Double Planter Seat 3.0 x 3.0 x 0.75m

Double Planter Seat3.0 x 3.0 x 0.75m

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This corner wooden bench design is great for filling in that gap in your garden. Using WoodBlocX is easy as there is no heavy lifting or drilling, which means everyone has the potential to build one themselves.

Want more planter space included in your design, or perhaps another wooden bench? Use our quick and simple free bespoke design service to customise the exact design you want for your garden. For more ideas for your garden creation see our other designs on our garden furniture page.


Wide Bench / 1.875 x 0.435 x 0.50m

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Double Planter Seat / 3.0 x 3.0 x 0.75m
SKU SKU00394
Great for Easy Weeding, Flowers, Garden Corners, Rabbit Proof, Vegetables, Your Back
Shape or Angles No
Approx. Length 3m / 9ft 10in
Approx. Width 3m / 9ft 10in
Height 0.75m / 2ft 6in
2 Reviews
  • Great Service

    • Ordering and delivery selection time along with good communication from the courier on the day of delivery. Was all a very smooth and efficient process. We are planning to buy further products from this company in the near future as the improvement to our garden was instant.

      Though the product overall is excellent in looks. The problem I found was with the dowels. When using the expanding function parts the dowels just didn't go into the blocks fully. Not a major a problem overall but of course you find this out at the start and make the mistake early on. May be a little design review to ensure they seat properly in the mating parts?

    • We are delighted you will be coming back to us.

  • Great customer service - on-time delivery, and very friendly, helpful and prompt advice during construction

    • Great customer service - on-time delivery, and very friendly, helpful and prompt advice during construction

      Our double planter seat really does look great, we've stained it and planted and are very happy with it - super value for money. Construction was conceptually easy, the instructions are pretty good, although we did struggle at times to get the dowels in place, but the guys at WoodblocX were very helpful and we got there! Thanks for all you help.

    • If you ever encounter any problems along the way we are more than happy to help. WoodBlocX

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