Long L-Shaped Raised Bed 3.0 x 2.625 x 0.525 x 0.45m

Long L-Shaped Raised Bed3.0 x 2.625 x 0.525 x 0.45m

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Price: £0.00

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Let the lovely lavender, alluring lilacs, luscious lilies and little lady's slippers lift up your lamentable least-cared for L-shaped corner with this gloriously large planter. Or live a little and leap into a labyrinth with this raised bed design which will create magic for your garden design!

Need a seated area right next to your garden paradise? Why not try our free bespoke design service. If you love this design and have your own measurements at the ready feel free to use our specific L-Shape raised bed calculator to create a bed to your own specifications.

Extra Large Raised Bed CGI

Extra Large Rectangular Raised Bed / 6.0 x 1.5 x 0.35m

Extra High Long Raised Bed CGI

Extra High Long Raised Bed / 3.0 x 1.125 x 0.75m

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Long L-Shaped Raised Bed / 3.0 x 2.625 x 0.525 x 0.45m
SKU SKU00071
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Great for Easy Weeding, Flowers, Garden Corners, Rabbit Proof, Vegetables, Your Back
Approx. Length 3m / 9ft 10in
Approx. Width 0.75m / 2ft 6in
Height 0.45m / 1ft 6in
View FileLarge L-Shaped Raised Bed - 3000 x 2625 x 525 x 450    Size: (1.62 MB)
View FileHints and Tips    Size: (720.66 KB) Download our Hints and Tips

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