• Win a WoodBlocX design for your garden + installation worth £5000!

    Win a WoodBlocX design for your garden

    Create the garden you have always wanted using WoodBlocX, our modular system can be used to build beautiful and long lasting raised beds, garden seating, retaining walls, ponds and more. We are giving away a £5000 update for your garden, the prize includes a WoodBlocX design of your choice, and installation. Click here to enter now!

  • Garden ideas - transform your garden this spring

    garden design ideas

    This is your spring dose of garden ideas courtesy of our wonderful customers and their gorgeous gardens. So if shows like Your Garden Made Perfect has given you inspiration to tackle your garden terrace, boost your borders or pep up your plot then you have come to the right place. These ideas are sure to provide some helpful inspiration for your next project.

    Add curves

    The majority of our gardens are linear shapes, adding curves and organic shapes can really transform a space and make it feel bigger, use a curved wall to border a pathway, or curve the edges or a wall or raised bed to soften. We recommend using our Free Design Service for curved structures, our experienced team can use your measurements and ideas to create the perfect solution for your space, and more importantly, do all of the calculations!

    Garden design ideas
    retaining wall
    garden design ideas

    Go bold

    Adding a touch of extra colour to the garden can make a big difference. All of raised beds, retaining walls, seats and ponds can be painted with a good quality exterior wood paint. Last year many of our customers opted for different shades of grey, will grey be the go to colour for 2021? Lets wait and see!

    Octagon raised garden bed
    painted raised bed
    garden design ideas

    Create a focal point

    Some of the best garden design ideas feature a central space that draws the eye to., however, most popular place for planting is the edges of the garden. Raised beds make it easy to add a pop of colour and interest to different areas, breaking up open spaces. Our raised beds can be built on any surface which makes adding one to a lawn or patio quick and fuss free. Go for show-stopping shapes like circles or octagons or stand alone square or rectangular raised beds.

    circular raised garden bed
    garden design ideas
    garden design ideas

    Zone your plot

    Creating different zones in the garden can make a small garden feel bigger and a large garden feel more intimate. Mix up your space with L-shaped raised beds, slim planters, ponds or use our Free Bespoke Design Service to create something totally unique to your garden.

    garden design ideas
    best garden furniture
    L-shaped raised bed
    driveway update

    Mix up materials

    Mixing up your garden with a combination of materials that complement each other will add texture and additional colour. We love use of natural wood, stone and brick in the garden. Our customers have successfully switched up our seating by adding natural stone paving to seating and it looks fantastic! 

    retaining wall ideas
    Fire pit ideas
    Raised garden bed on patio

    Building joy

    All of our structures are built in the same way, there's no waste, nor mess. You don't need any technical skills to build them, plus every kit comes with step-by-step instructions to guide you through every part of your build. To find out more about how to build a WoodBlocX structure click here or watch our videos over on YouTube.

    Design for your garden

    Happy customers

    From our customer service to our products, we are proud our track record providing customers with high quality, easy to build raised beds, ponds, retaining walls, garden seats and more. Click the link below to read genuine reviews from our brilliant community of customers.

  • Garden design - How to get a free design for your garden in three simple steps

    Designing an entire garden or even just a certain area can be a daunting prospect which is why we have made our free design service as quick and simple as possible, in just three simple steps.

    Whether you’re a new homeowner, the owner of a new build home with a fresh plot to put your stamp on, or have an established garden that needs a new lease of life, our modular system can help you transform it into a beautiful and functional space.

    In 2020 nearly a quarter of our customers used our bespoke design service for raised beds, planters, ponds, walls, steps, and seating to fit their garden space and lifestyles perfectly.

    Get a design for your garden in three steps

    Step one

    Send us a sketch, some sizes of the space you're looking to update along with any ideas you have. Use our inspiration page or our social media to see what other customers have achieved using our versatile system. You could also send photos, screen-grabs from garden design apps or even a link to your pinterest board.

    Step two

    We will be back in touch with you within 48 hours with any questions. Once we have all of the information we will work on your design, this will be presented in a design pack which includes a 3D model of your structure along with the price.

    Step three

    Once we have discussed and made any changes to your design, we then add it to our website and send you a link. This allows you to select a preferred delivery date and make your payment. Alternatively this can be done over the phone.

