. From a small additional bench at the end of a raised bed to a sunken seat that fits seamlessly into a retaining walls and tiered planters.

    Advantages of using WoodBlocX seating for small gardens

    • Seamlessly integrate into other structures
    • Save space
    • Weatherproof and maintenance free
    • Build on any surface
    • Low maintenance
    • Easy access
    • Quick and easy to build
    • Choose a size and shape to suit your space

    Garden furniture
    From standard benches to garden seats with added planting, we have created some brilliant designs for small gardens.

    garden design ideas

    Bespoke garden furniture
    With all of our products you can opt to get something totally bespoke for your garden and seating is no exception.

    Small garden design ideas - retaining walls

    Replacing or adding a retaining wall to a small garden can give it a brand new lease of life. WoodBlocX retaining walls can be used to replace crumbing brick, stone or block walls without the need for foundations. Or, if your garden is sloped or on an incline, our walls can be used to landscape it.

    We have pre-designed retaining wall kits and a calculator tool which allows you to add your own measurements. Alternatively use our free design service and we can work with you to create the perfect wall for your space.

    Advantages of using WoodBlocX walls for small gardens

    • Build them yourself saving on labour costs
    • No significant groundworks needed
    • Build on any surface
    • No specialist tools needed
    • Walls will not crack, rot or warp  when built to our guidelines

    Straight retaining walls

    retaining wall ideas

    Bespoke retaining walls

    retaining wall ideas

    Curved retaining walls

    garden design ideas

    Angular retaining walls

    retaining wall

    To see how easy it is to build with WoodBlocX head to our YouTube channel.

  • Rob's small new build garden transformation

    sloped garden design - new build garden

    Finding ideas for small gardens is the easy part, but transferring those ideas into a design that works perfectly for space available can be tricky, especially is the garden is sloped or on an incline.

    Our customer Rob struck the right balance of functionality and style whilst creating a design for his sloped garden that fits perfectly into the space available.

    His new build garden was, like many others, made up of a budget patio, a narrow pathway and some poor quality turf. It was totally uninspiring and not the kind of space he wanted to live with. His update was driven by a desire to use this garden as an extension of his beautiful new home, to create an area for his daughter to play safely, to enjoy for BBQs and entertaining, and also to add stunning planting that would change throughout the seasons.

    Read on to find out how he did it.

    Sloped garden design case study

    The garden before...

    The property is a new build house therefore the garden was as the builders left it, there was little consideration for design; the garden level and the usability of the space. The garden sloped from the back fence to the house approximately 900mm over an 8m length and had a single path running from the house to the back gate for access from the driveway.

    The garden benefits from a south facing position which has long durations of sunlight throughout the day, making it a brilliant spot for growing plants and edibles in raised beds

    Small garden ideas - new build before shot
    sloped garden design
    small garden ideas - New build - before

    Rob created his own design for the space, his ideas included tiered raised beds, which wrapped around a lawn area. Adding an integrated seat saved space and made a great design feature, maximising the space available. He added steps, which worked perfectly against the planters and the incline of the garden to make the area feel much more inclusive.

    Rob did explore other options for materials including traditional brickwork, rendered block work and railway sleepers, before settling on WoodBlocX as it enabled him to carry out large elements of the garden works without the requirement for specialist resources.

    We took Rob's design and simply remodelled it using our modular system. Rob then completed the excavation works, laid the base material and built the structure before using a landscaping company to complete the paving works and grass. See how easy it is to build with WoodBlocX here.

    The garden after...

    Sloped garden design - new build
    sloped garden design - new build
    sloped garden design - new build
    sloped garden design - new build

    Our designer Harry worked with Rob on this project, here's what he has to say about it...

    "This is a brilliant example of how a relatively small space can still include a number of different design features without taking up a large footprint. Rob's design effectively cuts into the slope of garden to create a large level space and the tall planters provide a strong retaining wall to support the steps and the existing earth below the fence.

    Overall its a great showcase of the versatility of WoodBlocX and how our modular system can be used to create a full garden design."

  • Win a WoodBlocX design for your garden + installation worth £5000!

    Win a WoodBlocX design for your garden

    Create the garden you have always wanted using WoodBlocX, our modular system can be used to build beautiful and long lasting raised beds, garden seating, retaining walls, ponds and more. We are giving away a £5000 update for your garden, the prize includes a WoodBlocX design of your choice, and installation. Click here to enter now!

  • Gardening for health and wellbeing

    We have been sharing lots of tips for detoxing your garden in 2019 and creating a healthy space to relax and grow because the garden is much more than an extension of your living space.

    Being outside in the fresh air with the sounds of insects humming and birds singing is one of the best kinds of escapism, whilst tending to the garden can help to take your mind off the stresses of everyday life.

    We have provided our timber raised beds for a number of public gardens designed by RHS ambassador and gold medal winner, Jekka McVicar , that place health and wellbeing at the centre of the design.

    St Mungos – The Quiet Garden, Notting Hill

    St Mungos is a homeless charity and one of the largest providers of outreach services to homeless people in the UK, as part of the charities.

    The Quiet Garden was created in partnership with the fragrance brand Jo Malone London as part of the Putting Down Roots project which aims to offer people a place to learn new skills and gain experience tending to the garden.

    Filled with fragrant flowers and herbs to stimulate the senses. The garden is a circular design centred around a tree that was already in place, with an archway for climbers to grow up and steps leading into it. It really is a beautiful space and a great initiative for the charity’s clients to experiences the benefits that gardening can bring.

