Balcony planters

Transform your outdoor space with WoodBlocX

Balcony planters filled with beautiful plants, evergreen shrubs or even edibles can bring an outdoor space to life. You may have a compact terrace space in your apartment or a penthouse roof garden that you want to maximise...whatever type of balcony you have, we can create a WoodBlocX planter that will fit perfectly!

WoodBlocX kits are modular and easy to build, making them ideal for moving to awkward spaces like balconies and rooftop gardens. Plus everything you need is pre-cut so there is absolutely no cutting, no special tools or DIY skills needed to build either!

We have compiled some great balcony planter ideas from our customers' gardens to give inspiration for balconies and roof gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Large balcony planters

If you've got a large balcony or roof garden you can get really creative with the space or make different zones with planters and seating. You could even add a firepit bench or a pizza oven table and prep area.

We have made it easy to create your own large balcony planter using our raised bed calculator or use our Free Design Service, and our team can create something that is totally bespoke for your space. All we need to get started is a few simple measurements such as height, width and length.

Large balcony planter ideas

Contemporary balcony planters

Any of our raised bed kits work brilliantly as contemporary balcony planters thanks to the high-quality natural materials. Choose from all shapes and sizes and, for something a little different, our tiered planters are a great option.

We provide two capping finishes for all of our structures - traditional and modern. Our traditional capping has a slight overhang whilst our modern capping offers a flush finish which is better suited to more modern gardens.

Small balcony planters

A small balcony can easily include plenty of planting if you opt for planters that take up a small footprint to really maximise the space. Choose from L-shaped or corner planter designs, build tiers to add interest or a semi-circle to add some natural curves to your balcony or go for a good old rectangular raised bed.

Small balcony planter ideas

Balcony vegetable planters

Balconies are great for growing vegetables, herbs, and fruits because they're generally sheltered, giving a walled garden feel, which allows plants to thrive. Also, the higher you are, the less likely you'll have problems with slugs and snails!

Our raised beds and planters are ideal for growing edibles - choose from rectangles, squares, octagons and circles, plus you can comfortably sit on the capping layer and tend to your tasty crops in comfort.

Balcony planter box

Balcony planter boxes needn't be boring! Forget plastic plant pots that fade and crack over time. Our beautiful small wooden planters will stand up to all weathers and our square planters can be built on balconies with ease.

A balcony planter box is perfect for showcasing a beautiful, colourful plant or an evergreen shrub. Our simple planter box designs are really quick and easy to build; these small but mighty planters will outlive most plastic planters!

Balcony planter box ideas

Narrow planters for balconies

Adding a narrow planter to a balcony is a great option if you're short on space. Increase the height and opt for a tall planter for an even smarter option. This will make tending to your plants easier and give them space to grow over the edge without taking up valuable floor space.

Long balcony planters

Long balcony planters are easily achievable using WoodBlocX. Our larger designs include supportive internal buttresses to provide extra strength, and thanks to the versatility of WoodBlocX, you can choose a pre-designed planter, design your own using our raised bed calculator, or have us create a bespoke design using our Free Design Service.

Long balcony planter ideas

Balcony furniture & seating

All of our seating and benches can be used as balcony furniture. Using a modular system like WoodBlocX means you can save space by integrating planting with creating somewhere to sit.

Our planter bench designs are all designed to maximise space by taking up much less of a footprint compared to separate garden furniture and seating, especially on a balcony. Take a look at our planter bench designs or use of Free Design Service and we will create the perfect balcony furniture just for you.

Garden furniture ideas for balcony gardens

How to build a raised garden bed on a balcony

Our raised bed kits are modular therefore each wooden piece is lightweight and easy to carry. There's no long lengths of wood, no sawing or drilling needed, everything you need to build a strong, sturdy and beautiful balcony planter is supplied with your order.

WoodBlocX has been used extensively for building planters and garden furniture on balconies and roof gardens as it is easy to transport in lifts either on a pallet truck or stacked in, or taken upstairs by hand. You do not need any special tools to build, simply follow the layer-by-layer installation instructions. Read our How to build with WoodBlocX blog to see how easy it really is!

Getting started...

  1. WoodBlocX can be built on any surface making our planters ideal for balconies. It is important to make sure the surface is level before you build. Add the dowels to the first layer of BlocX and lay them down in position and check each side with a spirit level, if the surface makes the BlocX unlevel you could consider adding a packer underneath to level the design.
  2. We recommend installing Angle Floor Brackets to structures built on hard surfaces. If you do not want to install ground fixings, we can design your planter to include extra internal brace supports.
  3. Next, build up layer-by-layer using the step-by-step instructions and stop before you add the capping.
  4. Once your final layer of BlocX is on, add a liner as this will protect the wood and also stop the soil from spilling out below the planter. Read our step-by-step guide on How to Line a Raised Bed. To save weight and compost, you could use a really sturdy liner and position it so that it hangs at the height you need it to.
  5. When it comes to filling your balcony planter, make some incisions in the bottom of the liner to allow water to drain and add a drainage layer, this could be some dry twigs, a layer of pea gravel or some bark chippings.
  6. Fill your planter with good quality soil and get growing!

What can I grow on a balcony?

You really can grow anything on a balcony! There are a few things to consider; if the space is completely open, planting trees and tall plants should be avoided unless anchored, as the wind will blow them over, but otherwise, you can grow flowers, shrubs, edibles, decorative bushes, bulbs, wildflowers and more.

Add beautiful planters to your balcony

Get started today

Create the ultimate balcony or roof garden space using WoodBlocX. All of our raised planters designs are fully customisable using our Free Design Service, or for standard designs, use our Raised Bed Calculator. For balcony firepit seating, planter benches and pizza oven tables head to our Garden Furniture page.

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