    Use our free design service to plan your next garden project

    Recent bespoke designs

    Top garden design considerations

    • Note down the areas that get sunlight at certain times of the day, this is important if you want to include a seating area of if you plan on growing certain types of sun nor shade loving plants or you plan to grow edibles
    • Are you overlooked by other properties and do you have any views you would like to maximise?
    • Think about what you would like to grow and how much you are able to realistically manage
    • What elements you would like to include; grass/lawns, seating, walls, beds and borders, water features, paths, patios, steps etc?
    • Do you want to encourage wildlife into the garden?
    • What style do you want to achieve? Modern, rustic etc
    • Use a garden design planning app such as Veg Plotter to sketch out your ideas

    Free design service review

    "Whatever you ask these guys to do, the answer is always yes and then they suggest more great ideas you hadn't even thought of. One of the best companies I have ever dealt with."

    Click to read more reviews on our Free Design Service

    If you have a project in mind or you’re just not sure of exactly what you need for your garden click here to start using our free design service 

  • Edinburgh's Saughton Park

    Saughton Park is one of Edinburgh’s top ten parks, close the river Leith it has facilities for sports, recreation and has a rich history of growing plants for medicinal purposes. The park’s walled and physic garden is where the term ‘occupational therapy’ was coined thanks to the pioneering horticultural work of Dr William Lowe more than 100 years ago.

    The Physic and Kitchen Garden, as it is now known, recently underwent a huge transformation, plans to replace the 1950’s sensory garden for the blind, which had fallen into disrepair, began at the start of 2019 and resulted in 17 large WoodBlocX raised were installed with several structures featuring integrated seating to create a functional space for both visitors and volunteers to enjoy.

    The garden is looked after by Friends of Saughton Park, which is split into different groups and look after various parts of the park, the Physic Garden team, who were keen for the garden to appeal to all ages and abilities, designed and planted it. The group is also known as the 'lotions and potions' group, each of the WoodBlocX wooden raised beds that make up the garden each relate to different parts of the body, the plants within a particular bed each have medicinal properties relating to a particular part of the body. The central raised beds have been designed around parts of the body and the plants chosen are beneficial for that area, or ailments or diseases affecting it e.g. the heart bed contains foxgloves which have been used in the treatment of heart conditions since the 1700s; the oncology bed contains snowdrops whose active component is galanthamine, which used in anti-cancer treatments.

    Our top three raised beds for growing edibles

    Raised Bed Best Seller
    Size: 2.25 x 1.125 x 0.45m
    Price: £344.00

    A perfect size for a small vegetable, fruit or herb patch, or for adding some ornamental planting to any area, this raised bed is proportioned to be half as wide as it is long. It is narrow enough to reach all the plants without having to step on to the bed itself. The extra height also makes maintaining the plants that little bit easier on the back and knees, or for tending from a (wheel)chair.

    WoodBlocX best selling raised bed shapes

    L-Shaped Raised Garden Bed
    Size: 2.625 x 1.125 x 0.75 x 0.35m
    Price: £340.20

    A big upright and a small sticky-outy-bit, this L-shaped kit is perfect for awkward corners that have just a small bit of cornering to do, for instance coming into a gate or the end of a wall by a door.

    Octagonal Raised Bed
    Size: 1.65 x 0.45m
    Price: £344.20

    This planter would make a striking centrepiece to a front or back garden or patio, and could be used for planting almost anything. It is deep enough to accommodate a small specimen tree or shrub that could be underplanted with bulbs or shade-loving plants.

    To find how easy it is to build with WoodBlocX and to find out why our structures are so popular click here

  • Ideas for small gardens - Raised garden beds and planters

    Small gardens can be tricky spaces to work with and there are lots of raised beds and containers available that have been designed specifically for smaller gardens, however most are either made from plastic, poor quality materials or come highly treated with chemical preservatives.

    Our raised beds and planters are long-lasting, each is guaranteed for 15 years thanks to the high quality wood we use and our water-based preservative which won't leach harmful chemicals into your soil, the structures easy to build, look fantastic and are ideal for gardens of all shapes and sizes, even the smallest of plots. Take a look at how some of our customers have used our modular timber system to transform their gardens.


