Raised Beds

WoodBlocX designs don’t just have to be standard squares, rectangles or circles. Our unique, easy to use system allows you to incorporate curves, angles and layers into any planter or raised bed design, giving you the opportunity to create something individual and bespoke for your garden.

Circular and curved raised beds, planters and edges are created using our standard WoodBlocX timber components cut at 7.5 degree angles. Triangles, hexagons, octagons and other more unusual shapes can be built using obtuse and acute 45 degree angle components.

All the advantages of using WoodBlocX – attractive, sustainable, organic wood that will last for at least 15 years, if installed following our simple guidelines, without rotting or distortion – apply to the curved and angled BlocX as well (see Why Choose WoodBlocX for more information). Complex designs can be complicated, frustrating and expensive to create using railway sleepers, planking or bricks, but building with WoodBlocX is simple, and requires no technical knowledge or specialist skills.

Browse through our many pre-designed kits, in a huge range of sizes and shapes, or we can help you design your own Made to Measure raised bed. Either use our online calculator to work out the price of your own design, or for a fully Bespoke Design send us a sketch with your requirements, or simply give us a call on 0800 389 1420 to talk things through.