    Malvern Health and Wellbeing Garden

    Launched at the RHS Malvern Spring Festival in 2017 Jekka McVicar unveiled the show’s first permanent garden which was designed in support of the Pathways charity, a work-focussed day service for adults with learning disabilities and difficulties.

    The design of the garden was inspired by the increasing need for reflection and escape from the stresses of modern life and seeks to preserve and share the vital knowledge of how horticulture and its associated therapies can help soothe the mind, body and soul.

    Featuring curves and a central seating area we were honoured to provide the materials to build the large wooden planters with seating built-in to our modular system.

    There is so much evidence to show that gardening really is beneficial to health and wellbeing and it doesn’t matter if you have a garden or not there are loads of opportunities to garden through community gardens and allotments.

    If you need some inspiration for your own garden head over to our inspiration section and see how our customers have used WoodBlocX raised beds, planters, seating, walls and ponds to create a garden they love.

  • Detox your garden in 2019

    January is the perfect time to make plans and simple changes that you will see the benefits of in the months to come, we’re not talking about the usual New Year fads of diets and exercise, not on this blog! We’re talking about detoxing your garden to create a healthier environment for relaxing and growing plants and veg.

    Swap petrol to electric

    Whilst petrol products including lawnmowers, strimmers and hedge trimmers are known to get the job done quicker and provide extra power, they’re heavy, smelly, noisy and need a lot of maintenance. There are some great battery and electric options available some that even offer the same power as petrol and are well worth researching next time you need to buy one.

    Switch plastic for terracotta and wood

    If you’ve got a lot of plastic plant pots in your garden slowly start swapping them for alternative options such as terracotta or wooden planters, pots and containers made from these materials are more expensive than the plastic versions so keep your eyes peeled for garden centre sales, where you could snap up some bargains...make sure you recycle the plastic pots where possible.

    Use fewer chemicals

    There will always be pests in the garden, so to reduce the use of your bug killer spray or treatment create little habitats for beneficial wildlife such as bug houses, they’re fun to make yourself or you can buy them. The more beneficial creatures that you can encourage to your garden the more aphids, white fly and black fly will get eaten! If you need to use a bug killer choose one that is neonicotinoid free which is better for bees.

    Beds and borders

    Using railway sleepers for raised beds can be detrimental to the health of your garden, they tend to be treated with chemicals that can leach into the soil, which isn't ideal if you're growing fruit and vegetables. Flimsy wooden boards will rot quickly and need to be replaced regularly. WoodBlocX raised beds are not treated with any nasty chemicals nor will they need any treatments or maintenance to keep them looking good, they offer a longlasting planting solution made from sustainable materials.


    Save money on bags of compost and start making your own, this isn’t a quick fix though, if you start recycling your vegetable peelings, tea bags, egg boxes, newspapers and garden waste now into a small compost heap you may be able to start using it within six months to a year. However, you will reduce the amount of waste you throw away and by putting it back into the garden you will provide some great nutrients for the soil.

    For more helpful garden tips and inspiration check out our blog page and to find out more about our timber raised beds, planters, walls, garden furniture, ponds and more made in Great Britain head to our home page

  • Garden detox competition

    Our raised beds, planters, walls, seating and other garden landscaping solutions are made from renewable and sustainably sourced wood and are ideal for organic and natural gardening because we don’t use any chemical treatments that will leach into the soil.

    We want to help you to retune your garden mind-set with ideas for creating a space that is more in tune with nature by making some simple changes. Our Garden Detox competition aims to do just that!

    We’ve got some fantastic prizes up for grabs that offer some great alternatives in the garden from battery power to alternatives to harsh chemicals.

    The prizes...

    One Ego Power+ Cordless Multi Tool Set

    Prune and trim your way around the garden with the power and freedom of petrol without the petrol! This lightweight battery powered 56V multi tool from EGO includes two attachments for hedge maintenance and tree pruning. The power head has a brushless motor and is lightweight and perfectly balanced.

    The prize includes a power head, battery, charger and long reach hedge trimmer and pole pruner attachments.

    Five Neudorff garden product bundles

    If you’re keen to make conscious changes to the products that you use in the garden, especially weedkillers and slug killers following the recent news reports, this prize is ideal. Neudorff is the original alternative company and experts in natural gardening, offering a range of weed, feed and control products that use active ingredients from plants and other natural resources where possible.

    We have five sets of product bundles worth over £60 each up for grabs which include: Sluggo Ultra Slug & Snail Killer (800g), BugFree Bug & Larvae Killer (750ml), WeedFree Weedkiller (750ml), Super Strength Seaweed Extract (1L), Organic Multipurpose Plant Feed (1L), Organic Tomato & Vegetable Food (1.25kg) and CleanLawn (8kg).

    To find out more about our timber raised beds, planters, ponds, garden furniture, walls and the endless design possibilities using our unique modular system click the button below,

  • Closing times during the Christmas holidays

    Our office will be closed for Christmas from 5pm on Friday, 18th December 2020 and will reopen on Monday 4th January 2021. Orders placed between these dates will not be fulfilled until 7th January 2021.

    Please continue to send any questions or requests for our Free Bespoke Design Service to [email protected] and our team will be in touch with you in the New Year.

    In the meantime if you need to know more about our products please visit our FAQs, our How To Build With WoodBlocX page or see our quick How to Videos, there is also lots of information about our products over on our Blog.

    Wishing you all a safe, happy and healthy Christmas.

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