Ways to add value to your garden

There are so many ways to add value to your garden, whether you want to create the ultimate outdoor space to be enjoyed by you and your family or you’re thinking longer-term and possibly selling your home in the future.

Making your garden more appealing with certain statement features or quick updates can make a big difference to your home's value. It is estimated that a well-presented garden can add an extra 20% to the overall value of your property, and by adding certain desirable features, that figure can be higher.

If your garden is in need of a refresh, the ideas in this blog are quick and easy and can all be done without using tradespeople!

WoodBlocX can be used to build a multitude of garden structures, from raised beds, retaining walls, seats and raised ponds to more creative designs that integrate lots of different features.


Take a look at the ideas below and see how WoodBlocX can be used to transform your garden.

Create an outdoor kitchen

According to Houzz, adding an outdoor kitchen to your garden can provide a huge 36% return on your investment. These clever additions can really enhance your garden experience and are perfect for anyone who enjoys alfresco entertaining, and we’re not just talking about adding a BBQ to the corner of a patio!

There are kitchen appliances designed specifically for outdoor kitchens, and these can easily be incorporated into a WoodBlocX modular outdoor kitchen or bar design. Our design team can make sure that your kitchen fits perfectly using our Free Design Service.

Cleverly landscape garden slopes

Levelling out areas of the garden or connecting sloped areas with paths or tiering will really improve the appeal of a property with a sloped garden. Our customers use bespoke retaining walls and steps, tiered planters and seating to get to grips with their slopes.

This case study is a great example of how our modular wooden system can be used to landscape a steep area with a mixture of planters and retaining walls. This case study also shows how two areas of a sloped garden can be easily connected using steps and tiered planters.

Read our Split Level Gardens blog or for before and after photos of sloped gardens that have been transformed using WoodBlocX, read our Sloped Garden Ideas blog.

WoodBlocX kits for sloped gardens

Add raised beds for growing vegetables

Including a space within your garden to grow your edibles is a great way to create some added garden value. 36% of Brits now grow their own food and that number is growing as we aim to become a little more self-sufficient.

You don’t need a big garden to start growing your own produce, nor do you need to dedicate a huge space within a large garden. Our raised beds can be designed to fit your plot.

If your space is tight we can create slim or tall planters or if you’re looking to fit a raised bed in a certain area and need something angular we can help, just use our Free Design Service. For standard shapes like rectangles, squares, octagons, L-shapes and circles, use our Raised Bed Calculator and select your own measurements.

Our bestselling raised bed shapes

Medium raised planter
Circle raised bed

Build a pizza oven table

From outdoor kitchens and bar areas to pizza oven tables! Our Pizza Table designs have been created as a space-saving option for alfresco cooking. Each design includes a base for the pizza oven to be placed on top and space for logs underneath; larger designs include preparation tables and integrated seating.

Pizza oven table combinations

Low maintenance water features

Whilst a pond won’t be a deal breaker on a home, adding a low maintenance raised pond or water feature will enhance the space and attract beneficial wildlife to the garden. The sound of running water can create a calming environment too.

Whether you would like to keep a few fish or you would like to grow some aquatic plants, we have a wide range of raised pond designs - or use our pond calculator for large or small designs.

Our bestselling raised pond shapes

How to build a garden pond using WoodBlocX

Create a fire pit seating area

By adding a cosy seating area with a fire pit you’ve created space that provides an entertainment space that can be used throughout the seasons. Thanks to the warmth and ambiance that a fire pit provides it can add value as an extended living space in the garden. Fire pit seating areas typically have some form or wrap-around seating which maiximises space and provides plenty of places to sit.

We have a selection of straight and curved fire pit benches and each design can be fully customised using our Free Design Service.

Fire pit seating designs

Add beautiful borders & edging

Patio garden border using WoodBlocX

Well presented garden borders will bring the garden to life. Whether its a shady spot or full sun, the added colour will really help to improve your garden.

For ground-level borders with lawns bordering them, simply edge the lawn and trim it for a neat and tidy finish - you could also add woodchips as a mulch to keep weeds at bay.

For raised garden borders, WoodBlocX is a great alternative to using railway sleepers and can be built directly on soil, grass, paving, tarmac or concrete. The borders can be any height, from low borders to frame an area to tall accessible borders, they can also be any width, from very narrow to extremely wide. For wide borders, we always recommend ensuring you can reach to the back for access.

We have 14 different ideas in our Garden Border Ideas blog, take a look for some excellent inspiration!

Add value to your garden with WoodBlocX

Get started today

Our talented team of designers are here to help you get the very best WoodBlocX solutions for your garden. Whether you need advice on the best height to make your raised bed to creating a bespoke kitchen area for your garden, simply get in touch.

Use our Free Design Service for bespoke designs or browse our 100s of kit designs, which are all fully customisable. Use our raised bed, retaining wall or raised pond calculators to add your own measurements and to get an instant online price.

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