Raised Beds Made to Measure

Raised BedsMade to Measure

With WoodBlocX Raised Beds, Boxes and Planters you’ll rediscover the pleasure in gardening. Our kits can help you build raised beds that are beautiful and practical, giving you extra height and adding shape and structure to your outdoor space.



WoodBlocX award winning raised beds — as seen on the BBC Dragons' Den — gives you the ability to choose any shape or size raised bed exclusively to suit your garden.

Our raised beds are easy to construct, and require no heavy lifting or power tools to build. Made from sustainably-sourced wood, they are certified organic by the Soil Association. We guarantee all our BlocX for 15 years minimum against structural failure and are suitable for sitting on any surface, including slopes.

Once your order has been finalised, you won’t have long to wait - delivery is generally within 3-4 working days.

Discover how easy it is to use WoodBlocX to make your own raised garden beds. You can either:


Feefo Reviews - Average 100% (15 reviews)

Date Score Customer Comment Our Response
26-Apr-2017 Service:


Service rating : Great product, very helpful on the phone when switching delivery arrangements.
Product : Great product, on time in full delivery, great help in changing delivery arrangements
Our helpful staff are always here to help no matter what.
20-Apr-2017 Service:


Service rating : Helpful chat line and ordering system
Product : Excellent product. Well thought out system that is easy to assemble in manageable sized timber
We try to make our WoodBlocX as easy to use as possible but if you do ever need help 
18-Apr-2017 Service:


Service rating : Absolutely delighted with them - delivered on time, (in fact earlier than promised!), very good instructions & result exactly what I wanted.
Product : Easy to put together & very nice looking.
Service rating : Superb! Glad that you were happy with our service. :)

Product : Great stuff! Would love to see some pictures of the finished raised beds.
28-Mar-2017 Service:


Whole transaction was easy.Very efficiently done.Excellent service and delivery.
23-Mar-2017 Service:


Service rating : Excellent product, so made a further purchase. Arrived promptly as expected and easy to assemble. Looks great!
Product : As above, repeat purchase, arrived on time, easy to assemble.
Service rating : Great stuff, we're happy to hear that you came back to us again. Would be great to see some pictures if you get time!

Product : Thanks!
23-Mar-2017 Service:


Excellent product, super efficient delivery, highly recommended!! Brilliant - we're so happy with your feedback! Thank you for that :)
22-Mar-2017 Service:


Service rating : Woodblock's as a company we're very friendly. And did exactly what they said they would. The product was real quality and easy to put together. The only problem I found was some of the drawings a little hard to see. For instance, I put the the metal bracket over the plastic not... Read More. I'm delighted you are happy with the product.  If you needed larger drawings please don't hesitate to get in touch as we'd be very happy to supply them.
16-Mar-2017 Service:


Service rating : Delivery, quality, instructions, construction and finished appearance all excellent!
Product : See my customer experience.
Fantastic! Thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate it - do send us some pictures of the finished project if you have time!
30-Jan-2017 Service:


Service rating : The delivery was prompt and exactly as specified. The construction of the raised bed was easy and the instructions were very clear. I could not have hope for a better product. Thank you.
Product : Easily constructed and exactly whatI had hoped for.
Thank you so much for the lovely review of our product.  We are always delighted to hear from happy customers.
28-Jan-2017 Service:


Service rating : Very good all-round service.
Product : Very good service, always give answers to questions.
Thank you for your kind feedback, we do try to offer the best service possible for all of our customers.
23-Dec-2016 Service:


Service rating : A fantastic product. After weeks of researching your product and others we decided to take the plunge and buy one of your raised garden sets. It was a big decision to take as we are at present changing a very large garden into an easy maintenance one. We will be needing more. ... Read More. Excellent! We're really happy to hear that everything went smoothly for you. 
05-Dec-2016 Service:


Delivery was as requested. We have constructed our raised bed, following the instructions and it is now half full of soil and waiting to be planted up in the spring! Service rating : Excellent! Hope the planting goes well.

Product : Thanks!
01-Dec-2016 Service:


Great service. All fitted together brilliantly. Very easy. Service rating : Thank you! Very happy to help and glad you found it nice and easy.

