• Raised Bed for Accessibility disabled old
  • Raised Bed for Accessibility disabled old

Raised Beds for Accessibility

WoodBlocX Raised Beds are an attractive addition to any garden and offer countless advantages over planting directly into the soil. Don’t let disability, age or accident stop you from enjoying your garden. With WoodBlocX gardening is once again accessible to all.

Thanks to the huge versatiliy and light weight of our product, WoodBlocX can be constructed to almost any shape and size. They can be built in any part of the garden and they take no time at all to construct.  WoodBlocX couldn't be simpler to use and makes gardening possible for those people who thought their gardening days were over. Digging, planting, weeding and harvesting are all made easier with WoodBlocX Rasied Beds.

Edinburgh Botanic Gardens - Gardening For Life Skills Case Study

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Direct to your door


No heavy lifting


Made in the UK


Made to last 20 years


No screws or nails


To suit your needs



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  • Service Rating ++

    Service rating : Excellent customer relations and were delivered when requested.
    Product : After a missing instruction sheet which was emailed the next day everything fitted very well.

  • Service Rating -

    Service rating : A bit slow and delivered with one piece missing. I think they should have checked it against the parts list that they sent for me to check. Wood quality good but the curved sections not a great fit even on a level surface. Apart from that fairly easy to put together.
    Product : A bit expensive for what it is