Curved Corner Raised Garden Bed 1.125 x 1.125 x 0.35m

Curved Corner Raised Garden Bed1.125 x 1.125 x 0.35m

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This popular corner wood box style garden bed is great for brightening up any garden. The rounded front natural wooden curve gives a softer feel than the straight edged garden beds, and with a frothy, billowing planting scheme of flowers and grasses, it will brighten any corner of your garden

Upgrade your garden space with class and ease with our free bespoke design service and create a design that makes you want to get out of the house and into nature.

Cascading Curved Corner Raised Bed 035

Cascading Curved Corner Raised Bed / 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.35m

Large Curved Corner Raised Bed

Large Curved Corner Raised Bed / 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.45m

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Curved Corner Raised Garden Bed / 1.125 x 1.125 x 0.35m
SKU SKU1412131115
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Great for Easy Weeding, Flowers, Garden Corners, Vegetables, Your Back
Shape or Angles Curved
Approx. Length 1.125m / 3ft 3in
Approx. Width 1.125m / 3ft 8in
Height 0.35m / 1ft 2in
8 Reviews
  • Curved Corner Raised Garden Bed / 1.125 x 1.125 x 0.35m Review

    • Excellent product delivered on time easy to assemble

      Looks great in garden

    • Thank you

  • Curved Corner Raised Garden Bed / 1.125 x 1.125 x 0.35m Review

    • the website was easy to navigate and the experience of shopping on-line painless. Delivery very quick all round very efficient and informative

      Excellent product, though I did find the construction of the curved section difficult and confusing at times. Have you ever considered numbering the parts or colour coding them in line with the instructional plans. Some of the subtle angle changes on the blocks were difficult to spot.

  • Very disappointed!

    • We ordered the curved corner planters and have found them difficult to assemble. If you are a carpenter or very good with building things you will be fine, but some of the videos show a female building on her own! Needs 2 people as one needs to hold in place, particularly on base. The straight edges were ok but getting the correct curve was a nightmare and we ended up with one capping piece over as it didn’t fit. The angled blocks were not adequately explained in the instructions in terms of how to fit together. It really needed guidance on the distance between points of curve with the corner. The videos make it look so easy but that was not our experience. We have abandoned assembling the second box and now have a pile of useless blocks, which for £500 means we have one poorly assembled planter. A waste of money for us. The square planters are probably more straightforward and notice there is no video on how to assemble curved ones. Very disappointed. Also sent email in advance with negative feedback as requested, but not received response so have posted review.

      As above! Nightmare to build.

  • Curved Corner Raised Garden Bed / 1.125 x 1.125 x 0.35m Review

    • I would definitely recommend them and would buy from them again.

      Excellent product. Bought it mainly to get hands on experience with WoodblocX before investing a large sum in a large project. Very happy with the product. The only slight reservation is with the instructions as it is unclear which of the angled blocks fits where on each row. Although the plans are colour coded there is no key to explain which is which.

    • superb we look forward to designing your next project !

  • Perfect for easy assembly and do the job they are designed to do.

    • Very pleased with response I received for my requirements. My raised beds are perfect for the job and were easy to assemble.

      Very good perfect for job in hand

  • Curved Corner Raised Garden Bed / 1.125 x 1.125 x 0.35m Review

    • A bit slow and delivered with one piece missing. I think they should have checked it against the parts list that they sent for me to check. Wood quality good but the curved sections not a great fit even on a level surface. Apart from that fairly easy to put together.

      A bit expensive for what it is

  • Exellent Product, exellent company.

    • Phone support first class. The colour rendition of their plans is not as good as it could be - the colours of the key and the plan don't match - but any confusion is cleared up by a quick phone call.

      A lovely little product which was easy to build. Warnings of difficulty in the instructions were overstated. I had no problem at all.

    • Our team is always available to chat either by phone, online chat or email.

  • Curved Corner Raised Bed / Length x Width x Height - 1125 x 1125 x 350 mm Review

    • certainly recommend this company, for a prompt service

      3rd curved corner raised bed purchased, tricky to install, but after a while 6 cups of coffee and 20 fags all up and running!!!

    • Thank you for the recommendation.

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