Product : Fantastic job!
01-Dec-2016 Service:


Service rating : Great service and product. The instructions were very clear and writen for my design. So I knew exactly where each block and peg needed to go.
Thank you.
Product : Great service and product. The instructions were very clear and writen for my design. So I knew exactly...
Read More.
Service rating : Thank you for your kind feedback. We are glad to hear that it was all clear for you.

Product : Thanks again!
16-Nov-2016 Service:


Simple to calculate and simple to order. Fast delivery. Service rating : Thanks! We're glad you found the ordering process nice and easy.

Product : Thanks!
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Feefo reviews : Average 100% (13 reviews)

Delivery costs?

  • If your order is more than £400 the delivery is free
  • If your order is less than £400 the delivery is a set cost of £40

When can we deliver?

Delivery takes just 4 working days. If you are in a hurry for your BlocX please call us and, if we can, we will try and speed up delivery for you.

Delivery is on a day you select (at checkout) between 9am and 5pm Mon - Fri (except Bank Holidays). Saturday delivery is available at extra cost of £40, select this at the checkout if it’s required. 

Unfortunately on some occasions deliveries can be delayed due to circumstances out of our control. We would advise choosing a suitable delivery date a few days prior to the date you wish to start your build, just in case.

When we despatch your order we will send you full tracking details for your pallet so that you can contact the delivery company and find the location of your BlocX.

The pallet does not have to be signed for and we can arrange for it to be left at a secure location at your property if you are not in at the time of delivery.

Full Delivery Details can be found on our Delivery Page HERE


Recycled Plastic WoodBlocX FSC WoodBLocX Raised Beds WoodBlocX Made in Britain Soil Association WoodBlocX


Choose your shape:

Standard sizes are multiples of 0.375m, custom size gives you much more choice!


Choose the diameter of your raised bed from one of our standard sizes.

Need a different shape or size? Call us on 0800 389 1420 and we can help you design for free..


Enter the length directly in the box or use the slider to adjust by our standard size increments of 375mm/0.375m.

m / Imperial - 9ft 10.11in

Need something different? Contact us on HERE and we can help you with you’re design for free.


m / Imperial - 4ft 11.06in

Need a wider raised bed? Contact us on HERE and we can help you with you’re design for free.


Enter the height directly or use the slider to adjust by BlocX size increments of 100mm/0.1m. Different heights have different benefits for you’re raised bed.

m / Imperial - 1ft 1.78in
  • Suitable for flowers
  • Suitable for vegetables
  • Easy weeding
  • Rabbit proof
  • Good for back



*Free UK mainland shipping on orders over £400. Delivery is on a day you select (at checkout) between 9am and 5pm Mon - Fri (except Bank Holidays). Saturday delivery is available at extra cost of £50.

