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  1. Planning a raised bed garden

    Planning a raised bed garden
    We asked our designers Lachlan, Calum and Harry to provide some helpful tips to consider when planning a raised bed garden. There are so many benefits to adding raised beds to your garden and our modular system makes it really simple to install them, cutting out labour costs and providing you with a planting solution that is practical, durable and...
  2. Planning your 2020 garden

    Planning your 2020 garden
    We asked expert gardener, gardening writer and multiple WoodBlocX raised bed owner Rob Smith from Rob’s Allotment to share his top tips for planning your 2020 garden and he has not disappointed. If you want to get ahead for the coming year read on… It may sound crazy, but winter is the best time to start planning your garden.  Not...
  3. How to install a raised bed in winter

    How to install a raised bed in winter
    In this blog we're going to give you some tips on how to install a raised bed in winter. We’re not suggesting you go out into the garden on a freezing cold day and build a WoodBlocX raised bed...however, if you are planning on getting one in place ahead of spring then now is an ideal time to get...
  4. Small garden ideas - Raised garden beds and planters

    Small garden ideas - Raised garden beds and planters
    Generating small garden ideas and finding products for small gardens that fit the space perfectly can be tricky. Our modular system can be designed to fit spaces of all sizes, the only limitation is your imagination. Our designers have worked on raised bed, pond, seating and retaining wall designs for customers who need a functional solution to their space, to...
  5. WoodBlocX Planters

    WoodBlocX Planters
    Our maintenance-free wooden planters are ideal for patios, driveways and balconies, made from high quality Scots pine, which is treated with a water-based preservative to make them hardwearing and long lasting. If you’re looking to reduce the amount of plastic products you use in the garden a WoodBlocX planter is an excellent choice and it will look great surrounded by...
  6. Natural gardening - Pest Control

    Natural gardening - Pest Control
    One of the most important garden trends of 2019 is natural gardening, to create a completely natural garden takes a lot of time and a lot of effort, but there are small changes you can make to help you become a little greener in your garden in 2019. We’re looking at pest control and some of the natural ways you...
  7. Our guide to Retaining Walls

    Our guide to Retaining Walls
    Our guide to Retaining Walls If all gardens were flat they would be very boring! That’s not to say a flat garden is boring, but many of us have gardens with challenging terrains, slopes and sheer drops to contend with. This is where garden retaining walls come into play, and there are many benefits of retaining walls; from simply serving...
  8. Detox your garden in 2019

    Detox your garden in 2019
    January is the perfect time to make plans and simple changes that you will see the benefits of in the months to come, we’re not talking about the usual New Year fads of diets and exercise, not on this blog! We’re talking about detoxing your garden to create a healthier environment for relaxing and growing plants and veg. Swap petrol...
  9. Protecting crops over winter

    Protecting crops over winter
    There has certainly been a change in the weather over the past few weeks with most of the UK already experiencing some overnight frost. Whilst the heating will be on inside to keep you and your family warm some plants in the garden can benefit from some extra protection too. If you’ve worked hard in the garden this year...
  10. How to make a raised bed: frequently asked questions

    How to make a raised bed: frequently asked questions
    From how to make a raised bed to where to put it, we have covered the most frequently asked questions to help you make the best choices for your garden. Q. What is the best position for a raised bed? A. Once you have decided where you would like to build your raised bed, take some time to note...

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