Split level garden ideas

Create your multi-level dream garden with WoodBlocX

WoodBlocX is ideal for landscaping sloping gardens to create split-level designs. Our modular timber system provides so much flexibility when retaining earth whilst creating beautiful growing areas.

In this blog, we've shared 8 easy split level garden ideas to help you get inspired to create your own multi-level design. We know that no two gardens are the same which is why WoodBlocX is the perfect landscaping product! Using our Free Design Service you can get a bespoke design that fits your outdoor space. Why not combine a retaining garden wall with raised planters and seating to create something that is both multi-functional and attractive.

Using WoodBlocX for split level gardens

Our kits are made up of various lengths of timber BlocX which are lightweight, making them easy to carry to wherever you need them in the garden. If you're building your WoodBlocX structure into a slope or split level garden there is a small amount of groundwork that you may need to do before you start, such as levelling the ground or digging directly into the slope to create space to build.

Once you have prepped your space you can start to build. All of our wooden components are pre-cut to size, so there's no need do any cutting or sawing either. Just build up your design according to the bespoke layer-by-layer instructions. For a guide on how to build with WoodBlocX, watch our helpful video.

Retaining garden wall with seating

Using a retaining garden wall is a great way to landscape a split level garden. It can also be a simple way to create defined areas in small gardens where multi-level landscaping is needed. Digging into the sloped area and flattening the top can provide a much more usable outdoor space.

Our retaining walls can be built up to 1.05m and each kit is fully customisable. Depending on the width and height we can look at adding seating that is built into the wall or you could opt to add a bench to the fascia of the wall. Using our Free Design Service is the best option for this.

Sunken seating areas

Some gardens have a small sloping area within a flat garden. These spaces can be easily transformed using our seating or a combination of seating and planters to create multi-tiered areas. Our customer Marko did just that in his garden and created a beautiful sunken fire pit seating area. For design inspiration take a look at our Fire Pit Seating designs.

Low retaining walls

Creating a split-level garden to flatten the space can be done even on the slightest slope. Adding a low retaining wall can really improve the space. Depending on the height of the wall, it can also double up as a step.

Some of our customers have done this effectively and carried on the wall to create a wall/step/garden border combination using one continuous structure - use our Free Design Service for this type of design. Our customers Ruth and James created a low retaining wall to tier a new build garden. It showcases the versatility of WoodBlocX and how it can have multiple uses.

Tiered wooden planters

Tiered and stepped planters are a great option for split-level gardens, especially if the slope is quite steep! Using planters helps to break the space up and make it much more interesting than simply having a tall retaining wall. For multi-level designs, it can be a great way to add planting areas at different heights. We can create bespoke tiered planters to fit your garden space using our Free Design Service.


Steps are an ideal solution to tackling a split level garden. Incorporating steps into your landscaping plans also maximises your ability to freely move around your garden. Our steps can be incorporated into a planter or retaining wall design or built directly into a slope. To get started with your project, try our Free Design Service.

Raised beds

If you don't plan on fully landscaping your split level garden but still want to add an interesting feature, building a raised bed or a series of raised beds into the slope would help to create a multi-level space for growing plants or edibles.

Use our raised bed calculator on our website to choose a shape and size that fits your garden area or browse our pre-designed kits for more complex designs.

Water features & garden ponds

Adding a water feature can be a great idea when creating a split-level garden design. Incorporating water is also a dynamic and simple way to increase biodiversity in your garden.

We can include space for a pond or water feature within our tired planter designs or you could add a freestanding pond to one of the tiered levels. If you choose to bring a pond up to ground level, like the one shown in the photo below, please ensure it has a secure safety cover to prevent accidents with children.

Bespoke garden design

If your split-level garden needs a large-scale design, we're here to help! Our Free Design Service team has years of experience creating WoodBlocX designs for all types of terrain and sizes of garden.  From retaining walls with steps or seating areas to wooden planters with water features, we can design a structure to help you create your dream garden.

WoodBlocX designs for multi-level gardens

Landscape a split level garden with WoodBlocX

Get started today

We can help you to landscape your split level garden effectively using our versatile modular timber system.

For many split-level garden designs our Free Design Service is the best place to start. Our team of designers will use your measurements and ideas to create a solution for your garden thats fits the space and your needs, incorporating steps, planters, seating and even ponds.

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