    Tall planting

    Get creative with the space you have available and think about ways you can incorporate different elements into the space. This bench is nestled within a raised bed providing a space to grow plants and herbs and place to sit and relax without taking up too much room. This design could also be adapted to include a small pond, or if your plot is on a hill switch the bench for steps.

    Ideas for small gardens - tall planters

    Tall planters create the illusion of space, due to their height they free up floor space. Plus if you keep with width to a minimum, like the example above, you can still add colour and interest to small space, plus planting, weeding and watering is super simple thanks to the accessible height. WoodBlocX structures can be painted too if your plot is in need of a splash of colour.


    Small section

    Ideas for small gardens - corner raised beds

    Our modular system can help you to make the most of corners, choose from standard single-height raised beds or add some tiers and cascading plants to really add some interest to your garden. Corner raised beds take up less space too. Equally, if you small garden is angular use our free bespoke design service to get a shape that suits to the space perfectly.

    Ideas for small gardens - narrow raised beds

    By taking a small section of space from one side of the garden can really make a difference and won't impact too much on the entire space you have available. Installing a raised bed from one side of the garden to the other provides a large growing space without encroaching into rest of the garden, it makes a really nice feature too. Place your raised bed in front of a fence, wall or along the side of the house.

    Our top three WoodBlocX planters for small gardens

    A contemporary and stylish feature for your patio or decking, the Small Cubic Garden Planter is an ideal way to introduce a touch of nature into your living space. This smaller design is suitable to showcase a variety of small shrubs, heathers and even some hostas who enjoy more shaded areas.

    With its modest design the Slender Garden Planter is ideal for more narrow spaces or fence lines and provides a sleek foundation for a trellis feature for climbing plants.

    Unlike a square or rectangular shaped planter the Hexagonal Garden Planter offers a modern alternative design that can feature as a centrepiece in your garden. This multi-sided design can also prove as an effective shape to fit into less conventional shaped garden spaces.

    Free bespoke design service

    Use our free bespoke design service to ensure your raised bed fits the space perfectly, we can also take into account any slopes. Just send us your measurements and we'll do the calculations for you, to find out more about the service click here.

  • Outdoor furniture for gardens large and small

    It can be tricky to get creative with standard garden furniture, whilst there are lots of different types and materials available most stick to standard designs, our garden furniture, on the other hand, can be anything you like! We can create bespoke designs that fit your garden perfectly and you don’t need to worry about annual maintenance, covering or storing it away over winter.

    Our modular timber system gives you design flexibility to either fit seating perfectly into a space, create standalone structures, or incorporate planters, ponds, walls and steps and transform your garden.

    Ideas for small gardens

    Standard, Narrow or Wide Bench
    Choose from standard, narrow or wide, place in front of walls, on the patio or in a quiet spot under a tree.

    Corner Planter Bench
    Maximise space by making use of corners to bring seating and planting to small spaces.

    Ideas for large gardens

    Long Planter with Bookends
    This is a truly multifunctional bench with lots of space to seat up to four people and planters either side to bring some colour and fragrance.

    Four Sided Planter Seat with Central Bed
    Create a seating centre-piece to enjoy different areas of the garden, place on a large lawn or patio, plant flowers, herbs or even a miniature tree in the planter.

    Garden makeovers

    Gardens large and small can include bespoke garden furniture designs, in fact, most of our customers take this option, that way it can be designed to fit perfectly in garden, plus other elements can also be added such as walls, steps and space for planting. We offer a free design service to ensure our customers get exactly what they need for their garden. Click here to find out more.

    Easy to build

    Our wooden BlocX and dowel system is totally unique, it means there’s no cutting or sawing, no nails, screws and no waste, simply follow the instructions provided to build your structure. We have also recently introduced a removable dowel so if you make a mistake just unscrew it and start again. This feature is also fantastic if you’re moving house and don’t want to leave your beloved WoodBlocX raised bed, planter or pond behind! To see how easy WoodBlocX is to build watch this quick video.

    Maintenance and materials

    WoodBlocX are made from pressure-treated, British, wood and are guaranteed to last for at least 15 years without rotting or distorting. All you need to do is install your design following our customised guidelines and you can be sure your seat is safe, sturdy and durable.

    The wood will age naturally to a soft grey, or they can be painted any colour you like. To find out more about the ageing process click here.

    To find out more about our wooden garden furniture seating, benches and chairs click here

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