Do you require ground spikes? Select "No" if your bed is going onto a hard surface e.g. paving
Do you require crop protectors? Ideal for the construction of fruit cages and netted vegetable patches
Internal Volume
Planting Area
WoodBlocXA7X 0
WoodBlocXA15X 0
Custom Size Extras 0
WoodBlocX10 0
WoodBlocX5 0
WoodBlocX4 0
WoodBlocX3 0
WoodBlocX2 0
Bag of 25 Dowels and Wedges 0
Angle Plate 0
Capping 1SS 0
Capping 2SS 0
Capping 3SS 0
Capping 4SS 0
Capping 5SS 0
Capping 6SS 0
Capping 7SS 0
Capping 8SS 0
Capping 9SS 0
Capping 10SS 0
Capping 11SS 0
Capping 12SS 0
Capping 13SS 0
Capping 14SS 0
Capping 15SS 0
Capping 16SS 0
Capping 17SS 0
Capping 18SS 0
Capping 19SS 0
Capping 20SS 0
Capping 2SR45 0
Capping 3SR45 0
Capping 4SR45 0
Capping 5SR45 0
Capping 6SR45 0
Capping 7SR45 0
Capping 8SR45 0
Capping 9SR45 0
Capping 11SR45 0
Capping 12SR45 0
Capping 13SR45 0
Capping 14SR45 0
Capping 15SR45 0
Capping 16SR45 0
Capping 17SR45 0
Capping 18SR45 0
Capping 19SR45 0
Capping 2SL45 0
Capping 3SL45 0
Capping 4SL45 0
Capping 5SL45 0
Capping 6SL45 0
Capping 7SL45 0
Capping 8SL45 0
Capping 9SL45 0
Capping 10SL45 0
Capping 11SRL5 0
Capping 12SRL5 0
Capping 13SRL5 0
Capping 14SL45 0
Capping 15SL45 0
Capping 16SL45 0
Capping 17SL45 0
Capping 18SL45 0
Capping 19SL45 0
Capping 2R45L45 0
Capping 3R45L45 0
Capping 4R45L45 0
Capping 5R45L45 0
Capping 6R45L45 0
Capping 7R45L45 0
Capping 8R45L45 0
Capping 9R45L45 0
Capping 10R45L45 0
Capping 11R45L45 0
Capping 12R45L45 0
Capping 13R45L45 0
Capping 14R45L45 0
Capping 15R45L45 0
Capping 16R45L45 0
Capping 17R45L45 0
Capping 18R45L45 0
Capping 2R45R45 0
Capping 3R45R45 0
Capping 4R45R45 0
Capping 5R45R45 0
Capping 6R45R45 0
Capping 7R45R45 0
Capping 8R45R45 0
Capping 9R45R45 0
Capping 10R45R45 0
Capping 11R45R45 0
Capping 12R45R45 0
Capping 13R45R45 0
Capping 14R45R45 0
Capping 15R45R45 0
Capping 16R45R45 0
Capping 17R45R45 0
Capping 18R45R45 0
Capping 2L45L45 0
Capping 3L45L46 0
Capping 4L45L47 0
Capping 5L45L48 0
Capping 6L45L49 0
Capping 7L45L50 0
Capping 8L45L51 0
Capping 9L45L52 0
Capping 10L45L45 0
Capping 11L45L45 0
Capping 12L45L45 0
Capping 13L45L45 0
Capping 14L45L45 0
Capping 15L45L45 0
Capping 16L45L45 0
Capping 17L45L45 0
Capping 18L45L45 0
Capping 2R7L7 0
Capping 4R7L7 0
Capping 7R7L7 0
Capping 8R7L7 0
Capping 9R7L7 0
Capping 10R7L7 0
Capping 11R7L7 0
Capping 12R7L7 0
Capping 6R7L7 0
Capping 10SR45 0
Capping 11SL45 0
Ground Spike 0
Crop Protection 0

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Watch our video and find out more

10 Reasons why raised beds are great for the garden.

  • The added height can bring well-drained soil to a boggy garden, rooting space to a stony soil, or space to grow where there is no soil at all
  • They can be filled (and easily re-filled) with fresh soil that is free from weed seeds and diseases, and rich in nutrients
  • Vegetables and fruit can be planted more intensively, giving bigger harvests from a smaller space
  • The soil warms up faster than open ground in the spring, giving plants a head start on the growing season
  • By working on the beds from the sides, rather than treading on the soil, the plants roots will not be compacted, keeping them healthier and happier
  • The extra height off the ground makes maintaining the plants easier, with less strain on your knees and back
  • Raised beds can keep plants out of reach of rabbits and household pets
  • A raised bed or two is a great way to allow the less able to continue gardening and to introduce children to growing plants
  • Our kits are both beautiful and practical. The wood will age naturally to a soft grey, or they can be painted any colour you like
  • WoodBlocX raised beds, structure and formality to any garden; our kits can be rectangular, square, circular or any shape that you design


Direct to your door


No heavy lifting


Made in the UK


Made to last 20 years


No screws or nails


To suit your needs

Free Garden Design Service

A new garden design – or a new determination to transform the garden – can be a daunting prospect. Before you start, spend some time thinking about exactly what you want the garden for. Do you want purely ornamental planting, or productive areas as well? How much, if any, lawn do you want – do you need to supply a sports pitch or play area for the children? What about seating and entertaining areas and storage (where’s the lawnmower going to live?)? Then assess what you want against how much time you have to look after it, amend your plans as necessary, then it’s time to design your garden.

Find out more and see some of the projects we have helped with here.

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  • Service Rating ++ Excellent product

    Service rating : Great product, very helpful on the phone when switching delivery arrangements.
    Product : Great product, on time in full delivery, great help in changing delivery arrangements

  • Service Rating ++ First class product that was fun to put together and looks great

    Service rating : Helpful chat line and ordering system
    Product : Excellent product. Well thought out system that is easy to assemble in manageable sized timber